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Any F100 owners I Need help please....

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 66Newport, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. I am trying to help a friend out with his 1954 F100. The vin tag is missing form the glove box and I have heard that the VIN is on the frame somewhere. does anyone know the location? Also, the block is marked in raised letters on left bank facing the front flat face below the head : 54 and below that 352 . All my books show that a 352 did not come out till 1961, so how is the block a 1954? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. RAY With
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    RAY With

    The 54 most likely had a 239 Y block or a 6 cylinder from the factory. The 352 is a FE motor and was a popular swap and is a later production motor in 1958. Actually the 352 could be a 390 cuin also since they used the same block.I can't remember if the vin was on the frame or not and some other HAMBER will have to help out.
  3. The VIN is usually stamped on the passenger side of the frame...on the top...more or less below & slightly in front of the firewall. Unfortunately, you usually have to remove the front sheetmetal to be able to see it. Sometimes it's not visible even then and removing the cab is required. When you gain access to it, wiping it with a liquid helps it to "pop out".

    Assuming the engine is the original & it's a V-8, it would be a 239 ci Y block. Y-blocks have the rocker covers held on with two studs/nuts coming right out of the top of the cover, whereas FE engine covers are held down by 5 bolts around the cover edge. Y block casting "numbers" are found either right by the distributor, or on the block side.

    "352" is found on a lot of FE engine blocks, regardless whether they are 352s, 390s, etc., but a FE would not be original to a '54. Many have been swapped into earlier trucks, though. :)
  4. Man, thank guys! I love this place!!!

  5. bump for the evening crowd.
  6. I have one that has the # stamped on the front crossmember (where the radiator mounts) real close to the pass frame rail.

    The other has it on the pass frame rail next to that same crossmember.

    I could see both without pulling off any sheetmetal or the radiator.
  7. 65fordguy
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    Could be a 360 as well... I went looking for 390 parts and found a ton of 360s and came close to putting 390 internals into a 360. but ended up with a 5.0 ho. eh. better gas mileage.

  8. Do you recall what years offhand? I've seen some variances in location...some more forward than others...but always on the pass. rail, and not on the x-member.
  9. 54FordPanel
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  10. Tetanus
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    I had a 55.If I remember correctly the serial was on the top frame rail on pass side UNDER the cab.Because I saw it when I pulled cab off.This was 15 years ago though it may have been further forward.Mybe you could take a little mirror and see,might be to close to floor.Or if you could open battery box cover and see the frame.
  11. Larry T
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    Larry T

    This is where they are on all of the mid 50'd Ford pickups I've looked at.


    Last edited: Apr 29, 2009
  12. One is a 54, thats the one with the # on the frame rail, way up front. The other is 53-55, I did not read it to check the year. Its a hodgepodge of different trucks, so I can't tell by looking at the grill, etc.

    I have 2 more I can check tomorrow.
  13. 54FordPanel
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    On my 54 Panel, the VIN is on the inside of the glovebox door, and stamped on the front crossmember by the passenger side. It isn't stamped very deep, and it's hard to see, but it's there.
  14. onenew32
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    I just sold a 56, and thats exactly where mine was. Just a little hint, in Texas for a truck, the vin that shows on the FRAME is what should match the title. the vin tag on the body is used only for passenger cars. I learned this the hard way... my truck didn't match, was hell getting everything right.:eek:

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