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Technical Any 235 experts out there???

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Gas Stove-bolt, Jul 3, 2014.

  1. Right now I have a stock 1957 235 3100, well the engine is stock. I am an ex-mechanic but am not from this era. I need some help. Here is what's going on.

    I put new points in and set them at .018 and put a new cap, plugs and plug wires on it. At the time I borrowed a carb from a 51 to get it running. If you accelerate the throttle too fast it pops back out of the carb. Acted like a bad accelerator pump, it would die out or pop. If you slowly push it down, it runs ok. So I bought a remanned carb from Classic Trucks here in KC. It still does it. I read on another site to set timing at TDC, as a mechanic, I just can't do that. What am I missing?

    I want to drive this thing but it makes it hard when it pops or dies when you hit the throttle.

  2. engine138
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    from Commack NY

    Hows your fuel pump sounds like your lacking fuel pressure
  3. James Curl
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    James Curl

    Is your vacuum advance working? If it is you will see the distributor rotate as you advance the throttle. If it is not working then you will have to get a new advance unit and install it. You might try as a start to set the timing with a vacuum Gage to the highest reading at idle. TDC is a bullet in the flywheel viewed through the large hole above the starter which has a pointer wire to denote TDC. On my 235 I measured the circumference of the harmonic balancer then using a sharp chisel cut a grove for TDC and 5 and 10 degrees advance in the harmonic balancer, fabricated a pointer and mounted it at TDC so that I can use a timing light to set the timing. I run between 5 and 10 degrees advance which is 18 inches of vacuum at idle.
  4. squirrel
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    set the timing at TDC. Then use the "octane selector" to add advance as needed to get it to run good, but not ping.

    The timing is set with the screw clamp. The "octane selector" is the little +/- 10 degree thing with the hold down bolt slot, at the very bottom of the picture


  5. Thanks, there are no markings on the flywheel. The transmission has been changed so I don't know if they changed the flywheel. I'm going to pull #1 plug and see if I can get TDC. The vacuum advance works, you can see it move. It is hard tubed to the carb. You guys all sound as if it's timing. I think I'm going to mark the crank pulley after finding TDC..
  6. squirrel
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    Might spend a few minutes scraping away at the flywheel, thru the hole by the starter, and see if you can find the BB that's embedded in it.

    could be a carb problem, or something else, too. Gotta check everything. Look for vacuum leaks, make sure the accelerator pump is working, etc.

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