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History Antarctica Dragster 1968-1971

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by Fairlane500, Nov 20, 2013.

  1. Thought some may enjoy this, I do a bit of work with the US Antarctic Program out of Christchurch New Zealand and a colleague knowing I was into Hot Rods gave me this.

    It is from around 1968-1971 and is at McMurdo station the Dragster was allegedly built by the guy in the middle a Paul Hazlett it is thought was his name.

    Anyway I thought it was a great photo and a bit of history worth sharing. Anyone know this guy or anything more about the photo or dragster?

    It is thought it was put through its paces on the ice runway at Williams field airstrip at McMurdo Station. The men were Navy SeaBees from VXE6

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  2. Cool photo, those guys musta had way to much time on their hands, Though I guess there wouldn't be much to do on your time off
  3. spanners
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    G'day Fairlane500. A mate of mine, an Aussie, Dave Sullivan, works for that mob down there with the weather balloons. I can't ask him about that bloke at the moment because he's down there now. I'll try to remember to ask when next I see him or if I can get his email off his missus I'll enquire.
  4. Thanks be interesting to see if any other photos surface

  5. woodbutcher
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    :confused: For some reason the name Paul Hazlett seems fairly familiar.IIRC,there was a family in Florida where I grew up by that name.I`ll try and remember,but that was almost 55 years ago.
    Good luck.Have fun.Be safe.
  6. F-6Garagerat
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    They really wanted a hot rod. We think we go through problems in our shops and garages, imagine what they went through? Hardcore right there.
  7. AA/FA 0045
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    AA/FA 0045

  8. 97
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    Looks like it is possibly an AMC motor, possibly from a Jeep???
  9. Quite possible, They also had Dodge Power wagons there at the time.
  10. CGkidd
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    I will be there in Feb. with the Coast Guard be interesting to see if there is anything on it around the base. First I have seen this pretty cool.
  11. TABice
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    from Denver, CO

    I spent 18 seasons working in McMurdo and the South Pole. This photo was posted on Facebook from another Ice person in one of the Antarctic groups. Here is his posting

    "This is from the 1968-1971 time frame. The person who built the dragster is the one in the middle. I think his name is Paul Hazlett (not sure of the spelling). There was an annual race with most of the organizations putting in an entry. The people in the picture were attached to VXE6."

    So far not much else is known about it.
  12. WOW" Thats Neat stuff, I jacked up a Couple of A Stars in a Herc from NZ to that Joint about 10 years ago" Runway looked heaps long for no brakes?

    I will have to get some one to Check the Kiwi Dump there for bones

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