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Projects Another tire question - UPDATE

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by HOTRODPRIMER, Jul 6, 2019.

  1. I'm going to stop at O'Rileys today and see if they have the Meguiars natural shine that Mark & Lucky recommended. HRP
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  2. 1ton
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    So, if you do a burnout with some of these brown tires, do they leave brown streaks on the road like skidmarks in your underwear?
  3. Dang....remember when we were so pickie....and just drove the snot out of them ?
  4. Maybe I'm the odd duck but I have always liked my wheels and tires to look good, the car may be a little dirty or have residue from a recent rain but I want the nicely painted wheel clean, just like the tires.

    BTW, I do drive my old beater, rain or shine. :) HRP

  5. Mark, I had no idea Mcguire's had so many different products, I was amazed with what Oriley carry's and he said they didn't have all the products.

    Is this anything like what you were referring too? HRP

  6. ahoover
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    I have General tires that turn brown. This Meguiars product works good for tires, not very glossy. #40 Vinyl/Rubber Cleaner and Conditioner. Comes in a spray bottle or gallon jug.

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  7. inthweedz
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    I've found spray on oven cleaner works best for me, a quick spray to each WW then a quick scrub, hose off, they come up really good..
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  8. southcross2631
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    I used to work at Advance Auto Parts and we sold a lot of different tire products, some of them actually turned the tires brown. I don't use any of them. I clean my tires with Tuff Stuff foamy cleaner. They sell it at the Dollar Store.
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  9. Update, I finally got around to cleaning the tires with Naptha this morning and I got a lot of brown residue on the cloth I then tired the Meguire's that was suggested by a couple of members, they are a little shiny but not too bad. HRP


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  10. catdad49
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    It'll tone down after a few days.
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  11. Mike VV
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    Mike VV
    from SoCal

    Yea...don't want gloss black tires, otherwise, I'd just paint them with flexible bumper cover gloss black and be done with it..!
    I want just "clean" natural (yea...carbon black) black rubber...with no shine.
    I mostly just use good old fashioned elbow grease and S.O.S. pads, as required.

  12. Yes, that is it but I use the spray bottle and spray it on a small round cloth wax type pad, rather than spray it on the tire. No waste and better coverage. I find. I do use the wipes for quickie things like interior dash on my late model truck or rubber trip. I still like to saturate a pad better.
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  13. Also, if you do not buff it then it will not be shiny. Just put it on nice and even. That is it!
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  14. 37gas
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    I have used Comet cleanser and a good scrub brush for the last 50 years. makes the white wall nice and white and the black rubber very clean looking, try it
  15. Ron Brown
    Joined: Jul 6, 2015
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    Ron Brown

    Been using 50/50 mix of brake fluid/acetone..since late 60's works excellent on both blackwalls and whitewalls...never turned them white...
  16. Gman0046
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    Last night I used Griots Gloss Black Tire Dressing on my 60 Pontiac. Directions say to buff after 20 minutes to knock down the gloss which I did. It still looked too glossy for my taste and looked like the griots was applied unevenly. Called it a night and started thinking about what I could use to remove this stuff without causing too much of a mess. Went out to the shop this morning, looked at the tires and all was well. Not as much gloss or looking uneven. Just sitting over night did the trick.
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  17. streetrodder71
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    Thinner works for me. I have seen no harm to the tires. It takes the brown out & leaves the tires clean &
    black( not shiny like armor-all). hate the look of greasy black tires.
  18. blowby
    Joined: Dec 27, 2012
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    from Nicasio Ca

    Those Westlake tires are not made by Michelin. Chinese.

    In recent years, many Chinese tire manufacturers have come under attack for making substandard and unsafe tires available for sale in the United States. Furthermore, some Chinese manufacturers have been the subject of forced recalls by many state Attorney Generals and the Federal Trade Commission. While there are many variations of Chinese import tires that have come under attack, companies that have been the subject of forced government recalls include:

    • Westlake Tires
    • AKS Tires
    • Telluride tires
    • Compass Tires
    All of these brands of cheap tires are made by the China-based Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company; furthermore, it is alleged that these tires lack even the most basic of safety features such as gum strips which are a rubber feature that helps prevent steel belts inside the tire from separating or damaging the rubber.
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  19. mutant55
    Joined: Mar 11, 2012
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    I experienced the same deal on my new GMC Denali with Bridgestone tires. It only seems to happen when I have the truck stored and not driving it. I use the product in the first picture called No Touch, but like someone else wrote, I spray it into a pad or a rag and rub it in, not spray it directly on the tire, and it keeps the shine down to a minimum as you can see in the second picture. Hope this helps....

    Tire Discoloration Before.JPG Tire Discoloration After.JPG
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  20. If you put the tire shine stuff on and let it soak in for 5 minutes then wipe it all off with a clean towel you'll be left with a nice black tire but no shine.

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  21. I never said or implied the tires I have now are Michelins, the tires on my car are far more saafier than the 30 year old Michelins I removed.

    The article you quotes is 6 years old and I read a in depth article addressing the issues relating to the tires, granted I would have preferred Michelins but I was in desperate need of new tires for the long trip I was about to make and they tires were not avalible mat the moment.

    After reading the information I saw where the company had taken mesures to bring the tires up to the DOT standards. HRP
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  22. jnaki
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    Pledge from my mom’s cleaning supplies was used once, before the Armor All product hit the market. My teenage house cleaning job was to keep our two wooden desks clean and tidy. That meant using Pledge on all drawers and the desk top. I tried it on my brother’s tires and they looked good. After that moment in time. The blackwalls always got the same treatment. It worked similar to a wax coating, but it was liquid and went on like spray paint. Not too much and then wiped with a cotton towel. It did nothing on the chrome bumpers, though.

    Despite the anti-Armor All usage on modern tires, there were other uses for the product. It could be used for the interior, tires , black bumpers, rubber mouldings, etc. We have been using Armor All since it first came out on all tires, bias and radial. The shine everyone used to like is not accepted these days. The gloss, wipes off with another clean towel. The tires stay clean for weeks. Then slowly and it depends on what surfaces and weather the tires are driven, they turn slightly brown. It may be a combination of brake dust, road grime and who knows…

    We applied Armor All on all 4 tires using those white blocks of Mr. Clean sponges, after months of foul weather and no cleaning. It was applied on July 4th. And 23 days later, 72719 it was still black and satin sheen, not shiny.


    The daily drivers get cleaned regularly, but the rash of unusual moist weather did a number on the tires. So, for days/weeks, it got more stuff on them without cleaning. Then looking at the future weather patterns, the whole car including the tires got the wash and detailing to last until the next bad weather day(s). The product lasts and for us, it still is old school. If I do the leather seating surfaces, after it dries, they squeek slightly. This calls for an extra wipe with a clean cloth until it dries completely. Then…no more squeeks.

    “Tire sidewalls turn brown mainly because of an element added to the rubber called antiozonant. It saves tires from premature drying and cracking due to the process of oxidation. Tire browning is usually called blooming. It’s a continuing process that can be prevented by thoroughly cleaning and protecting the tires.

    Mold releases may contribute to the problem, but they aren’t the cause of tire blooming. Silicone is also not the cause of tire browning.

    Tires bloom because antiozonant pushes its way to the outer edge of the rubber casing with time. As the element comes into contact with oxygen, it leaves a brown residue on the surface of the tire. Antiozonant is organic and helps tires last longer as it slows deterioration due to oxidation. This is what makes it possible to manufacture long-lasting high-mileage tires that can last up to 10 years.

    The rubber structure is built in a way that allows the element to move forward to the surface, thus continuingly providing the material with its benefits. As a result, the tire remains pliable and UV/oxygen-resistant for a longer time.

    Mold releases used in tire manufacture don’t make tire sidewalls turn brown. However, they contribute to the issue as they keep antioznant on the surface of the tire. Moreover, the more of it is left near the outer edge of the tire structure, the more the oxidation process will make it leave brown residue.

    Mold releases are non-stick lubricants put in tire molds. They help release ready tires from the forms freely. Some of the lubricant usually remains on the tire, so it may contribute to blooming after just a couple of weeks of driving.”

    After two months of two, full wipes of Armor All all around the tires, they are still black and show no sign of the browning. Mild weather (including no wet weather driving) helps the continuous situation… But, to each his own...

    On the first day of the third month, the tires started to get brown and it was time to refinish them again. The weather was nice except for a couple of rainy days. So they do need constant upkeep to make it look good. YRMV
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