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Another Jeffries car...based on the new Toronado

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by pasadenahotrod, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. pasadenahotrod
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    from Texas

    The Toronado-based Jeffries car was built for a Houston oilman named Meacham if memory serves. It was extended in front, shortened out back, completely skinned and recontoured, had panels in the roof which raised to make it easier to enter the doors under the chopped roofline.
    You either love it or hate it.


    I can't say where it is now but in the late 70s it was sitting on the lot of a big freight storage warehouse off Shepherd Drive just north of downtown Houston. A friend told me about it one day and we rushed over to take a look. Sure enough, it was the Jeffries car. Still had the chromeplated wheels on it. a little body damage here and there, and some pud had pried up one of the roof panel to try to get in it sometime.
    We talked to the warehouse manager and he said the car had been there for years and was owned by some dude from Mexico who had stopped paying the storage bill so they sent him a letter and when they got no response hooked a forklift to it and dragged it out in the lot. They left it along the rise above the bayou where we saw just days after it was exposed to the elements. We got the guy's name from the warehouse man but never heard from him after sending several letters and trying to find him by phone. He had a US residence in Albuquerque or Sante Fe NM as well.
    We went back two or three more times and tried to "buy" the car from teh warehouseman under the table, you know, "I'm sorry sir. It just disappeared one night.", but no such luck. The last time we went by the thieves had begun their work, the chrome wheels were gone, the doors had been pried open and the dashboard stripped of its gauges, the seats were all cut (hey,mang, what's a switchblade for, huh?) and we were dismayed that we couldn't do anything.

    That's about it. The car vaporized from the lot about a week after our last drive-by so we figured it had been scrapped or stolen.

    A sad end to a nice piece of 60s custom work.

    Oh, as a little addendum, in a recent thread about pinstriping there was a picture of a 26-27 T Bonneville roadster in the Ferguson collection called the "---- Silva"(?) roadster. That car, when we had it in the building at Specialized Auto Parts in Houston TX, was striped by none other than Dean Jeffries. His name was on the center piece in the rear panel at the lower part of the design and fit under a dime, just like all the old stripers did it.
  2. Here's a pic of it with a stock '66.[​IMG]
  3. Rikster
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    Paul Kelly scanned this R&C article about the car...





  4. Road King
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    Road King

    Small world. Except for the last paragraph, I could have written the same tale as Pasadenahotrod. I was trying to buy the same car at the same time and getting the same story. I think I was a day or so later because as I remember the Wheels were already gone when I first saw it. I did take a couple of photos of it while it sat on the parking lot. I'll try to dig up the photos I took. Maybe someone can help me post them.
    Road King
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  5. I hate to hear stuff like this, another piece of history lost.


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