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Motion Pictures American Graffiti paperback books

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by The Hot Rod Grille, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. I saw in another thread that a question was raised about an American Graffiti book. I actually have two different paperback books about the movie. The first one is simply titled "American Graffiti", a screenplay by George Lucas, Gloria Katz and Williard Huyck. It features the complete scenario of the film with 70 illustrations, 248 pages and was published by Ballantine Books. It has a copyright date of 1973 by Lucasfilm Ltd. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 73-17640, ISBN: 0-345-28408-9.

    The second book is titled "The Complete American Graffiti The Novel" and is by John Minahan. The book is 248 pages with no photos and is based on the screenplays of George Lucas, Gloria Katz & Williard Huyck and B.W.L. Norton. It tells the stories of both American Graffiti and More American Graffiti. It was published by Berkley Book and has a copyright date of 1979. ISBN: 0-425-04249-9.

    I agree with a poster in the other thread. American Graffiti would make a great coffee table book filled with movie trivia and tons of photos.


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  2. trivia huh ? Lets play. what two songs in the movie wasnt on any AG sound track due to legal issues of that time. ? and thanks for book information I wonder if there in reissue now.
  3. bfink55
    Joined: May 31, 2007
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    from Turlock CA

    louie, louie ,flash cadillac and the contintental kids and gee , the crows

  4. 40Standard
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    from Indy

    I bought one of the books at a yard sale some years ago
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  5. Ive got 3 different covers of the book plus a copy of the orig. the 8-track of the soundtrack,cassette all 3 versions of the LP plus the dvd in the shape of the car 5 different movie posters /1 signed by ron howard,candy clark,paul lemat,cindy williams.....and a lotta other AG collectors crap
  6. I have had both those books for many years also, the one on the right is awesome as it has pictures from the movie all the way through.

  7. Im inpressed... got that little tray only seen a couple of them
  8. fuzzface
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    I also have the book on the right. I paid .10 for it at a rummage sale like 20 yrs ago. I read it about every 5 years or so. One of the very few books that survived around here. I also have the record that kiwi kev has.
  9. Boones
    Joined: Mar 4, 2001
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    from Kent, Wa

    Nice collection. what are your rarer pieces
  10. I don't think I have anything rare. Ever since the movie came out I would get little momentos when I would see them and put them in a box, one day I realised I had enough to fill a cabinet. Most of this accumulatd before the days of Ebay. Now you can just get on there and have an instant collection. Sounds like the little tray might be rare, I got it in about 1979 in the Universal Studios gift shop. I also have a Paper Moon Graphics card that is not common and some cool Universal 8x10's with typed descriptions on the back. My favorites are the lobby cards that were actually aquired from movie theater lobbys back in 73-74.
  11. "louie, louie ,flash cadillac and the contintental kids and gee , the crows


    That's not true. My AG record do include "Gee" by the Crows. Wolfman even introduces it.

    Louie, Louie at least, is correct. Was that version from the movie ever released?
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  12. MILNR
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    I've got an actual ceramic saucer that was used at the San Fran Mel's diner in service during the 50's and 60's. It looks exactly like the ones used in the movie during those inside Mel's scenes.

    Here's a pic that's pretty cool too...Paul signing my dash of my 32 graffiti clone.

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  13. I think Axle has a pretty serious collection Of AG stuff. I hope to check it out some day.

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