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Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by plumbid, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. So I was gonna order some crap from Summit; flex-a lite fan, arp head bolt kit for SBC, Weiand manifold gaskets. Typical hot rod stuff. Amazon had everything, sold by Amazon, shipped FREE from Amazon! Cheaper than Summit: fan was $125 at Summit/$99 at Amazon. ARP bolts were $81 at Summit/$76 at Amazon. Again, they shipped it for free too - Amazon has got me checking everything now. Thought I would pass this along..............
  2. RatPin
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    What's real cool is if you sign up for amazon prime 30 day free membership you get free 2-day shipping on everything sold by Just make sure to cancel it before 30 days.

    I just did this and was ordering stuff like everyday. A lot of it I ended up not even using and they returned it for full credit no questions. Some of the stuff had even been ripped out of the packaging. They really take care of Prime customers.
  3. Mr48chev
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    Depending on where the item is coming from has a lot to do with how soon you get it too.
    I've got stuff out of their warehouse in Seattle the next day but just got an order that had to come from a warehouse back East that took over a week. With the price and free shipping I was happy when it got here.

    They may be getting some items shipped straight from the manufactures too. JC Whitney does that on a lot of stuff you order. They get a sale and you get a hell of a price on what you bought.
  4. JEM
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    Amazon's kinda weird on car parts.

    Yeah, sometimes their prices are great.

    But a couple years back they went through a phase where they were trying to cut down on packaging; I had a Melling oil pump show up in just the Melling box, with stuff falling out all over the place. They seem to have ditched that initiative.

    Lately they've been playing games with the pricing on smaller items; you look something up on Summit or Rockauto then on Amazon, and you'll find that Amazon's price is magically within a few cents of the other guys' price with shipping, even though you've theoretically got Prime 'free' shipping.

    They've also introduced some kind of 'add-on' program where on many smaller items, even as a Prime customer, you only get 'free' shipping if you order a bunch of other stuff along with it.
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  5. Of course. Cant imagine anyone that sells would stay in biz long if you buy a $4 part and it costs them $12 to ship it to you :rolleyes:
  6. zep058
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    ^^^rockauto is like that, needed some brake hardware springs which was a $5 part and shipping to my CA address was $25 and over $50 to Oz.
    Split my orders between summit and amazon when comparing prices.
  7. Gator
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    I ordered a small part from Rock Auto recently (a wheel cylinder rebuild kit) they mailed it to me in a padded first class envelope and only charged me like $2.50 for shipping.

    But I've been aware of Amazon selling parts for a while, I always check them and have ordered several times thru them.

    What sucks for me is that Tennessee has decided that since Amazon has a call center in state, TN is entitled to sales tax on all online transactions. Not sure when they're gonna start enforcing it...
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2012
  8. Dane
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    from Soquel, CA

    I check Amazon because they are often cheaper and often have free shipping. Not always the case however...
  9. 60galaxieJJ
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    Ill definitely be checking Amazon before I confirm any order through any other auto parts store. Thanks!
  10. blue 49
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    blue 49
    from Iowa

    I even found some DOM tubing for a panhard bar and drag link on Amazon with free shipping and a decent price.

  11. williebill
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    So far,everybody loves Amazon,huh.
    If it's a lot cheaper,then good..
    I try like hell to not use them,unless there's no real choice,or availability elsewhere.
    And I know the HF mentality "fuckitall,I want it cheap!" Got it.
    As a businessman,I hate taxes more than most of you guys,but as for the comment on Amazon and sales tax being collected in Tennessee in the future,good.
    Every local business guy gets fucked in the ass by the sales tax "laws".
    I'm sick to death of that BS,if I don't collect it,I go to jail.
    Shouldn't post this,but too bad. At the rate this shit is going,nobody will have much choice at all in the future where they buy their stuff. Not just talking about car stuff,either. Sorry for the non HAMB related rant.
  12. SlmLrd
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    from DAGO

  13. Amazon also has closeout type stuff, I bought a K&N air filter from them for $25 ($65-$85 everywhere else). The big thing is make sure it's sold by amazon to get the free shipping and warranty, you'll have to deal with what ever company sold it directly if not. Another thing is that Jegs price matches ONLINE, you find one on another site (even a shaky one), you click the price match button, paste the link in and it's matched.

    I have a local indy parts store I deal with 95% of the time, but some stuff he can't get or you have to buy a box to get one.........even he will tell me to look online.
  14. FYI, I did Amazon about a year ago. Bought about $150.00 worth of stuff and I'm set up for the one click checkout and pay thing. I had not used the credit card that I have set up for Amazon in 6 months. Before I paid the credit card bill a month later I check the balance online. The day after I ordered, $3500.00 worth of airfare and Disney tickets were put on my card out of IL. When I talked to the fraud dept. at B.O.A. the guy said it had to be an inside job at Amazon. I don't use them anymore.
  15. HamD
    Joined: Mar 3, 2011
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    The world is dynamic. I try to be dynamic too.

    Amazon regularly fiddles with their merchandising, Prime member benefits and other factors which affect customer's cost.

    6 months from now, the "shop this way through Amazon" posts so far in this thread will be at least partially defunct.

    I spend time trying to get some stuff cheap. But I try not to spend 30 minutes saving $4. If I know my local guy carries the line, I'll go through him (even at higher cost + having to go pick it up)

    Amazon is alright. I enjoy finding stuff on there I didn't need nor know existed. But in the end, they're not going to carry the specialty parts and tools so I'll keep being dynamic and regularly checking vendors, prices and re-thinking my methods.
  16. Don's Hot Rods
    Joined: Oct 7, 2005
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    Don's Hot Rods
    from florida

    Buying on the internet scares the hell out of me, but my Son has ordered a lot of parts for his Capri drag car from Amazon and has gotten good deals. He also had some items that he had to return and he got a refund pretty quickly.

    One issue he did have was that some headers he bought for the 460 swap looked prehandled when he got them.......they just didn't look brand new when he opened the box. He sent them back and again got a refund really fast.

    So I decided to see how they were and I needed a new scratching post for our cats (yeah, I know, but it saves the furniture. :eek:) Local Pet Smart wanted $78, and on line $64. I checked Amazon and it was $48 with free shipping. I ordered it and it came in and was exactly the same one I was replacing from Pet Smart .

    Not sure how they do it, but they do have some great prices and it seems pretty safe.

  17. VonKool13
    Joined: Feb 16, 2008
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    Yup, amazon seems to beat everybody on everything. Bought some off topic electronics stuff recently from them and it was almost half the price as the stores and free shipping.
  18. Oldmanolds
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    We bought some stuff from Amazon and free shipping was offered. It took 4 weeks to get here from some place in China. Be careful of the store it's comming from.
  19. powdercoater46
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    I even bought my Americans from them. The front wheels arrived the next day. Needed new kitchen knives?? Yep they were here in 3 days. Lokar tripower bracket for my 33? yep ordered it from big A.
  20. Come on now, it's easy to understand if you think about it....
    In the past retailers had a storefront, people to assist you, and product either right in front of you, or the catalog, right? Well then we progressed to merchants like JC Whitney or Summit, Jegs, without the store front, less cost, more volume of a specific nature, more savings. Now stop and think what it cost the saler to design amd make and deliver these wish book catalogs to nearly every door step in America....Eliminate that and a call center now making it a virtual electronic non human contact market and we have arrived to.....Amazon or such markets.

    Now imagine your job, YES YOUR JOB!, being done more efficiently and for less or eliminated, now you have the big picture, simple really. So the next time you go into your local merchant, remember when service was king and a knowledgeable person was the norm..........

    Imigrant workers doing your job for less, computers doing the same,
  21. millersgarage
    Joined: Jun 23, 2009
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    I saw some edelbrock heads on there the other day just stupid cheap. Too bad they didn't fit my application
  22. Mike51Merc
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    Amazon isn't just a seller, it's a marketplace where small sellers can list their products and sell them under the banner of a big internet presence. Some small sellers can undercut the prices of the big guys.
  23. Here's a tip..............

    Take those Amazon prices or any other prices you find in print, call Summit, tell them how much you found the parts for (as well as the free ship) and Summit will beat the price (any verifiable price) by 10%.

    Yes, Summit is and always will be the cheapest IF you know how to play the game.

    These wheels & tires v v v started out at almost $1500.00 for the pair.


    After doing my homework and ordering from Summit, I paid $874.00 with shipping and FREE mounting & balancing.
  24. unkledaddy
    Joined: Jul 21, 2006
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    And you get a nice Summit sticker to boot.
  25. [​IMG] Damn!

    Completely forgot about the stickers!
  26. Cerberus
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    AMAZON like the river, is big on savings! I needed a box of Dynamat 10455 (9 sheets 18 x 32"). Summit Racing was/is $90.00 more per box = $232.00. AMAZON was/is $142.00 per box. At that price, bought two boxes, just to have one for the future. :D
  27. Tom davison
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    Tom davison
    from Phoenix AZ

    We got a lens from Amazon, under market price......when no one else in the country even had them in stock.
  28. chaos10meter
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    from PA.

    Just this morning I needed a mini fuse and instead of running to auto store for one, I looked them up on Amazon.
    $ 1.18 for a 120 pc. assortment kit plus $4.68 in shipping !
    How can you beat $ 5.86 for 120 fuse's .
    A nickel each !
  29. Snafu
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    The Amazon Prime membership is a good deal, especially if you buy things from Amazon on a regular basis. When I was looking for a winch for my racecar trailer I found a Superwinch Terra 45 on Summit. The shipping was a lot. I found the same winch on Amazon. I bought the Prime membership and 2 days later my winch was at my door. The Prime membership was a little more than the shipping from Summit. So for me, it worked out well.
  30. I found some parts for my OT Nissan on Amazon at a great price and ordered 2 since it was such a good deal. I now have an account with them. The shipping has been fast, so far.


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