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Folks Of Interest Am I the only one?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by White_Attack, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. afaulk
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    Like beano said, you need to get out and make friends with similar interests, Go and help them with their project and then see if they return the favor. If they don't have time for you re-cycle them and try again. Associating with a small group of like minded people makes it more fun.
  2. Reading all these posts, it seems the sickness is not genetic.:p
    No one in my family while growing up ever held a spanner I don't think.
    Now I have no family to speak of, except my lovely wife, but even she doesn't like to get too dirty.:D
    She will however pump the pedal...or hold the spanner on the back of whatever it is.....stuff like that.
    I guess I've always been a tinkerer and enjoy learning new skills.......
    I don't have the complete skillset to build a car from scratch, but I have saved several dogs from the pound, so to speak.
    I have always enjoyed coming up with the best solution to an engineering problem that I new nothing about to begin with......and then there's always google, or great forums like this one if you get stuck. If you live in the boonies as we do, you have to rely on your own wits to get you out of trouble. My friends around here are farmers and loggers and although they posess good engineering skills, they are busy making a living so.......tinker, tinker.......:D
  3. Smack021488
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    from Chicago

  4. 1971BB427
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    from Oregon

    I think the car thing is often passed on, but not in my family! When I was growing up my dad didn't do much on his cars, and wasn't into cars for more than transportation. I have 3 brothers and none of them was into working on cars, but they liked the looks of cool cars.
    Somehow I got the bug from as early as I can remember, and was fixing my dad's cars when I was in high school. I've almost always worked alone, and rarely have more than a few minutes help occasionally.

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