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Hot Rods aluminum slot identification

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by gassersteve, Mar 29, 2020.

  1. since there seem to be 100 and 64 different companies, +/-, that made aluminum slots, has there ever been a thread on here to identify the different wheel manufactures? you know with all the unique characteristics pointed out with pictures?
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  2. C9 was an authority on slots and had a few different wheel threads, unfortunately he has passed but if you do a search threads about slots will show.
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  3. i figure its been beated to death on here once or twice. the search i came up with led me to my own post, figuring someone knows more than myself.

    i was storing my wheels today and started questioning the various slots i currently have as to brands and thought to check here for some insight. thank you i will check out his posts.
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  4. Black Panther
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    Black Panther
    from SoCal

    If you have a picture I could give it a try. Here are some general rules. If it's an aluminum slot, daisy or torq thrust style wheel with recessed lug nut holes, they're Appliance Plating. Some wheel styles dont have the recess but have Japan on the back...again Appliance Plating. Western wheels are normally marked and most often have slotted lug nut holes that fit 4 1/2"-4 3/4" bolt patterns...and some wheels have slots that fit 4 3/4"-5" bolt patterns. Rocket aluminum wheels normally have RWI or RI cast into the back. US mags dont have any makers marks..but have nice deep looking lips without a bunch of steps. They're one of my favorites...they are also a fairly heavy wheel. Early ET wheels will say Wheel Center on the back...then later ones will say ET in the hub area. Most have the oval recess for the washers to accommodate different lug patterns.

    I guess all the above is obvious if they're marked on the back. Unmarked vintage aluminum wheels for the most part are either Appliance, US Mags and sometimes Western. There are little things as I noted above to give you an idea of what it could be.

  5. These odd ball slots were called Cragar Screamers

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  6. i now have a full set of foresight venture aluminum slot mags

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  7. mcmopar
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    from Strum, wi

    I have been looking for a set of slots, and cant find the ones I need. I am looking for a bp of 4.5 and a 4.25 back spacing, and it doesn't seem like they make a set. I can find them with 4"backspacing, or 4.5 but not 4.25. If anyone has a set let me know.


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