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Allis Chalmers Corporate comming down, reclaimed bricks

Discussion in 'The Antiquated' started by Bird man, Apr 1, 2020.

  1. Bird man
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    Bird man
    from Milwaukee

    The Old man spent his career here. Sad. The tractor plants are long gone but there are still a good number of large buildings left.

    K-T, the maker of "The Milwaukee Mill" was located right across the street.
    The Pacific has a bunch of those old mills & lathes at the bottom, our Navy ships were full of them...

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  2. sliceddeuce
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  3. deathrowdave
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    from NKy

    I worked on and operated , many AC huge HP synchronized electric motors . 1750 HP 327 RPMs . They were brutes some built in the early part of the century and still running today .
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  4. Very sad, Allis Chalmers made really good stuff, and I’m a Farmall man. I hate to see our industrial history go by the wayside. It’s such a shame to think of all of the things we used to make here in our country that are no longer made here.

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  5. tractorguy
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    So very, very true......we are a nation of restaurant workers....... paper shufflers.......clerks at clothing whatevers......etc. This is a very interesting time in our country.......will we learn anything ??? Oh......I'm a Case guy ! And just to add to the brick story......a friend and member of our church passed away several years ago. He was a lifelong Allis Chalmers employee in the Milwaukee area. His expertise was constructing assembly line machinery and processes. His family had an unbelievable display of scrapbooks and history from his almost 50yrs. with AC. It was really, really neat. Have fun
  6. The world is fascinated with cheap products.
    Let keep bringing stuff over from chine just like this damn virus......

    I live in Hamilton, the steel industry was decimated in the 90’s it’s coming back now.

    A town just west of me was a huge agricultural and heavy equipment manufacturing hub, all gone the town went broke.
    It’s now a university town.

    totonto had a huge manufacturing sector. It’s all condominiums now.

    Oshawa lost what was left if the gm plant.

    scary as how many pencil pushers, programmers , and middle management type jobs can a society handle before it collapses?

    heck in a hand basket.

    I’m not a fan of trump, not gonna day how I feel about him. But I do agree with bringing manufacturing jobs back to North America.
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