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Event Coverage ****All Deuce Run PHOTO'S ****

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by HOTRODPRIMER, May 31, 2019.

  1. I would have guessed Coil! Do you run a resister with that setup? With the pertronix I run, you need to have a coil with the correct resistance. I do not run a separate resister. Anyway thanks for the invite. Looking at the pictures it would be an honor for sure. Will see what the coming year brings. Would also love to see You and Brenda again. Mark
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  2. partssaloon
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    Did you look at the bottom of the rotor?
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  3. This is from their website. HRP

    For great firepower, you need all of the spark that you can get. and Davis Unified Ignitions cap and rotor kits from Performance Distributors will give you every jolt that you need. These quality high performance cap and rotors offer up to 50 percent higher dielectric strength and can handle all available voltage. Manufactured using the ideal resin material to handle any system, these rotors have an improved well design to eliminate burn-through, nylon rotor screws to eliminate a "ground" for the voltage to jump at high rpm, and brass terminals on the cap to give you maximum conductivity.
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  4. continentaljohn
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    Great pictures and sorry to hear about the break down . I know we all carry extra parts but witch ones a deuce is only so big:D...... thanks for sharing the deuce run
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  5. Gus sent me this photo in a e-mail, a nice long line of Deuces. HRP

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  6. i.rant
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    from Illinois
    1. 1940 Ford

    Amazing group of 32’s!
  7. 3W JOHN
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    3W JOHN

    I don't see John Collins coupe was he there?
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  8. No sir, I was told he was working a outage at Oconee nuclear station. HRP
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  9. ladyhrp
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    We had a good time even though sitting in a dismal parking lot late at night with a broken car and not knowing where you are and knowing nothing about the area, we are lucky to have a friend like Dave that dropped what he was doing and got there in record time with his trailer.
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  10. Car friends are the best friends, Brenda. Can we hear an amen for CFF's, "Car Friends Forever".:)
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  11. ladyhrp
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    Especially if they have a car trailer and your broke down a 150 miles from home!
  12. stubbsrodandcustom
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    from Spring tx

    Looks like a great trip for sure... Man HRP Your car makes me want to just hop in it, drive it across country, looks that comfortable....

    I swear this really makes me want to go ahead and build a 32 tudor…. Just my bank account cringes at the thought.....
  13. Thank you, the car is far more comfortable now that it has a interior. HRP
  14. ***UPDATE***

    About a hour ago we installed the new Davis crossfire distributor cap and after doing a continuity test it was determined the cap was bad, there was no spark on 4 of the terminals.

    Fired it off and it ran like a champ! HRP

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