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Projects Adam's '30 Roadster Shed find! AV8 Build Thread

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by Adam M., Oct 16, 2011.

  1. When I first bought the engine mounts I thought they were all the same. I bought the ones from Speedway and they seemed fine. Then I looked at other cars and parts catalogues and realized they are not the same.

    Speedway mounts. Likely would have done the job.

    The new ones came with a nice cup washer to prevent the rubber from squishing out. The lip did not fit this application, so I machined it off in the lathe.

    image.jpeg Before and after.

    I like this look much better. I ordered these for a 1937-1948 Ford car or 1937-52 Ford truck from Bob Drake. He tossed in a nice big catalog and a very cool calendar to boot!
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  2. When it comes to the front spring, I had a few to choose from in my parts pile but they all had problems. Every one of them had badly worn out eyes so I bought a new reversed eye main leaf and assemble a spring from my parts.

    The spring guy ended up having a bad batch that were too long. I stuck it in the car anyway so I could get wheels on this thing. Bottomed out with no suspension travel was no surprise.

    Here is the second round for the spring. He really stepped up his customer service to replace his faulty product. I just assembled this and tried it out.

    I am not using some of the factory leaves and I cut down some for spacers.

    Assembled again. It has suspension travel now. I'd like a bit more angle but I'll see how it rides (hopefully one day) and go from there. A leaf or two could always be added later.
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  3. Nothing too exciting today. I cut out the rusty subrail and got the replacement part to fit.

    image.jpeg image.jpeg
    I tried a lazer to layout the cut line and it worked nice. It doesn't really show up 100% in this picture so you'll have to take my word on it!

    Out with the old

    In with the new. It fits pretty well.

    I needed to put the other part on the backside (the strip the outer sheet metal welds to, it's now done but I didn't take a picture) first before this section gets welded.

    Speaking of rivets, I ordered a bunch and they came individually packaged. I spent more time then I wanted opening every bag and sorting them in trays. I never would have guessed they would bag and label every one!
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  4. I squeezed in a bit of roadster time tonight. The replacement piece is welded in, I cleaned up the mess that was on the gusset, then welded up the two top rivet holes in the gusset because they were drilled oversize from having bolts installed. I'm going to mount the body on the frame, square up the cowl then rivet on the gusset.

    image.jpeg image.jpeg
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  5. Looking good!
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  6. chevy54man
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    from NC

    You sure are doing a great job, just awesome! Best to you!
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  7. Just a bit of I an update for the people following, not much has gone on with the roadster but I was working on this coupe among other things. I hope to be back on the roadster shortly.

  8. So progress has been pretty well on hold for the Roadster lately. That doesn't mean I've been sitting around doing nothing! I put my '28 Tudor back together and I have done some work to my '30 Coupe. I managed to get them both to a local car show this past weekend. It's the first time those two cars have ran at the same time for one reason or another since I've had them. IMG_9659.JPG IMG_9662.JPG IMG_9709.JPG IMG_9807.JPG I hope to get back to the Roadster soon.
  9. sloppy jalopies
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    sloppy jalopies

    DSCN1086.JPG I like to use model A rear bumper to subrail stands... I remove the rivets to separate the two, and weld them to the front of the cowl as the front body to frame bolt down...
    looks like '33-'34 trucks... works great... lousy pic... but. View attachment 3619570
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2019
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  10. Keep the updates coming.
  11. FlatJan
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    great thread, i like your way of building the roadster!
    Keep on!!
  12. We held a cruise night at my place and had a great time with pizza and friends. The first two pictures were taken before anybody came, just my own stuff. I honestly did stare at the Roadster for a while.

    IMG_0114.JPG IMG_0106.JPG

  13. Great thread. Always appreciate it when someone takes the time to take detailed shots and describe what they’re up to. Nice work, nice A’s, nice shop too!

    Now how about some updates? :D
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  14. IMG_5818.JPG GREAT LOOKING and inspiring roadster, it really has a voice and requires no decoration to have a strong presence. You hit the nail right on the head visually.
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  15. Great thread
  16. Thanks Chris, I keep getting sidetracked on this car for some reason. The Roadster is currently sitting in a container and I have my Galaxie wagon in pieces right now to refreshen the 390 and a 4 speed Toploader conversion.


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  17. 1-SHOT
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    Shipping Containers are great but the problem I had was out of sight out of mind, please don't let it happen to you. Ask me how I know Frank
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  18. Good point! It is on my mind all the time if that helps!

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  19. brooksinc1976
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    from P-Town

    Great build.

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  20. Travis latour
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    Travis latour
    from Putnam CT

  21. cobra5laddict
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    from denver

    I love the roadster! Any update? Also I may have missed it but what year banjo and rear radius rods are you running?
  22. 1-SHOT
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    I think it's still out of sight out of mind in the shipping container.
    I put in in a shipping container when the my children were little and did not get it out till they were out of college, your priority change. The good thing is I still have mine. Probably saved me from selling it to pay bills.

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