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Acrylic Lacquel. Why not??

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Tugmaster, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. My car is currently painted with enamel. I was planning on doing some more body mods this winter. and I am obviously going to need to repaint it. I plan on a color change also. I am seriously considering trying Acrylic Lacquer.
    My car is garage kept and not a daily driver. I will be painting in my garage/driveway. From what I understand lacquer is fairly easy to work with and you can fix boo-boos pretty easy.
    Is their any reason I should not shoot it in Lacquer?

    Thanks, Todd
  2. Satinblack
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    good sealer in between and I dont see why not. I loved lacquer, still do, but where i live the sun beats the heck out a paint job and lacquer just wouldnt hold up.

    Funny thing I was thinking about this the other day spraying that chormabase and clear. I used to be able to breathe lacquer and not worry to much about it, i mean of course use a respirator etc. But then they got rid of it in California, ozone or something. But then now we have stuff that kill you on the spot if you get a good dose of it................doesnt makes much since to me.

    Then Im in Kragen the other day and low and behold duplicolor is lacquer based and they sell it in the can, not sure how good it is, but i was wondering how they get away with that.

    Oh well ill never figure out california
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  3. rgaller
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    Stay away from lacquer, it simply does not compare with modern urethanes. Shine, durability, resistance to chemicals, etc. is far superior with urethanes.
  4. jmthehermit
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    from Bath, Pa.

    Other than stripping the car down to bare metal for a respray, I can't see any reason. The lacquer thinners will eat into and lift the old enamel finish.
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  5. F&J
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    As a backyarder, I get lost trying to use laquer on a large job. Tons of coats and it still looks too thin to me...then I don't know when is enough.

    I do plan on using it on dashboards though. It would be great looking IMO

    I used acyrlic enamel for decades...... then finally tried single stage urethane enamel. I think it would be the most user friendly for a backyarder. ...and it does not need to be a lot of money to last and stay shiney without waxing.
  6. Rich Wright
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    Rich Wright

    True... You need to, at the least, try a little lacquer thinner on your existing finish to see if it lifts or wrinkles. If the old finish is actually synthetic enamel you will most likely have trouble spraying A/L over it. I've done it back in the '60s, though but Over OEM enamel finishes that were maybe 20 years old or more, but even then you have to be very careful.

    I'd recommend you try a single stage Acrylic Enamel if your going with a sold color and Base Coat/Clear Coat if you decide on something with metallic in it. This way, you'll be able to sand and polish if you want....

    Just bare in mind that chemically cured products are extremely dangerous to anyone else(wife, kids, dogs, as well as neighbors that like to sue) that is exposed to the fumes. Pay attention to the safety requirements.....

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