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a Seagrave, a Clamper, and a busted ignition

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by diegochero, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. Howdy folks, my old man belongs to a historical orginization called E Clampus Vitus. These guys are all about designating and preserving historic sites in California, and they need help finding parts for their old fire truck. The machine is a 1942 seagrave, and it has the V-12 (I think this thing is a pierce design). I know this isn't exactly a traditional rod, and feel free to delete this if I am out of line in bringing this to you guys. I will say that I have lurked here for a long while and have come to recognize HAMBers as a group that recognizes the importance of preserving our history, and hell if a restored 1942 fire truck isn't an example of our living history then I don't what is.

    Now for the specifics. From what I understand these trucks had dual ignition circuits (a primary and a back up), and when the clampers had this thing out last the primary gave up the ghost. What they are after is a source for some caps, rotors, and points. I asked my pops if they couldn't just clean up the contacts, but it sounds like they are way past that point. Does anyone out there in H.A.M.B land know of anyone who could help? Any help is appreciated.
  2. yellowdartdave
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    from Jax, Fl

  3. Old fire trucks are cool. I dont thinkthis will get deleted. Heres a bump.
  4. That's the same type of truck. Thanks for that site alot of interesting info on there, but it seems that the links on that site are about as good as the ignition on this old girl. Anyone know how to get ahold of some caps and rotors?
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  5. FiddyFour
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  6. If you can't find points, we can convert the dist over to Electronic. PM me. Can't help on the cap & rotor though
    Don - PerTronix
  7. Thanks for the contact I'll run it by him and see what he has to say.
  8. Here is a shot of the old girl. This truck is used in alot of parades and similar fun public events. I was surprised to learn that the fellow who looks after it/ operates it actually worked with this exact truck as a young San Diego firefighter.

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  9. yellowdartdave
    Joined: Mar 8, 2011
    Posts: 14

    from Jax, Fl

    Try these people...

  10. appaRATus
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    Also try Antique Truck Historical Society
  11. Torkwrench
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    Are there any auto parts stores in your area that have been in business for a long time? As in since the 1940's? Quite often they will still have parts for the odl cars and trucks stuck on a back shelf or up in the attic.

    My oldest brother works for the local township garage and needed an sock oil filter for a 1944 Walters snow plow truck. He just went to the local auto parts place, asked for one, and they had it in stock. They had been in business since right after WW II, though. They don't use computers, and still use a tax table to figure up sales taxes. They also have a moose head and a stuffed sword fish hanging up on the walls. :D:D:D A VERY cool place to go. :cool::cool::cool:
  12. JohnEvans
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    from Phoenix AZ

    As a ex Seagrave owner I can tell you caps and rotors for the V-12s are rarer than rocking horse dodo and priced to match. You only need one functioning ignition system, Seagrave said only use one at a time.
  13. Thanks for all of your help guys. I will follow these leads and keep you fella's posted. When my pops first told me of this dilemma I figured the odds may be against us. Lets see.... an antique firetruck .....manufactured during WWII, we need caps and rotors, and 99% of the autoparts stores either have got rid of thier parts catalogs or employ folks who don't know how to use them. Life is good:rolleyes:
  14. edinmass1602
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    Call 413-543-9017 during east coast business hours. Ask for John, tell him Ed said to call and you need fire truck parts. You will need the cap in hand as there are 2 diffrent size distributors, or you could get the number off the disrtibutor, and the diameter of the cap. He has points, rotors, ans caps for all 37 to 66 engines. Ed
  15. Mazooma1
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    wow....just an observation:
    lots of great guys with lots of great help, I'm really impressed and proud of all you guys, really :)
  16. rschilp
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    Simple solutions.

    I've got several of the Seagrave V12 engines and the points can be replaced with pertronics units or just stock Chevy 235 points.

    The rotor and cap is a different story, they are like hens teeth and very expensive, I've got some I'm not going to use, but be ready to pay a pretty penny, last cap I saw sold for $700 and the rotor for $300.

    I've decided to convert my engine to electronic coil on plug ignition because I don't have the space for the HUGE distributors at my firewall.

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