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A question and open for speculation about racing

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by porknbeaner, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. Ok fellas this is probably the most absolute dum question in the world but is is a short question.

    I have had this lamebrain idea rolling around in my head for awhile, it would work easily with say a '55-57 thunderbird or an early vette.

    Suppose someone had one of those with the removable hard top. Would it be legal to run it in gas roadster and gas coupe as well just be removing or replacing the hard top?
  2. I don't see why not. The other thing to think about is what class. Roadster class requires a double loop cage not just a roll bar behind helmet. Could present a challange in an early body Bird.
    The Wizzard
  3. AnimalAin
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    Back in the dark ages, such cars were classified as /MSP modified sports cars, with or without tops. Eventually that class became extinct. Some were run in Gas classes, but I don't think I ever saw one in a street roadster class.
  4. squirrel
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    I think they figured that one out almost 60 years ago, Benno.

  5. Some T Bird examples

    Bill spenser and Richard Poll - ran in MSP
    Richard Poll Rex Marshall - ran in MSP
    salty 1 ran in MSP
    BUT is currently lettered D/Gas
  6. GrizzGang
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    from D/FW

    There are several guys who do that . Stock and super stock have numerous convertables . The deal is how fast and how quick you go . In classes like super gas where "roadsters" are most common , they are purpose built chassis with a fiberglass body so they basically have their own set of rules about windscreens and such . If you take a "door car" all the requirements are based on speed and ET . NHRA does leave some things up for interprtation but what is your safety worth . If you go over 135mph you better had read the rule book because thats where they start getting very concerned and nitpicking when it comes to tech.
  7. Animal there were actually some Vettes that I saw run gas roadster (back when they had it) and later I saw a few run street roadster. That was what brought up the queston in my little pea brain.

    Back for instance when they had gas roadster or even in the beginnings of street roadster they made quite a distinction between coupes and roadsters. Actually the vette or the T bird never really was a roadster in the strictest sense. The have roll up windows. Anyway the distinction was good enough that they had classes for roadsters and for coupes.

    In theory if you brought the roof you could either run both classes or if you weren't going to make the cut in one class and it was obvious you could switch classes.

    Just noodling here. All just part of the bazilloin things that run around up in the attic.

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