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History A Modern Antique ’36

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by J.Ukrop, Aug 3, 2018.

  1. J.Ukrop
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    J.Ukrop submitted a new blog post:

    A Modern Antique ’36


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  2. I'm curious to know about the wheels/brakes situation. Did he switch to 40 juice brakes? Did he re-drill the hubs and drums? Cadillac bolt pattern is 5x5 and that 36 originally would have been a wide 5, unless he first switched to 40 drums which were 5x5.5. hmmmm....

    I know you don't know the answers, I'm just wondering aloud.
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  3. bowie
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    I remember reading a later article about him , when it came out. His pickup and yellow convert were unique and cool as well. I think it was in Rod Action , the issue is in my file cabinets...just might have to dig it out for a re- read.
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  4. verde742
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    I remember him as an "old guy" who grabbed all the ''36 Ford parts he could find,
    when I had a younger man's face.
    extremely nice cars, never set the way I like 'em, had every "do dad" accessories that anybody ever whispered that "might have" been on a '36 Ford. J. C. Whitney crap included. Mirror, antenna s, extra, extra, : Chrome dash and such. Was in every Portland Roadster Show. Beautiful cars to fill the air with "O MY Gosh, how good would that be IF..............fill in the blanks
    AND if ONLY ........... fill in the blank...

    wonder what happen to those beautiful old Fords ? somebody knows.....
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  5. V8RPU
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    from Nor Cal

    This car, the pickup, and the roadster are all in good shape and live a happy life. Mr. Doyle followed his own path and built his cars outside of the cookbook. Crazy colors, wild interiors with unique coverings, and hot engines. All were assembled with great care using only the best and n.o.s. parts, which at the time they were built were fairly easy to find.
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  6. sololobo
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    my brother 2nd Chance on here has a son with a wife that inherited a huge 36 Ford collection. One of his crown jewels is a restored 4 door convert like this. Washington blue with brown leather interior flattie, all og and sweet. It was awarded a 10 point award at a big Ford shindig. They are stunning! Love this great article, thanx
  7. verde742
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    So. where are the Fords? Did they lose a lot of their "charms ?"
  8. flamingokid
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    IMHO, that car looks like a Volkswagen kit car with an interior out of the 1800's. :(

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