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A little help with terminology for the FNG...Please

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by KopyKat, Jul 17, 2004.

  1. The letter refers to the classification that the car would have fallen under when drag racing. Such as Altered, Altered Wheelbase Fuel Injected, Carburated... etc. One of the old timers will probably post up a list of all the designations and their exact meaning. The number was just the car's race number. In DoS, I think the 32c is more for looks, though the 32 stands for 1932, and the 'c' probably stands for carburated.
  2. On custom bodywork...

    Is there a term for cutting and lowering the profile of an engine hood in order to appear shorter?

    I thought that was nosing?
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  4. buell_guy
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    from Kansas

    Ok, I know the FNG is dragging up a post from the dead, but reading this at work, I had to laugh out loud. Too funny!

    But I do have a question about terms. I was searching for info about Ford banjo rearends (which is how i stumbled upon this thread) and have come across the term "torque tube" and "open driveshaft" multiple times. What exactly are the differences between the two? I assume a tube is a tube, but idk. What's the difference? What's better?
  5. A torque tube driveline has a rigid outer 'tube' that runs between the rearend and the transmission. The driveshaft spins inside the torque tube. The entire engine/transmission/torque tube/rearend is held in a rigid line.

    An open driveshaft is the kind that you will find on modern rear wheel drive vehicle. It will have two universal joints (one at each end) and allow the transmission and rearend to be on different angles.

    You can Google these two to find image examples of each.

    'Better' is relative to what type of car is being built and how it is being used. They both have their benefits.
  6. On custom bodywork...

    Is there a term for cutting and lowering the profile of an engine hood in order to appear shorter?

    I thought that was nosing?

    section-ing.... to remove sections of panel in the hoood trunk lid or body sides to reduce hight of body , same as chopping a top but below the window line.
  7. pie cut,sectioning,or pancaking differs on what region you are from...
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    Fireball Five

    How about " BALLS TO THE WALL '' usually means WOT or WFO. This actually came from WW2 fighter pilots especially in a P38 with 2 throttle levers with a ball on top. [ As in] " There I was, balls to the wall, diving on three of those fokers, ready to give them the whole 9 yards when," whats that question? " No,No, Messerschmits, all 3 of them fokers were flying Messerschmidts!"
    "BTW, The whole 9 yards" also came from fighter planes, their wing mount cannons each had an ammo belt 27 feet long
    Fireball 5
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    "Interesting" means "That really sucks sweaty donkey balls." rod terms. Ok. Sorry.
    But you may see it here. Hopefully not. Lol.
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