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Art & Inspiration A cool roadside attraction!

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Ron Funkhouser, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. Just a bump to see if you have any pictures from the roadside? I remember back in the 70's they put American gray spoke mag wheels on that old roller skate. It's in Virginia on Rt. 17 at Bealeton Va.[​IMG][​IMG] 20161025_171834_001.jpg
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  3. Also how about a BIG, Big wheel? I couldn't reach the pedals. 20190603_210044.jpeg

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  4. We have a old gas station teapot along side interstate 82 in Zillah WA. It's just south of Yakima.
    Screenshot_20190712-072206_Google.jpg We also have another one in Tacoma
  5. jnaki
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    Have you ever wanted to own a part of history? In Long Beach’s Alamitos Bay Peninsula, back in 1939, an odd occurrence of a hurricane hit the So Cal coastline. It wiped out most of the homes along the shoreline of the Alamitos Bay Peninsula. Back then, there was no giant rock breakwater and the surf was just like any sand beach break. The exposed long shoreline picked up all of the swells, winter and summer. It was good to excellent for the local Long Beach surfing community, even down in the area where the LA River empties into the ocean.

    The breakwater was a response to stop further destruction of the sand beach shoreline, homes, city frontage and the early harbor. On most days, it is like a pond, despite the afternoon winds that blow quite regularly.

    It has historical significance, let alone privacy along the waterfront in Long Beach. There is no one around on either side, the empty stretch of beach is all around this home. No next door neighbors, either.


    If anyone has a spare $4 mil sitting around, this property is one of 8 houses that survived the Hurricane of 1939. Where many washed away, this unique home withstood the storm remaining a beautiful part of Long Beach’s rich history.

    It was part of our High School cruising grounds at night and during the spring/summer along the shoreline and bay. Despite the notoriety of the cruising grounds, this house is pretty isolated from the general public and it is specified as beachfront property. It was the house to own, if possible, because of the privacy and location. We must have cruised by it 1000 times over the years.
    $3,875,000 :: 5404 E Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach CA, 90803
    upload_2019-7-21_4-4-36.png from the ocean to the house view

    4 beds, 4 baths
    Home size: 2,358 sq ft
    Lot Size: 3,912 sq ft
    Added: 04/23/19, Last Updated: 04/23/19
    Property Type: Single Family
    MLS Number: OC19090908
    Community: 1 – Belmont Shore/Park, Naples, Marina Pac, Bay Hrbr
    Tract: Peninsula (PI)
    Status: Active

    Long Beach Peninsula showcases a tranquil and serene energy walking distance to 2nd street. Seize this rare opportunity to own one of the Peninsula’s historic original beachfront homes. This property is one of 8 houses that survived the Hurricane of 1939. Where many washed away, this unique home withstood the storm remaining a beautiful part of Long Beach’s rich history.

    The home boasts four bedrooms, three full baths and a powder room, and has been modernized and upgraded inside, but has retained its authentic outer design and many of its original elements and fixtures, adding to the character and charm of the home. The upgrades to the interior include a remodeled and reconfigured kitchen, creating a large open concept flow through the dining and living rooms, with direct ocean views.

    The house boasts its own private enclosed beach frontage with decks on both the front and side yards. Upstairs features a master retreat with a fireplace, floor to ceiling windows with 180* views, en suite, and a private balcony. The 3rd floor showcases a large bright and open room with 250* views spanning from the ocean to the bay. The land is situated in a protected state park, which ensures it remains exclusive and private (no other buildings allowed).



    During a couple of Christmas seasons during high school, my friend’s family had a tree lot on the corner of San Antonio and Long Beach Blvd. It was right near two hot car/restaurants. The one on the adjoining lot to the Christmas tree lot was Hof’s Hut, Bixby Knolls. (a sit down restaurant with plenty of LB History)

    The other is right down the street, Grissinger’s Drive In. We all know what the thing is with drive in restaurants and cruising cars. This Hof’s Hut (now an office building) had a drive out only driveway that went right by the best booth in the restaurant. (far right of the building) It was the most cruised driveway in this area, besides the drive-in parking lot. The reflection of the cars in the restaurant windows was up close and personal. What a sight for everyday cruising in your car.

    We were the only ones working the Christmas tree lot and one of the workers took the 1951 Chevy pickup home. So, all we had was the lowered, 1957 Chevy Bel Air. Around 8 pm on a Saturday night, this older lady came in to buy a tree. She bought an 8 ft. tall white flocked tree. She wanted it delivered to her house. We both said fine and I started to flock the whole tree. When the tree was ready, she told us the address, which was at her beach house on the Belmont Shore Peninsula, about 11 miles away.

    We told her that the lot closed at 10:30 pm and that we could deliver it then. She said it was fine and gave us an extra tip to drive it to her house. Wrapping up the flocked tree with plastic and securing it to the top of the lowered 57 Chevy was an exercise in planning. It was a good thing that the Chevy was white…a white sleigh with a white tree on top…a sight for sure.

    When we were ready, we decided to drive through the adjoining Hof’s Hut driveway and see if we knew anyone sitting in the prime booth inside the huge window. Low and behold, there was a booth full of our friends (girls) having a late evening hamburger/coke/fries meal. They were all decked out in Christmas attire. When they saw the 57 Chevy, they knew it was us. When they saw the white flocked tree on top, they all stood up and started to laugh/point at us. What a scene… it should have been a movie clip for history…


    Yes, we delivered the white tree to the lady’s house and set it up in her living room. The nice lady said that a white tree on top of the white 57 Chevy was a very fitting scenario. She also gave us another tip (yeah for us...)for doing such a great job of delivering the tree to her house. A little LB history…the house was one of the only few that was still standing on the empty portion of the Peninsula/Alamitos Beach. It was one of the few houses that survived the documented 1939 hurricane that hit Long Beach.

    We always wondered why there were only a few homes from the famous Alamitos Bay handball courts to 55th street. Now we know. Back then, it was just a strange sight to only see a few homes on this stretch of beach. We were not historic information junkies back then, like in today’s internet driven world.

    JNAKI, DEC 11, 2016

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  6. jnaki
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    Aquariums in the West Coast: If one were to hit all of the aquariums during the Summer driving road trips season, that would make a nice long coastal drive… and great vacation.


    We all know about the fabulous, huge, multi-story aquarium in Monterey, CA. Ever since that place was built, it has been given accolades about what a fabulous place it is for everyone. It certainly is a must do event during those road trips to California. It is so popular that on two different years and times, we tried to get into that aquarium. But, it was so crowded that it was hard to get into the parking areas. So, maybe in a rainstorm, cold day on an obscure mid week, winter , early morning might do it the next time we try.

    Other cities have their own versions of an aquarium. Even the aquariums turned into sea parks attractions have their own thing going on for travelers. But, there are several that need mentioning on the West Coast Aquarium Road Trips.

    Since 1923, the San Francisco Steinhart Aquarium was great place to visit, then completely torn down after the big earthquake in 1989 and rebuilt into a world class aquarium for all to enjoy. It is not too big and not too small. If you pick a midweek excursion the crowds will certainly be a lot smaller.


    The above two aquariums are in northern California. If So Cal is the destination, then there are two pretty outstanding road trips to get to both. The smaller aquariums in So Cal are still around, transformed into a more modern design and drawing people from all over the USA during those So Cal road trips.

    One of the nicest is located in the ocean view, cliff sides of coastal La Jolla, CA. It stands out with its rich history and now, more modern displays.

    The First Standalone Aquarium
    "In 1915, the first building devoted solely to an aquarium was built on the Scripps campus in La Jolla, California. The small, wooden structure contained 19 tanks ranging in size from 96 to 228 gallons. The museum was housed on the ground floor of a nearby building. Plans for a new aquarium were delayed until after World War II."
    After World War II
    "The Scripps Aquarium-Museum opened in 1951 and named to honor former institution director T. Wayland Vaughan. The three-story facility served the institution for more than 40 years as Scripps Oceanography's window to the ocean world. A ring of 18 tanks, the largest at 2,000 gallons surrounded a central museum of glass exhibit cases displaying Scripps research projects. Within a month of its opening, visitors from all 48 states had signed the guest book."
    Birch Aquarium at Scripps opens
    "A fund-raising effort for a larger aquarium-museum kicked off in 1986 when the Stephen and Mary Birch Foundation donated $6 million to the new facility. In total, $10 million was raised for construction and initial exhibits. Birch Aquarium at Scripps opened on Sept. 16, 1992 atop a picturesque bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Scripps Oceanography campus."
    The location is right on the cliff above the Scripps Pier in La Jolla.
    "Birch Aquarium at Scripps is the public exploration center for the world-renowned Scripps Institution of Oceanography at University of California San Diego."
    "Perched on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Birch Aquarium features more than 60 habitats of fishes and invertebrates from the cold waters of the Pacific Northwest to the tropical waters of Mexico and beyond. An oceanographic museum showcases research discoveries by Scripps Oceanography scientists on climate, earth, and ocean science and includes interactive elements."
    The La Jolla coastline in San Diego County.

    The newest aquarium in So Cal is the Aquarium of The Pacific located on the shoreline of Long Beach, CA. Its historic fact is that the location is in the vast area once known as the PIKE. It is in the Long Beach Harbor area, along the shoreline, near the downtown area and across the street from the Gran Prix of Long Beach race course.

    As nice as it is, it draws from all over So Cal, since it is freeway close to all connections. For us, the shoreline location is pretty nice, but the crowds are a little over the top, similar to the Monterrey Aquarium. Parking is available, but it is a little crowded for total enjoyment.

    Beware: During the school year, tons of yellow busses line the designated parking spots as it is an elementary school destination point and tied into the curriculum. Long Beach is freeway close to the 3 largest school districts in California, so the competition to view the “fishies” is great. Actually, there are only 2 nearby, because San Diego has an aquarium in their area.

    Aquarium of The Pacific in Long Beach.
    1998 opening near the original site of the Pike Aquarium of the Pacific (New Pacific Visions Wing opened in June 2019)
    “The Aquarium of the Pacific is the 4th most attended aquarium in the nation. It displays over 11000 animals in more than 50 exhibits that represents the diversity of the Pacific Ocean. Each year, more than 1.7 million people visit the aquarium.”

    If anyone flies into LAX and then starts the coastal road trip, the first one is the Long Beach Aquarium located at the site of the original PIKE AMUSEMENT AREA, on the shoreline. Then one of the best coastal cruises takes you through some of the nicest locations in So Cal down the coast to La Jolla.

    The reverse road trip up the coast can be done by flying into the newly modernized San Diego International Airport right by the huge harbor and bay. Then, it is a short drive to La Jolla to start the "Coastal Aquarium Road Trip" adventure, northwards.
  7. That place looks like a Howling good time!
    Winston approves!
  8. Robert that's the Coolest photo ever! Also Jnaki thanks for posting all your cool history from the west coast. It's still my favorite place to visit. I love traveling the PCH. I'm gonna check some of your places out on our next trip. So Thanks so much for sharing. I just took the kids to the beach.( at the Eastern Shore ) I'll share a few photos that I took. I like getting in the ocean before Sunrise. I'm not a surfer like you. But I do like playing like I am. Lol Ron.... 20190718_071858.jpeg 20190718_071800.jpeg 20190718_071548.jpeg 20190714_184545.jpeg 20190714_184700.jpeg 20190715_105202.jpeg 20190714_184507.jpeg

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  9. jnaki
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    upload_2019-8-13_3-56-18.png s. simon


    With school starting in most states in the middle of August, there is still time to go out West for an annual event that is definitely a road side destination. Want to go for a cool road trip down the old PCH? We are lucky to have grown up in So Cal. It has some of the best beaches and certainly, beach towns in the world. Some are very famous and some are just sleepy beach towns… “Here is the city limit, there goes the city limit.” But, every city, these days, has something that attracts the locals as well as the visitors.

    Laguna Beach has been around since 1870s and officially founded in 1887, and in 1927 its current government was incorporated as a city.
    “Tourism is the primary industry with an estimated six million people visiting the community annually. The Summer, annual, large events include, the Pageant of the Masters, Festival of Arts, the Sawdust Art Festival and the Art-A-Fair. The Pageant of the Masters, founded in 1935, is held annually during the summer months. The unique show presents recreations of famous artworks using real people as models.”

    “The first art gallery opened in 1918 and later became the Laguna Beach Art Museum. The small town remained isolated until 1926 because the long, winding Laguna Canyon road served as the only access. With the completion of the Pacific Coast Highway in 1926, a population boom was expected. With the continuation of the PCH all the way from Long Beach down to San Clemente, that gave millions (and a bunch of hot rod cruisers) reason to drive “down the coast.”
    upload_2019-8-13_3-56-47.png Sawdust Festival
    “Once in Laguna, the usual plan was that visitors would buy the paintings of the famous Laguna Beach artists and spread the word. It was a great idea because that first art gallery , the additional bloom of galleries and the Festival of Arts is still running 101 years later."

    The Sawdust Art Festival was an overflow, off shoot of the original Festival of Arts. Those artists that could not get in to display at the original Art Festival started their own art festival just down the Laguna Canyon Road. When that property could hold no other artists and there were some others wanting to display their art work, the Art-A-Fair started and moved all over the city to cash in on the incoming art inspired visitors.


    Road trips down through Laguna Beach can be hectic and frustrating. As residents, when only 10000 people were officially living there, it was still crowded on the weekends. The locals had mapped out, escape routes and “locals only” driving routes to bypass the Coast Highway jam up every weekend. The traffic and people crowd the city during every single summer day. (Sometimes, even the weekend nights have traffic jams.)

    What city has a major highway running along the entire length of the city limits? The road is located just steps from sunny beaches, beach front activities, and the ocean. PCH and Broadway is one of the most crowded stop light intersections, with all of the activity on the sandy beach side and attractions/escape route through the canyon on the inland portion.

    Is it worth it to drive to Laguna Beach? The results speak for themselves. Going from South Orange County to Long Beach, this coastal route is so much better than getting stuck in traffic in the inland freeways. The freeways are usually faster, (until they aren’t…) But, who can discount the fabulous scenery on those coastal road trips? As I said earlier, we were lucky to be able to cruise in our hot rods and wagons from the time we could drive in 1960 to the present day.
    The “late 40s-early 50s ” at El Morro Beach, North Laguna Beach, CA.

    NOTE TO VISITORS: If you happen to miss any of the festivals during the summer months, there is always the Winter Sawdust Art Festival. It is open at the same location with similar great art and trinkets just before Christmas.

    upload_2019-8-13_3-59-22.png Sawdust Winter
    upload_2019-8-13_3-59-58.png Montage Winter
    NOTE TWO: For those with an upscale view of the world and So Cal, there is always the Montage Resort in South Laguna Beach. It is a little different than most of Laguna Beach. Well, at least, it is across the street from the world famous Ruby’s Auto Diner we have all seen with their cool 1950's hot rods and great food/ambience.

  10. Cymro
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    I find this thread fascinating, never having visited America, I assume that a couple of hours at Niagara Falls doesn't count as we walked over the Rainbow Bridge from the Canadian side. I remember seeing similar images in old bound editions of National Geographic and a publication called Arizona Highways via an elderly neighbour who I assume must have had family living there,.
    Aside I vividly remember visiting aa attended "Husky " gas station in Banff that I had seen pictures of in National Geographic,( pre internet days), in a borrowed pick up,asking the attendant to "Fill it up please" and his somewhat astonished reply of "Both Tanks Sir?" , which incidentally cost less than filling up my car with 9 Imperial Gallons back home.
  11. jnaki
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    So Cal is a wide region with a lot of history in hot rods, customs and cruisers. The month of September is packed with major, car gatherings to make up the region as a “Cool Roadside Attraction(s).” Schools are back in session and the hustle/bustle of the first week jitters is coming to a close. So, it is time to take the weekend on with a flourish. Most events are within an hour + drive, via the So Cal freeways or Amtrak Coastal Train for a different form of transportation.

    Now, granted, these shows and displays might not be for all tastes and designs, but they are big time, family events in an area covering most of the big basin from the ocean to the mountains. Even for the school kids, the events may cater to their tastes after the hectic start of the new school year. These events are accessible via freeways and coastal cruising. The locations are part of So Cal cruising and the long time hot rod history.


    So Cal does have plenty of events every weekend during the summer and into the fall timeline. Some inland places get quite warm, so be advised. In San Diego, the bay water location usually keeps a nice breeze flowing all day and into the night.

    Starting with:
    AUG. 30-SEPT 1 The big Labor Day Cruise and Camp-0-Rama in Costa Mesa. That has been going on for 30 plus years, with active participants in all forms of hot rods and cruisers. The Labor Day Cruise goes through the whole OC Fairgrounds and open areas. (150 acres)


    Sept 8 The Belmont Shore (Long Beach) Car Show on its 30th year, too.
    This long running show highlights the fall season car shows in the area. Approximately 14 city/downtown blocks are closed off for the big annual show. The car show, shopping and wonderful restaurants line the whole mile long street area. It is located at the southern end of Long Beach, and a destination spot for a lot of people, let alone all of us hot rod, cruising teenagers way back then.

    SEPT 15 Embarcardero PICNIC BY THE BAY one day event:

    SAN DIEGO has one of the most intriguing harbors and bay locations in all of So Cal. The Embarcadero Park is right on the water of the East Bay shoreline. A myriad of concerts, show locations, and just walking around give off the romantic aura of the area. The Seaport Village has tons of great restaurants and stores for unlimited shopping.

    It is in contrast to all of the inland locations for car shows and hot rod cruises. It is freeway close and the downtown shoreline location puts the weather at a cool premium. The Coastal Amtrak that starts in Union Station, LA. drops off at the main station in San Diego, a few blocks from the Embarcadero Park. If that is your alternative method of cruising down the coast.

    SEPT 20-Sept 21 ONTARIO, CA “ROUTE 66 CRUISING REUNION SHOW AND CONCERT WITH FOGHAT.” This location has a 22 city block, historic downtown streets for the event. So, hot rods and cruisers will be all over the place.



    This So Cal event starts back in April and goes weekly until the closing event at the end of September with the famous, Nitro Night. Old race cars from all over present themselves firing up in static displays, push starts and the “smell” is in the air. (and in your eyes.) Grand Avenue in downtown Escondido, CA. The flood of hot rods and cruisers make it feel like the good old days.


    Sept 28 Cruising For A Cure Costa Mesa

    With the nearby Newport Harbor, southward a few miles and a freeway running right down the Eastern side of the event location, the Costa Mesa Fairgrounds is a well know place for these kinds of events. It is one of the longest running, hot rod cruise- in events in So Cal.

  12. { Cymro, } YES Niagara Falls counts! My parents took me there as a kid. I've taken my family, and grandkids there at different times of the year also. We had Thanksgiving dinner in the Skylon Tower. It's really pretty in the winter, with all the snow and ice too. Than in the summer we rode the maid of the mist to the bottom of the falls. But you get very wet! :)[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  13. RockyMtnWay
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    D9683200-C438-4615-AD63-7242FE84D560.jpeg Wife snapped this one as we drove by (West Glacier, MT).
    I guess it’s what a Sasquatch party gone bad looks like.
  14. I took the grandkids to the Great Farm at Bluemont Va. over the weekend. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  15. They had what I believe to be one of the Old Navy pickup trucks. Resized_20190913_232318.jpeg

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  16. jnaki
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    The So Cal attractions were all part of the hot rod/cruiser scene from the beginning of our time as teens. It had been a continuing thing for other, older generations, too. The various cool attractions gave the hot rod guys/girls as a place to go and be seen. Yes, we did hang out a lot at the local drive-in restaurants, but there was so much to see and experience in So Cal, that we drove everywhere. Remember the “freedom” that came with a new driver’s license and a family car? Just multiply it by 100 times and that was the feeling of cruising around in So Cal.

    Besides being close to the end of a So Cal summer season, there are ways to give some closure to those weary road trips with some historical dining. When traveling to the coastal So Cal, one needs to supplement the roadside attractions with other forays into the big city. Some of the shopping, sightseeing, dining attractions are in downtown Los Angeles as well as within the city limits. Some of the historic places are hidden gems that people know about, this is one of those places. It was always a nice cruise up there first, in my dad’s Buicks, the Impala, then the Sedan Deliveries and finally, the El Caminos.

    The 1960’s station wagon shown is parked in front of Lawry’s Restaurant in Los Angeles. The location is on La Cienega Boulevard in the West Hollywood/Beverly Hills area. It is only a few blocks or about 10 minute drive away from the Petersen Automotive Museum (in the later years).

    upload_2019-10-5_3-39-11.png 1938 original location
    This restaurant has been associated with So Cal for many years. Our dad used to take us here when it was a big family celebration of sorts. The #1 thing on the menu is prime beef in any size of order you select. His two favorite foods were fresh fish and beef of any kind. So, Lawry's satisfied the need for Prime Rib portions.

    “Lawry's claims to have invented two services that are now standard in the restaurant world: valet parking and the doggie bag.”
    If one’s eyes are larger than consumption…this works.

    It has been associated with the Rose Bowl festivities for many college football teams, providing the dinner “Beef Bowl” to both teams. The college football team that eats the most is purported to be the winner of the Rose Bowl, so history proclaims. For football fans, the Westcoast "Beef Bowl", is coming up in the next couple of months.
    Lawry’s has been an institution for many families in So Cal. In Orange County, the 5 Crowns Restaurant (owned by the Lawry’s family) on PCH in Corona Del Mar has a similar quality of prime beef as the famous Lawry’s in Los Angeles.

    “Lawry's The Prime Rib in Beverly Hills still stands on its original site although it's in a newer, more modern building. For 46 years, between 1947 and 1993, it was located on the other side of the street.”
    A cool attraction in So Cal history lives !


    The numerous times we went to the Lawry’s in Los Angeles and 5 Crowns of Corona Del Mar in the OC, we were in my dad’s big Buick sedans. Only after 1958, did we drive in the 58 Impala, the 65 El Camino and our 40 Ford Sedan Delivery. The latter being the coolest car in the fancy, self-parking lot…no valet service for us. Plus, the cruise down the coast from Long Beach to the OC was one that we had taken many times, but it always gave us an “At one with Nature” feel even in our hot rods and cruisers.

  17. I Visited the good old boys last week.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  19. Also a crashed police car. A cool place to visit. It's on old rt.340 in Va. 20191103_101301.jpeg 20191103_101023.jpeg

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  20. Jalopy Joker
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    Jalopy Joker

  21. The Victoria Beach Pirate Tower IMG_0840 (1).JPG
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  22. Now a sad one The North Wilksboro Speedway

    upload_2019-11-9_8-5-44.png upload_2019-11-9_7-49-22.png upload_2019-11-9_7-48-47.png

  23. Pats55
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    from NJ

    Great thread. Really enjoyed all the photographs of Americana from back in the day. My dad would help out this very wealthy woman who was a widow. We would get in her Cadillac and my father would drive her to Florida. She was very cranky at times.She would be considered a battle ax in some circles When we stopped at a motel she would go into the room, she would rip the bed apart and look under the bed. If they was dust under the bed she would say 'Angelo let's go were not staying here. I learned one lesson from this woman .When you're traveling get a room early. I can remember as a kid not able to find a room and riding around in circles looking for vacancy signs for hours
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  24. jnaki
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    All across the country, the early Christmas tree lighting ceremonies have been going on to start the commercial season. One of the most unusual and record breaking locations has an interesting history and attached automotive history. These days, it has nothing to do with automobiles, except for the multitude of cars sitting in the giant parking lots surrounding the commercial complex.

    upload_2019-11-18_4-46-26.png USC library archives
    upload_2019-11-18_4-47-0.png The Citadel

    During the early 60’s Uniroyal had one of the coolest buildings in Los Angeles. During our cruises up to to Los Angeles to visit friends, we used to drive by this odd building adjoining the freeway leading into East Los Angeles. It was easy to spot as no other building was built looking like a castle we have all seen in our school history books. My brother and I would always point and start talking about who lived there and what it was like as we drove by in one of our dad’s, big, Buick Roadmaster sedans. Back in the early days, the fields all around the building complex were relatively empty, so this building really stood out.

    As we got older and were living in the OC, the drive was in the opposite direction into Los Angeles and Hollywood. So, memories sparked again, as we drove by this odd shaped building, heading into the downtown areas and beyond. We had seen other tire company headquarters and buildings. But, this one just stood out as a rarity among the simple industrial, smooth sided, warehouses and offices all along this stretch of the freeway.

    Coming from open land, Orange County, it was a stark contrast to see miles and miles of open fields and then have this odd building complex pop up alongside of the major freeway leading into Los Angeles. Currently, it is in a heavily built up industrial zone and is home to a ton of businesses we have known or have ordered from, as we all grew up.


    One memory was interesting as we drove by in 1968 on our way to a wedding reception in West Los Angeles. We were in my wife’s mom’s Chevy sedan and it had Uniroyal Tires. So, naturally, I had to point that out to her mom. She was impressed with my automotive history and knowledge. She also was happy that her oldest daughter met me in college. So, was I…

    “In 1929, just before the stock market crash, Adolph Schleicher, founder of the Samson Tire & Rubber Company, decided to build a factory in Los Angeles. And he wanted to go big. Palace big. Unluckily for Schleicher, the economy's foundation crumbled with the stock market crash, which put a damper on the Samson tire business. Soon after the factory opened, he was forced to sell it to the company now known as Uniroyal.”

    “After World War II, the tire industry bounced back and L.A's automotive industry took off. The Commerce area was second only to Detroit in car manufacturing up until the 1960s. Then the factory crashed again. It became an abandoned eyesore, dulled by pollution. The City of Commerce purchased it in 1983, and a development company, Trammell Crow Co., later bought it. They transformed it into a mix of stores, office buildings, even a hotel that opened 28 years ago.”

    upload_2019-11-18_4-47-55.png World's tallest cut decorated tree
    upload_2019-11-18_4-48-26.png Worlds tallest bow

    The record breaking 115 foot White Fir Christmas Tree joins the world's largest bow to illuminate the L.A. skyline, just off of the I-5 freeway.

    In the land of palm trees and sun, Citadel Outlets is on a mission to offer a holiday experience that is larger than life and unlike anything else in the world. The Citadel Outlets will be home to the World’s Tallest Live-Cut Tree and World’s Largest Bow. These glamorous decorations will light up the L.A. skyline for a glittery and festive celebration that is so L.A.

    World’s Tallest Live-Cut Tree Facts:

    · 115 feet tall, sourced from the Shasta-Trinity National Forest
    · Spans 20 feet longer than an NBA basketball court
    · Stands twice the size of the famous Hollywood Sign
    · 40 feet taller than the Rockefeller Christmas Tree in New York City
    · Near the end of its lifespan, this tree is part of an important forest manicuring process that frees up forest space for smaller trees and keeps the forest healthy 12
    replacement trees were planted in its place

    World’s Largest Bow Facts:

    · Produced by American Christmas Inc., the giant red bow is 36 feet wide by 21 feet tall
    · Sits directly on top of Citadel Outlets’ iconic Assyrian wall, facing the I-5 Freeway
    · Comprised of 18 loops that are 10-12 feet tall and two 75-feet long tails that will drape
    down the front of the building
    · Over 4,000 cans of paint/primer and 1 half-ton of glitter were used in its construction
    · The magnificent bow and its ribbons will be adorned in Christmas lights, gracefully
    lighting up the L.A. skyline.

    It sits by the side of the busy I-5 freeway for all travelers and visitors to see something that represents an automotive tie-in with history and is a "Cool Roadside Attraction..."

  25. Cool, { JNAKI }, and { FLATRED53 } I need to check in on this thread more often. lol I visited the Luary Carvens recently. The place is very much like it was in the 50s and 60s. Inside carven photos not mine. Ron......[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  27. Extraterrestrial Highway NV IMG_0771.JPG
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  28. Bagdad Cafe, IMG_1481.JPG Newberry Springs Ca
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