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Art & Inspiration A cool roadside attraction!

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Ron Funkhouser, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. Boneyard51
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    That’s awesome! Bones
  2. What's everyone doing this Memorial Day? I've been seeing a lot of these Bikes on I-81 and I-66 on their way to Washington D.C. for the Rolling Thunder event. Thanks to our Veterans. And God Bless the U.S.A. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  3. loudbang
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    Hell of a day. You can "Feel" the thunder from all those bikes when they pass by.
  4. i.rant
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    from Illinois
    1. 1940 Ford

    6CB55435-5651-4C69-BB65-3FC76ABAD8AF.jpeg Been chasing me for years, no one believed me until........
  5. I believe ya! [​IMG]
  6. I went to a funeral service for a good friend yesterday. She was 98 years old. We called her (Nutty). One of the greatest Hot Rodder's ever! She drove a cool 37 Ford sedan up to the last few years of her life. I thought that I would post a few photos, of some Rods that were in attendance. Also the last couple pictures are an roadside attraction (kinda) It's of a house that I passed on my way home. I think that he really likes our president.:rolleyes: Lol 20180529_145754.jpg 20180529_143539.jpg 20180529_143042.jpg 20180530_074831.jpg 20180529_164206.jpg 20180529_144745.jpg

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  7. Stogy
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  8. jnaki
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    upload_2018-6-2_4-45-3.png upload_2018-6-2_4-45-17.png
    So Cal is known for In and Out and Carl's Junior hamburgers, but Coastal South Orange County had its own famous hamburger places. Husky Boy Hamburger stand in North Laguna Beach was one of these places. The hamburger stands/restaurants were a must stop on the travels up and down the Coast Highway drive from Long Beach to San Diego during the late 50s to today.

    Fun fact: The other restaurant with great hamburgers and fries was just down on the southern end of Laguna Beach. That place, Duke's Hamburgers, got remade into what is now, the only Hot Rod inspired Ruby's Diner in existence. (COOL ATTRACTIONS MARCH 2018)

    Here is the So Cal icon that has been around for ages. It has been a Laguna Beach landmark since 1951, Husky Boy Burgers. When our dad used to take us with him to go surf fishing from 1954-57, along the local coves in Laguna Beach, this was one of our mandatory stops for lunch. In the later years, having known of this place, during Easter Vacation hot rod cruises, it was also a teenager’s hang out/stop for burgers, fries, and Cokes.

    During Easter Vacation or Spring Break for the youngsters, this parking lot was packed with hot rods and cruisers. Everyone always came to Laguna Beach for the parties and beach activities. Hot rods and hamburgers…the standard meal time fare. The cruise down the So Cal coast during the day just made it that much better. The dark on one side and the city lights on the other made the cruise home nice, too.

    One day, my friend and I were in his 51 Plymouth Coupe with approximately 10 new longboards on top. We had just come from the original Dana Point Hobie Surfshop. Our job was to pick up some new boards and deliver them to Ole’s Surfboard shop in Seal Beach. (50 + miles of stares, laughter, fingers pointing at us, phone numbers and coolness) (Friday Art thread)

    It was a fun experience in a 51 Plymouth Coupe, but this Plymouth coupe had our own version of camouflage paint from bumper to bumper, including the tires. Yes, the paint was starting to come off of the closest part of the rubber tires near the ground. But, the paint stayed on the sidewalls and hubcaps.
    upload_2018-6-2_4-55-38.png upload_2018-6-2_4-55-5.png
    We had just painted the Plymouth coupe for our adventures in the South San Clemente “Trestles Jungle” escapades. It was our Marine camouflage way of hiding in plain sight on their own property, while enjoying the best waves on the coast of California.

    Rolling into the Husky Boy Hamburgers for a well-deserved lunch made things much better, but we got more of the same questions…”Don’t you only surf one board at a time? How can you own so many boards? Are you guys rich? Here is my phone number”…Ha!


    One of the outstanding things along with the great food was a place across the stoplight on Coast Highway South. In later years, since we were not eating those giant burgers anymore, we did not stop at the Husky Boy. We began to notice the corner building across the street that used to house a huge fiberglass replica of a billfish. It was painted black with bright yellow and red flames along the sleek sides.

    The model was attached to the side of the house facing north. There were other fiberglass replicas of other fish, but the billfish was the main draw. Families, couples, fishermen, and teenagers all could not help but stare at the display of fish painted with bright color flames attached to the wall of this corner house. It was a stop light and the display was for all to see.
    It was the only place in this “City of Artists,” that had something for fishermen and hot rodders. Flames always make a statement on any surface.

    A excerpts from articles: Flames painted on fiberglass fish.

    “Artist, Todd Michael Guevara, aka: the fish man has taken aquatic art to a whole new level. Combining the hydrodynamics of sportfish and sharks with Todd’s passion for exceptional paint work found on motorcycles and HOT RODS, the result can best be described as “fire on water.”

    “Guevara applies his passion for flames to fiberglass fish, which look like the oceanic version of HOT ROD cars…” Los Angeles Times

    “The intricate process that is undertaken to create each sculpture is complicated, meticulous and time consuming. Like surfboards, the sculptures are shaped and constructed out of fiberglass. Each piece is meticulously layered with up to 60 coats of pearl and candy paint. Finally, up to 10 clear coats are applied to produce a shiny, wet look. After numerous hours of work, the sculpture is ready to be proudly displayed. the result? An eye-catching, head turning, three dimensional tributes to the aquatic art form of Todd Michael Guevara.

    Todd’s work has been featured in numerous galleries, trade shows, fairs, magazines, casinos, restaurants and private homes throughout the world. The sculptures are available in various sizes, colors and species. (including sport fish, bill fish, sharks, rays and marine mammals. Prices may vary…)”

    My dad had his first Albacore Tuna stuffed for a wall display. When my dad was done with that fish display, my mother could not get it down fast enough. She gave it to me to dispose of nicely. Immediately, I sanded and sprayed a primer all over the stuffed Albacore. Then I proceeded to spray it gloss black. That gloss black look fantastic, especially with that big eye staring at you...

    Finally, I tried to apply my first time flames to the surface. It looked unusual, but not quite as good as it should have been. It is now resting somewhere underground. I also tried with my dad’s first big Trout from Lake Crowley. It did not have the same effect. It, too, is resting with the dirt fishes... But, one day...

    Here is my latest contribution to the “flaming fish” art work that my granddaughter also gave the “high eyebrow” move for approval. It fit right in with the ocean inspired art theme for the week: "Mermaids and Fish."
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  9. Colonel George Washington's headquarters he used during the French and Indian war. From the fall of 1755 until Dec. of 1756. The cannon is the one used to protect his office. It's at Winchester Virginia. First pic is just the wife and Daughter. lol :rolleyes: 20170704_182805.jpg 271.jpg 267.jpg 269.jpg 270.jpg
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  10. Just a little bump to see if anyone has, or is doing any road trips? This is high on our list of things to do. The St Louis Arch.{ A COOL roadside attraction}. Plus the kids want to ride a real river boat. We did the one at Disney World Lol. :)[​IMG][​IMG]
  11. jnaki
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    Cool Attractions: Korean Friendship Bell, San Pedro, CA

    One of the best view points along the coastal drive all around the San Pedro/Palos Verdes Peninsula is from the a viewpoint in the Fort MacArthur area.

    “The Korean Bell of Friendship (more commonly called Korean Friendship Bell) is a massive bronze bell housed in a stone pavilion in Angel's Gate Park, in the San Pedro neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. Located at the corner of Gaffey and 37th streets, the section of the park is alternatively called the "Korean-American Peace Park" and occupies part of the former upper reservation of Fort Macarthur.”
    upload_2018-6-20_5-44-27.png from Fort MacArthur towards the ocean.

    We have driven by this park and monument many times in our coastal drives over the years. In the early years, the land was part of Fort MacArthur. Then it was dedicated and built in 1976. It is used as a navigation point when out on the ocean as it stands prominently high on the edge of the Western San Pedro cliff side. Even if it is slightly foggy, the large structure and bell is still seen from the water.
    It has been the background in many movies, TV, and documentaries about L.A. The recent hot rod events/rod runs originating from Palos Verdes, cruise by the old Fort MacArthur and this location of the Friendship Bell within the whole itinerary of the day's rod run. The old fort compound is an additional attraction in this coastal place, barracks, museum and all.
    Located in Angels Gate Park, near Ft. Macarthur on Gaffey St.

    Did I mention that the views from this high point in the San Pedro coastline is pretty impressive? The Long Beach Harbor/the OC coastline to the south, Palos Verdes to the Northwest and Eastern views of the LA Harbor basin. Catalina Island to the west (mentioned in a song…“26 Miles Across the Sea…”), this hilltop location gives the closest land to island view of Catalina Island. It is actually only 22 miles to Avalon, Catalina from the nearby Angel’s Gate Lighthouse on the Los Angeles Harbor Breakwater.

    “Twenty-six miles across the sea
    Santa Catalina is a-waitin' for me,
    Santa Catalina, the island of romance…”

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  12. jnaki
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    The White’s Point area of San Pedro
    White Point Health Resort - Circa 1920's


    When my dad could not take us fishing down in the Laguna Beach coves or Corona Del Mar cliff side surf fishing spots, we took a short ride from our Westside Long Beach house to San Pedro. One of his favorite spots was the White’s Point area of San Pedro. (He and his old high school friends would spend countless days at this recreation area of the coast.) At the time, the area had many outcroppings of old foundations and what looked like the salt water pool built right on the water and rocks.

    There was a lot of history here and it was slowly crumbling away because of Mother Nature. This lower cliff side area, as we found out later in our surf travels and explorations, took the brunt of those massive winter storms and bashed the remnants of history away.

    But, as little kids, we spent countless hours exploring and fishing. We had small cook outs and ate the fish we caught. Sometimes there were Abalone shellfish hidden in the rock outcroppings. Back then, abalone was plentiful and they were found everywhere, in deeper water jetties and rocks near shore. My mom knew a certain way to make the abalone taste wonderful for us little kids. Over time, there are now regulations regarding taking Abalone out of the ocean along the California coastline.


    While in high school we were able to go to a dance at the small pavilion that was still around, in 1960. The spot was called the Royal Palms State Beach. (We associated it with White’s Point) It was a scary drive down a dark, narrow road to the beach, then becoming a winding road, right on the rocky beach to the small pavilion.

    upload_2018-7-3_4-10-5.png Royal Palms: Hernandez photo
    Remembering the tide chart was mandatory as the road was sometimes covered with water and was "sloshy." It was disheartening when we saw salt water puddles along the road…We knew it would damage the under carriage of our high school cars and trucks. Luckily, by then, those high power spray wash places ($.25) were popping up in almost every neighborhood.

    When the big winter waves came, the road was usually closed. There is a nice county beach and road there, today… Although, the tide information and wave action still is important to remember.

    “After the start of World War II, The federal government took over the area, becoming part of the nearby Fort MacArthur military complex. The resort's buildings were demolished, and fortifications were added to the shoreline and nearby hillside.

    The state of California bought the beach area in 1960, and it became Royal Palms State Beach. In 1995, the land was acquired by the county of Los Angeles and became Royal Palms County Beach.”

    upload_2018-7-3_4-10-51.png White’s Point Park
  13. I just wanted say THANK's to everyone, for all the cool post you have added to this thread. It's only been my second thread. So many cool places, that I will probably never see for real! { jnaki } I really enjoyed your west coast photos and stories! This thread may be coming to the end. But it's been a fun drive! SO THANK"S !...:) A few old memories from the past year, post some of yours! :) 305.jpg 20180238.jpg 20180221.jpg 20170421_102333.jpg 20171013_123613.jpg 20171013_133731.jpg
  14. jnaki
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    There are so many places that people have gone to visit, moved for good and have driven through. They are all Cool Attractions. Your family + extended family seems to have enjoyed lots of trips outside of your hometown. Cool attractions are everywhere.

    Yes, we have traveled mostly in the West Coast of the USA. When I organize some other photos from folders that are hiding somewhere, there will be more from other states. But there are things from other travel states still left, from everyone. Please, keep it going... there are a million Cool Attractions to see for all of us.

    I was reading an article from the Smithsonian about how the Route 66 was on the endangered list. What??? The famous Route 66? With the Winslow, Arizona notation? There are a ton of posts and articles on Route 66, but not all on the long approximately 2400 miles is a cool attraction.

    We all need to get those cameras out and show some specific history that has become a Cool Attraction, not just the neighborhood liquor store with a fancy sign.
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  15. jnaki
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    upload_2018-7-17_3-3-17.png The "Traffic Circle" as posted by LBCD in the So Cal thread, that is/was a Cool Attraction in Long Beach. It is still prominent as ever, just cleaned up with new directions and traffic lane lines.


    What is round, has two lanes and allows you to drive in a complete 360 degree circle for as long as you want? Why would anyone do a 360 directional drive in two lanes to make a change in the direction that you just came?

    In high school, one of the requirements was being assigned to “Study Hall” time. (No, it was not for detention) If you were of age, your schedule had Study Hall before or after lunch, giving you two hours to study and/or join in the Driver’s Education behind the wheel program.

    The driver education program was part of the high school curriculum back then. (It was dropped in the 80s). If you weren’t behind the wheel driving, well, there was a lot of time drawing hot rods and reading magazines back at your desk.


    We had been driving all over Long Beach with the car load of high school kids. Near the last portion of our time behind the wheel (1957 4 door Ford sedan), we took a drive down PCH to the “Traffic Circle.” Of course, I was the first to challenge the circle. I stayed right and ended up at the Circle Drive-In on the next corner.

    Then the instructor told me to go around the complete “Traffic Circle” and end up going back up the PCH hill, West, to the Java Lanes Bowling Alley at the top of the hill. (Our original direction)

    At the bowling alley, we all switched seats for the next scary drive. For the first time, sophomore driver, it is a scary journey. For the seasoned HS senior three years later, it was not a problem except for the other people in the car with their “Eyes Wide Shut.”


    For all of the years driving, there were no accidents or tickets on this Traffic Circle. We used it a lot going to the nearby Circle Drive-In Theater, down PCH South to Hody’s Drive-In Restaurant and to all points South for some surfing trips.

    “Did you know the Long Beach Traffic Circle was originally designed in 1930 to help accommodate the increase in traffic from the 1932 Summer Olympics in LA. Many of the aquatic and rowing events were held in LB at the Marine Stadium in 1932 and the trials in 1968. It's one of the first of its kind to be constructed in the US, and is one of the only high volume traffic circles in SoCal.” It handles over 60,000+ vehicles a day.”

    (Including a college student from the Westside, driving the 1965 El Camino to Long Beach State College for the last two years, 66-68)

    Note: There are no entrances to the local businesses directly off of this Traffic Circle. Within a block away from the circle, there are driveways for access.

  16. dirty old man
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    dirty old man

    First traffic circle I ever encountered was in NJ back in the 60s, and this old boy from GA did OK, or at least I didn't get hit , have any horns blown at me, or "birds", directed my way, or hit anybody else!
    The GA DOT has started putting them in in a lot of places around the state in rural and suburban areas and my hometown has done one of the most awkward to negotiate intersections also.
    Some folks don't like them, but I think they are a good solution to intersections with multiple streets coming together as depicted in your illustration there.
    We have one here in town about 3 blocks from my shop that I often pass thru several times a day. There is a double track railroad elevated about 6-8 ft. above the roads with steep ramps on both sides, and on one side there are 3 roads coming together at the crossing and on the other side there are 4 roads!:confused::eek: I think the only solution is a traffic circle on each side of the railroad crossing.:):cool:
  17. An Institution in Raleigh, North Carloina.

  18. Roger O'Dell
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    Roger O'Dell

    Was the Cinnamon Cinder by the circle yet
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  19. 37D98A13-F54F-4B4D-9FD3-F8242C7300E2.jpeg Gone but not forgotten... My home town Falls Church Virginia
  20. 160FFCF4-649C-48EE-855B-16264ADF2DE3.jpeg Mario’s Pizza

    Arlington Virginia....

    Since 1957
  21. jnaki
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    Hey R,
    We had already graduated from high school by the time Cinnamon Cinder opened up near the Traffic Circle in December of 1962. We felt like outsiders because it drew from all over, not just our high school area. Plus, the dress code did not allow Levis and T-shirts. The dress for most were beltless skinny pants, white shirts, ties and a sweater. (also, pointy toe shoes, not sandals.) That was way beyond our realm of clothing.

    If we wanted to go to a dance with normal everyday clothing, our college had dances almost every Friday after football games. But, the people that went to the Cinnamon Cinder, liked the atmosphere of flash and the possibility of seeing some Hollywood Celebrities. (the whole place was owned by a Hollywood Celebrity.) Not our thing.

    Some of the girls we knew, at the time, did request to go to the place on the Traffic Circle. But, the other activities of our So Cal area, football, basketball games, beach bonfires, parties in Belmont Shore, etc. drew more of our friends than that flashy dance place.
  22. 6FEC5BE3-A401-40A3-BC76-B8CCB8B19CAA.jpeg Had lunch here last year
  23. Latigo
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    image.jpg Did a little exploring over the weekend and found some neat stuff out in the desert at the Fort Rock Museum off Highway 31 in central Oregon. Remnants left from the homesteading of the area in the early 1900's. Hot and dry. Most of the homesteaders in the area packed it in after a couple of years.
  24. image.jpeg

    Glebe Road and Wilson Boulevard..... Arlington
  25. LBCD
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    What an amazing structure!!!![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    It only took 43 years for me to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge [​IMG][​IMG] Alcatraz off in the distance.


    The bridge weighs the same as 6 Queen Mary’s.

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  26. We visited the National Air and Space Museum yesterday.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  27. Here's a few pictures from today at the route 11 potato chip factory. Also the yellow barn at New Market Va. The grandkids love this place.:) 20180731_115956.jpeg 20180731_115322.jpeg 20180731_114805.jpeg 20180731_111324.jpeg 20180731_110605.jpeg 20180731_110456.jpeg 20180731_110203.jpeg

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