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700R4 in a '62 Chevy Truck?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Fan Attic, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. Fuel Filter.jpg Fuel Line.jpg When I was younger I had a little fuel fire under the hood one hot August afternoon, and a few close calls also due to in-line filters or rubber hoses between the pump and carburator. I won't build one now without hard line or braided line connecting those. I like an inline filter just because some of my projects sit from time to time, and our gas now worries me, so I grab the frame mounted fuel lines from 80's and 90's GM trucks every chance I get. I'f you're careful you can do this with them. Get the WIX filters on-line by the case and they're only a couple bucks each if you time it right.
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  2. I would be interested in your front/ rear sway bar pictures when convenient for you. My frame/suspension is restored but I haven't dealt with the sway bar issue. I guess we are the dinosaurs with this suspension...I see "No Limit engineering is reproducing the lower ball joints ($50ea) now that I already bought some nos ones.
    Thanks, Joe
  3. I should have it back in the air this week Joe and will get a shot or two of what I've got.
  4. Thank You, just figured out the HAMB is back up....
  5. Front Sway Bar 1.jpg Front Sway Bar 2.jpg Rear Sway Bar option.jpg Well, first attempt at loading pictures since the overhaul, which I'm really starting to like.
    I had the truck in the air this weekend and got a couple shots of the sway bar already transplanted on the front and what I'm considering adding to the back, although after sitting and looking at it for a while I still don't have a plan that would fit, and do any good. The bar is from a 79 Chevy 4X4 that I flipped one mount pad on.
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  6. Seat Bolts.jpg Bolt Bin.jpg Hardware Store.jpg I also worked on getting the inside back together and I like to go back together with correct fasteners when ever I can. I've parted out my share of Chevys and about 5 years ago finally got tired of dumping out 5 gallon buckets of parts to find the one bolt or braket I needed. One of the hardest things I've done in the shop is quit all my projects and spent an entire winter sorting and organizing 30+ years worth of 5 gallon and 55 gallon buckets and drums of parts. It's the best thing I ever did now that it's done! I get behind from time to time, but when the pile on the bench get's too high I stop and catch back up.
    Anyway, I needed 3 more of those weird little 5/16" seat bolts with the 3/8" heads. I opened my 5/16" bolt drawer and found what I needed in under a minute!
    I call it my Hardware Store.
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  7. Thank You for the snap shots....I will track down a like sway bar and plan installing it...
    I find sorting bolts and parts therapy when I can't seem to focus on projects
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  8. It will work best if you can get the donor someplace close to your tools. I think some of the brackets are riveted on at least some of those trucks. I put the transplanted brackets on with 3/8" grade 8 hardware, but I'm not sure there is enough stress on them to require that if you had decent fasteners in hand. It made a world of difference on my Suburban.
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  9. Good point....Thanks Again
  10. 700 TV Cable 1.jpg 700 TV Cable 2.jpg 700 TV Cable 3.jpg 700 TV Cable 1.jpg 700 TV Cable 2.jpg 700 TV Cable 3.jpg Somebody was asking about hooking a TV cable to a six banger recently but I haven't found the thread so maybe they will see it here. I modified a carb end cable mount to fit my 292 and modified the COE throttle bell crank to work with the conventional cab throttle arm. Added an attachment point to the throttle arm on the firewall and used the long TV cable for the 700R4.
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  11. Nice....never thought about the geometry of it
  12. Resurrecting an old thread here as it is time for my little truck to find a new home. I just don't drive it much since quitting the day job and life has changed unexpectedly recently. Since my last update the original old corporate rear axle started howling pretty good so a few months ago I installed a fully rebuilt 12 bolt posi-traction unit out of a 1967 C-10. It's a 1:3.73 gear and really drives nice behind the 700R4. And I know, pictures or it didn't happen so here they are.

    62 org 1.jpg 62 org 2.jpg 62 org 3.jpg

    Here I am measuring all the angle so I can match them with the relocated truck arm perches and panhard rod mount. Then tore the donor axel down and moved the perches and fabricated a panhard mount from 3/16" plate. I had to cheat on the bends in the plate and pre-cut them with the plasma torch about 75% of their length (0.75" out every inch).

    62 donor 10.jpg

    62 donor 1.jpg 62 donor 2.jpg 62 donor 3.jpg 62 donor 4.jpg

    I've got to do a little detailing work on her and then I'll probably post her on line at "Bring a Trailer" and see what people think. I'll post a link when it's up if you are interested. Thanks for looking.
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  13. 59Apachegail
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    from New York

    I was subscribed to this thread back in 2014. I checked notifications this morning and saw it came back. Nice work all around, I like that you kept the posi tag.
  14. 57JoeFoMoPar
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    Cool truck and I enjoyed the thread. Shame to let it go but it is what it is. I don't particularly enjoy daily driving old cars, as I log a lot of miles, and typically don't want to put a decent old car through that kind of stress. Would rather do it to a disposable new car. Good luck with the sale and thanks for documenting the swap.

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