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Projects 7" 6 volt headlights for 32 headlight bar mounting??

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by jim1932, Feb 11, 2020.

  1. As title says, looking for suggestion for 7" headlights for a car running 6 volt. having a hard time working through what will easily mount to my dropped headlight bar. Sealed would be great. looking for vintage and reproduction ideas. Seems most I find are 12 volt, or the mount doesn't look right for bar.
  2. You may have to select headlight with mount you need and swap bulbs for 6 volts.

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  3. sloppy jalopies
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    sloppy jalopies

    Dietz, arrow, guide, blc etc. are good... but be sure to buy ones with a ball mount on the bolt shaft to match the bar's socket...
    careful....... some GM, some mopar and lots of big trucks had the sockets on the light not the bar...
    just order 6 volt 7" round sealed beam head lights... sorry, gave [6] to a local tiquer this summer...
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  4. deathrowdave
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    from NKy

    67242857-5662-4ABE-99A6-A400B3E9B41C.png 4049E0E9-DC0D-468D-B124-83635F0C2258.png One that no one seems to look at is Harley Davidson , Hydra Glide or Fat Bob . Give them a minute and check them out . They the similar type of mount your looking for and a 7 in bulb , that can be swapped to 6 V also .
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  5. Although I have seen cars with the Harley lights, looks like a pain to mount them to a headlight bar. I finally see what was confusing me. Looks like most lights come with a piece to mount to a flat surface that you just remove if mounting to a 32 socket type mount..... the flat bottom on the mount was throwing me. And yes, being old and stupid, swapping the bulbs just never entered into my head. Mainly because I am hoping to use Sealed beam.

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  6. irishsteve
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    Heres a way to adapt flat mount head lights like Dietz to a ford head light bar with the ball socket.The 1935-6 ford wishbone on the bottom where the flat top perch pin comes through uses a special washer under the nut.It is thick,and flat on the nut side,and curved on the bottom where it fits the wish bone.It allows a flat nut on the 35 unlike the 28-34 which has a thick nut with a curve on one side. Now.....drop this 35 "washer" into the ball socket on a 32 head light bar curved side down.It will fit flush leaving you with a mount for flat bottom head lights.If you cant turn up a pair of these washers I got mine from Pete,and Jakes last fall so I know they have them.
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  7. goldmountain
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    Didn't 7" seal beams become standard on everything since 1940?
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  8. derbydad276
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    wagner H6006 bright as hell
  9. I picked up some Arrow headlights. Will post the results.

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  10. Looks like a pair of Arrow 775H sealed beams. Those are some nice lights and should look good on your '32. I have a pair of those sitting around here as well.......Don. 20200214_162714.jpg
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  11. So I should have just bought yours......

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  12. ...........Saving them for my next project.:D
  13. OK still have the Arrows and got them Painted but went with a pair of United Pacific headlights. Had to get sealed beam 6 volt Ford headlights From Drake. Still working out getting the stock Conduit attached.
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  14. sloppy jalopies
    Joined: Jun 29, 2015
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    sloppy jalopies

    Sold them off my '33, had a couple pair of half round guides...
    the buyer says they are what Milner ran on his graffiti coupe...[replica biuld].
    some had a jeweled lens marker light and a very small lens on the back of the marker light to tell you your blinkers are on... buddy had them on his '32 fiver...
    go jim go !

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