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'66 Chrysler Steering problems..HELP PLEASE!!

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 66Newport, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. I need some help, there seems to be a ton of good knowledge here, so I thought I would try. I have a 1966 Chrysler Newport with power steering. I was driving home the other day and all of a sudden I couldn't turn the steering wheel to the left at all! I have to turen the car off just to be able to turn the wheel, start the car back up and drive a little, and repeat. I was almost home and the belt came off and the pressure/feed hose blew up. I checked the pump, seemed to be bad so I replaced it, the hose, and the belt. Now when I start the car the steering wheel turns all the way to the right. I am 6' 250lbs and I can't turn the wheel! If I pull the belt off the power steering pump I can turn the wheel???:confused: The pump appears to be working fine, however the return hose is empty. It would appear to me that the inlet valve/back pressure valve is malfuntioning. Can ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME? This is driving me crazy cause I can't drive my baby and I hate leaving her in the garage everyday.
  2. squirrel
    Joined: Sep 23, 2004
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    sounds like the control valve on the gearbox is messed up.

    See if it has moved...they are adjustable, and it's a tricky adjustment. It's the gizmo that the pressure hose connects to.
  3. Thanks a ton squirrel! I will check that.
  4. Mark Lester
    Joined: Dec 12, 2008
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    Mark Lester

    man that's weird, the guys at my shop here agree that the valving inside the box is probably dirty and not letting the oil go through. Watch how you take it apart because you need to take note of the adjustments of the valves. good luck! get your motor manual (or find one) to know the adjustments.

  5. Rocket Scientist Chris
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    Rocket Scientist Chris

    I had a Dodge van that developed the same sort of "self steering" problem. It was so bad, I couldn't even attempt to hang onto the wheel! :eek: It turned out to be the adjustment of the control valve on top of the steering box. The shop manual recommends loosing the mounting bolts and bumbing the assembly until the steering wheel stays put. Then retighten. We did the van with a crowbar! :D So while the adjustment is a little tricky, it's not delicate brain surgury, either. :)
  6. manyolcars
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    Brain surgery? from a rocket scientist?

    Hi Chris!

    better go gitcher Cushman scooter and git to werk on it
  7. Rocket Scientist Chris
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    Rocket Scientist Chris

    Hi Bruce! I was going to say "rocket science", but that was too obvious! :) I need to give Richard a call. He probably hates me by now! :D
  8. Thatks a bunch guys. This was getting to the point I was ready to sell the damn thing!:mad: But then I would have nothing to even sit in the garage and stare/cuss at:D. Seriously, thanks, I will have to give it a shot.
  9. New Old Fart
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    New Old Fart

    Back in the early '70s I managed to hook the hoses backwards and when I started the car the steering wheel damn near broke my wrist. Check the hoses before tearing apart the gear box.
  10. That almost seems to easy, and mine damn near broke mine. Good thing I have lost a few pounds or my brodie knob nmight have broken something else!!:D

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