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Projects 60's Era Street/Strip Model A Coupe

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by -Brent-, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. AndysComet
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    from SOMD

    You hit it spot on. Talent can be learned in some cases, in others it can't, haha. End of the day, having someone that really cares is more help than most realize.
  2. Dude, just stumbled across your build. What an awesome ride you just put me through! One of the reasons for the awesome execution is the fact that you've been building this in your mind for 12 years - and more! Also, you found two good builders to help guide your vision into reality - and a bit of a challenge with the body work! Great authoring and terrific photos of Ryan's artistry. Just way cool. By the way, Hurst-Airheart were advertising their "spot disc" brakes in '63...

    To have someone use my car (I'm just the latest caretaker of it!) as inspiration - and not in a negative way - is pretty humbling. My car was built in '62 and over the years it's had a new engine, trans, rear end, and a few wheel/tire combinations. And four owner-caretakers. With any luck it'll be with it's fifth one this fall.

    The other angle of the one you posted - an early morning at the Saturday So-Cal get-together:

    A tail end shot at a buddy's front of my coupe is Chip's (needlouvers) beater T, and in front of it is another HAMBer's '29 A roadster.
    And at it's home...for now....
    Sorry for the long reply, but wanted to give you more views of an old jalopy...
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  3. -Brent-
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  4. -Brent-
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    Size Matters: 60s era Motorcycle Headlights on a Model A

    This car wouldn't look right with anything but a pair of small headlights. Smaller headlights are an element of many 60s hot rods that I've always loved.

    I chose to run (for now) a 5-3/4" bottom mount headlight. Something you'd find on a Panhead or a chopper of the era. I have a few original KD-869s (Bates) but none of them match since the housings vary and there were minor changes over the years.

    While I searched (and ended up collecting too many buckets), I came up with an idea of how to mate them to my headlight bar.

    I stole some Play-Doh from the kids' art cabinet and sat out on the tailgate on a warm evening and came up with an idea.

    PlayDoh Headlight Bar Washer Concept.jpg PlayDoh Washer Concept.jpg
    This was the idea I started with. I needed something flat for the headlight mount to sit on. Also, the lights run a smaller headlight mount bolt.

    Here's what Brian (my pal who narrowed the Olds/Pontiac rear) came up with:

    Headlight Bar Washer Parts.jpg

    Here's what they do:

    Headlight Bar Washer Bottom Model A Ford.jpg
    Headlight Bar Washer  Model A Ford.jpg

    Headlight Bar Light Bolt Sleeve.jpg

    Here's the mount sitting on the stand:

    Headlight Bar Washer and Stand Model A Ford.jpg

    It looks a little funky with the washers staggered. I didn't want to "over squeeze" the tabs. I'll address that later. THis is just a mockup.

    Chopper Headlights Model A Coupe.jpg

    When there's better lighting, I'll snap a couple of pics that aren't so close up. But, for now, that's the latest update.

    My goal is to tinker a little bit but I've gotten my butt kicked (business-wise) these last few months and I need to concentrate on getting life righted again. So, bigger updates will be slow while my effort is put on getting back in financial shape.

    I hope you're all well!
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  5. -Brent-
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    Small Headlights 60s Model A Coupe.jpg

    Here's another pic.

    And here's a teaser of how the exhaust will exit on the sides. It's just the belled tip set in place. No exhaust work done, yet.

    Side Exit Model A Coupe Exhaust .jpg
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  6. Your lighting solution is "brilliant".;):rolleyes:
    Keep up the great work and post whenever you can.
  7. VA HAMB
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  8. Old-Soul
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    Not sure if I've mentioned it before, but I love the T step inserts.
    I had considered doing something like that on my A but regular width boards might look a little goofy.
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  9. -Brent-
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    Are you talking about the running boards? If so, those are from 30/31 A Truck.
  10. Old-Soul
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    No shit? Totally thought you'd nabbed the steps off a T.

    So you're saying there's hope for me yet.
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  11. -Brent-
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    Haha, yep, there's hope! Always.

    If you find a used set they're usually pretty inexpensive. That's what I tried first, since we were going to modify them. However, I ended buying a set from Rootlieb, which is about the best quality you could find.

    For those wondering what the heck we're jabbering about:
    Running Board Before Section.jpg

    Running Board Section 1.jpg

    Running Board Section.jpg

    Running Board Section 4.jpg

    Running Board Section 2.jpg


    Running Board Section 3.jpg

    Running board section after.jpg

    Running board section after 2.jpg

    Narrowed Fenders and Running Board.jpg

    Side Exit Model A Coupe Exhaust .jpg
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  12. Thor1
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    Man, Brent! Those running boards are really sanitary! Great looking car.
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  13. loudbang
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    Why I bet you could grate cheese on them :rolleyes:
  14. Great look. I like the head lights As well. Very cool Brent.:cool::)
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  15. Love this build! That car looks like it’s going to kick your a$$ and steal your lunch money.

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