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Projects '60 F100 Daily Driver Project.

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by ccain, Oct 12, 2019.

  1. loudbang
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    We used slim bars maybe 3 feet long that were curved on the end just for problems like this. Looked similar to these but were substantial maybe 1/2 diameter.

    Slide between fender and body and push out the dent or rotate to "scrape" outward to remove the dent.

    These were the only thing close I could find for sale now. Similar but less substantial. The old ones were not that curved on the end more straight and no "Pointed' ends they had a rounded end for less marring.

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  2. Is that crease on top of the inner fender brace or just ahead of it? That would decide what course of action to take. If it's on the brace, then the fender would likely need to come off to address it, but if it's in front of the brace then the Tools that @loudbang showed would work well.
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  3. ccain
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    Dude, that crease lies just off center, between the two sides of that inner brace. :mad:

    I would most likely have remove the fender and cut out the spot welds on the brace to get to it or use a pin welder (which I don't have access to) and try to pull it out.
    Plus there's a touch of rust there at the bottom the fender where the inner brace connects to the fender.

    Shit, If i have to do all of that, it almost makes sense to buy the "back half of the fender" repair panel, weld it in and call it a day. I dunno.


    I had to stray away from my plans to start on the bodywork this week because she developed some hesitation under initial acceleration. I found the accelerator pump wet where is shouldn't have been. Cracked her open and found this:



    I'm gonna go ahead and blame California's, ethanol laced, shitty excuse for gas and the fact that the PO left her sitting for a while.

    There was also some flotsam and jetsam on the screen in the seat nearest the fuel inlet.


    Hehehe... looks like a paranoid monkey. :D:D:D


    Anyway, crisis averted. She's not stumbling anymore and runs and idles real sweet. Shit, using Edelbrock's out of the box "default" settings, she fired right up after the float bowls filled. Small idle air adjustment and choke setting and I was back on the road. It's truly amazing how simplistic these carburetors really are.

    If you're gonna be rebuilding one of these, do yourself a favor and get the kit, floats, and accelerator pump, straight from Edelbrock. Those aftermarket kits from Amazon or eBay are junk.

    On top of all that, my wife's off topic, post deleting, and bannable '89 Chevy K2500, ate an ignition module. I went ahead and did a proper tune up on it.


    I love this old truck. We payed $1300 for it and drove it home. It was one owner and there is nothing broken or missing on it. All I did was clean it up, installed new brakes and rotors and we were set. We've had, and worked it hard (wife works on a ranch) for two years now and the other day was the very first time we've had any trouble with it.

    Well, that's about all I have for today. Be safe!

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  4. I have the inner fender braces off both my fenders at the moment as I bought new lower fender replacement panels. The design traps debris between the fender and the brace and is guaranteed to rust eventually.

    My braces were rusted through, so I had to make some repair panels for them.
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  5. ccain
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    Youch!!! Yeah, can't wait to see the worms that crawl out of this can I'm about to open. :D
    I'm no Carnac the Magnificent, but I'll lay you odds there's about a pound of bondo in that lower fender. Maybe not... we'll see.

    This is looking more and more palatable:


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  6. I just bought the smaller fender repair panels... Mine had brazed patches and a talented sculptor had recreated body lines from bondo. Unfortunately in more than just the fenders!

    Just saw your new signature... I literally cannot count the number of times I heard that phrase! Generally with significant amounts of colorful language mixed in as well!
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  7. Doc, these are my braces and it shows what was rusted and needed to be repaired.
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  8. There should be a stud at the bottom of each that holds the bottom of the fenders to the mounting point on the cab as well.
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  9. There were remnants of the same fender clips as would be found in the other holes on the fender there are 3 per fender on the inside. See the attached pic edit: found correct pic.
    View attachment 4818148

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Sep 16, 2020
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  10. Well, you've just been a wealth of information for me in the past 24 hours! Not only a picture of the clips, but the Ford part number too! Thanks!!!
    (I've owned three of these trucks, one had bolts welded to the inside fender where the studs were, one has a bolt through the fender from the outside, one was just a welded goobered mess that was slathered in bondo.
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  11. Those clips were a learning experience for me... Just sharing what I discovered. Of the six, I had part of one left.
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  12. I got these off eBay. If you search for the Ford part number above you can find them. Obviously not original Ford. I'd actually forgotten that I had even ordered them. I blame early onset senility. :rolleyes:

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