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??? 6 degrees down at trans rearend pinion is higher than trans output shaft???

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Ether, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. Ok, dont shoot me cus this one has been drug through the dirt many times before. BUT, if the car has a transmission angle of 6 degrees down and it cant be changed do to clearance issues (square peg on a round hole), what is the best possible angle to run the rear? The rearend pinion is higher than the trans output shaft. I understand the total should not equal more than 7 degrees but what if? Anyone got anything on this??? FLINCH.!?!?!?!?
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  2. JohnEvans
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    Rear up same angle as trans is down. This will give you parallel angles that are equal. You could also point the rear DOWN 6* and this would give you intersecting angles which also is OK. Idealy 3* or so would be better but being you drove the round peg into the square hole ya got to live with what you have.
  3. Von MoPar
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    Von MoPar
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  4. Warpspeed
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    Two ways to do it. Pinion up six degrees, so both are parallel, but that makes no sense. Other way is pinion DOWN six degrees. That is known as "broken back" geometry and is correct, as long as the angles at each end of the drive shaft are the same.

  5. So the driveshaft is higher in the back of the car than the front? Are you running leafs in back?
  6. eaglebeak
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    Inland Empire Driveline Service, Inc_ - Driveshafts, Pinion and Transmission Yokes, Center Support Bearings.htm

    copy and paste in your search
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    My understandin is that the tailshaft and the pinion angles should be parallel, or in other words, the downwars angle of your tailshaft should be complemented by a matching upward angle at the rear end pinion. I always set mine up in the 3-5 degree range, but I doubt 6 would be an issue...

    They just need to match, or you'll get a vibration and premature wear on your u-joints.

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