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Projects '59 Aussie Built Fairlane Hearse!

Discussion in 'Traditional Customs' started by Zombiefink, May 27, 2021.

  1. Hey guys

    So i haven't actually posted anything about the old girl here since ive gotten it, but instead ive just kinda been in the shed going gun-ho at it the past 5 months!

    So from the start - late December. I got a call from the drummer of my band saying 'check out this pos, you should buy it for s***ts n gigs haha'

    Immediately when I saw it i thought 'Thats a smith'

    Smith Hearses were made in Sydney back in the day and were upper end, long wheel base, full coach built bodies and thus, very rare. Ive been after one for ten years.

    Anyways, i saw it and it was an ex variety bash car (Variety bash cars have to be atleast 30 years old, modify it to be an all terrain and drive across the country to raise funds for charity)

    Being an ex bash car, it was painted stupid, gutted to have seats, TV's, roll cage, aircon, 50 tonnes of mold and rat s*** and even a few condom packets haha. The smell was atrocious.

    So, i bought it as is, took it home and started the tear down. Heres the sorry girl when i started.

    *apparently there's only 3 of these made by Smith. My buddy in a band called Wild Turkey has the other with the difference being its a hatch rear

    Ill update more in the next post.

    Jackson. received_423584419053840.jpeg received_135747068227606.jpeg received_1701250463376891.jpeg
  2. Ralphies54
    Joined: Dec 18, 2009
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    I'm speechless!! My only comment is that I hope you save that paint, it's out of this world.
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  3. ..The paint was not saved. haha.

    There's alot to go through, but i'll narrow it down with posting each post by month upto May. Bare with me!

    Oh also, Heres my buddys Hearse.

  4. Alright so the month thing was too confusing. I'll post a buncha tear down photos and some of where its at now. Here goes!

    So here's basically when i got it to my place and started tearing it down.

    Half the flowers off the roof, and into the garden haha.

    Side opening door for accessing stuff under the coffin table, but for this case gutting what excuse there was for an interior haha

    Dont ask

    Some of the Original Paint peering from underneath

    Attached are some of the interior shots, im still learning how to work this hahaha.

    Attached Files:

  5. So continuing on the next few weeks we stripped the interior and got all the s*** off the roof. The roof was - as anticipated, ruined. But surprisingly, the body overall wasnt tooooo bad.

    A side profile with majority of the trash ripped off.

    front view with it half gutted

    Roll cage and remnants of the original coffin table framing.

    and the other angle

    rear view of the interior all gutted and MVP of the build in the door frame hahaha

    Surprisingly enough.. not bad

    'N time to pull the 332 out. (Spoiler alert - its rooted)

    By this point i'd have actually had the body all sanded and the roof finally all ripped off. But for the sake of the post heres the roof panel all ripped off and hammered flat around the edges. This car was actually originally a Custom 300!! So the whole things custom from doors up.
  6. I forgot to add this one earlier.

    ..It had aircon

    So, surprisingly the body was good enough to block and paint over. Only thing is every flower, butterfly and peace sign was a high spot, the WHOLE thing was hammertone clear and COVERED in runs. But heres it gettin' there

    A test shot of the new colour (very original, i know)

    Kinda interesting find, they ran Led's. Anyone seen these before? Im probably gonna use em as is since it saves buying new lights. See how they go..? Not a big fan but they are technically free at this point haha

    'n another sanded down angle.
  7. Fast forward alot of beers, swearing, and hand cramping, and she's painted! 5 months in on the build at this point.

    Casket Work bench does wonders!

    quick hose down to get some dust off and here she is.

    I didnt actually get a photo of it now i think of it, but if you go back to original photos, the front left panel has a big ol kink in it which i spent a few hours on whacking and bending back into shape, but its now presentable! I'll get a pic eventually... soon.

    So here's something i chucked back on the roof, Flower Rails!
    Australian Hearses ('n pommy ones, but who cares about those things) actually have big ol roof rails called flower rails. Kinda doesn't feel like a Hearse without em. So, I made these suckers up outta a buncha towel racks, Cheap and effective!

    More flower rail angles. 1200mm then 600mm then 1200mm, 900mm wide. Also, check that left panel!

    Bed time after a loooooong day.

    So to recap the body has been painted, was surprisingly straight so didnt need much bog at all. The roof cap was purchased as a 2600 x 900 for memory? I used sikaflex and some filler to blend it and that's it. I also had to make up some roof rails to keep the round shape of the roof since it would otherwise fall in on its self n look trash.
    Next up, rear compartment!
  8. Stogy
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    @Zombiefink your pics aren't working 1st post is good videos good a few of the pics are there...but most are not visible...
  9. Should be good now! Had to change permissions.
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  10. Model A Gomez
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    Model A Gomez

    Not sure what they were smoking when they put that thing together but I need some of it!
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  11. I found once you click on a cutline you head to the photo app then they all open
    Were they not called 'Tank Fairlane's'? Saw a few 'normal' bodied when we were there.
    Great stuff!
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  12. Weirdly enough on the app the pictures don't seem to work, but on mobile/computer browser it works fine! Ill just jimmy it all tomorrow when i get a moment anyway. She'll be right.
    And yeah, they're called Tank Fairlanes over here, suppose cause they're big like a tank? Hahaha
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  13. Stogy
    Joined: Feb 10, 2007
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    I don't know what's scarier you guys or the hearse that was quite the production...:eek:

    I've seen that video before...and yes it looks much better than its flowery past....

    Love those Turbines at the back...To the Moon Alice...
    Last edited: May 27, 2021
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  14. SPEC
    Joined: Feb 1, 2021
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    It's going to be great.
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  15. Okay so if you're really keen you can view on browser & all the progress pics will show. Heres what ive been at the past week, rebuilding the coffin table. Note the battery box door ive cut out to sit behind the driver and under the table, making otherwise useless space useful.

    I also heated up some perspex to make a new rear window. Originally, Smith used whagever to make the rear windscreens outta glass. The rear windscreen in my mates is an upside down XK Ford windscreen. Useless to me since mines got a door & his a hatch so ill figure the right glass to cut up one day.. For now i can see with this.

    Making the dividing wall was a lil tricky but more so a time thing than anything. I made a template for one half of one side of the top half of the wall, above the window and the made 4 pieces, worked well. I did the same for the sides of the window also.

    Using red automotive carpet & it looks sweeeet in person, darker, almost a burgundy/maroon. Also got some wood I've been varnishing for all the edging.

    Oh, and i dropped the rear 4 inches!

    Back into it tomorrow. Screenshot_20210529-002843.jpeg Screenshot_20210529-002848.jpeg Screenshot_20210529-002853.jpeg Screenshot_20210529-002902.jpeg Screenshot_20210529-002908.jpeg Screenshot_20210529-002913.jpeg Screenshot_20210529-002921.jpeg Screenshot_20210529-002927.jpeg
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  16. Stogy
    Joined: Feb 10, 2007
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    A very unique machine indeed and for something that was built for end of life ceremonies it sure as heck saw its share of creation of life activities it seems...:D
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  17. 34 Airflow
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    34 Airflow
    from Australia

    Bloody good job! You see plenty of ex bash cars kicking around destined to become crushed, glad to see you have saved this one.
  18. SS327
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    Other than the steering wheel on the wrong side I like it. I would put the flower power paint job back on.
  19. Fitted wheels n finished off the rear end interior. Rebuilt front end with new brakes n cut a single coil off the front. Refinishing the dash currently and test fitting the seat but otherwise its coming along!

    Attached Files:

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  20. Not much exciting n new. Rebuilt the rear brakes and removed n cleaned the diff centre, new oil etc. Aligned the driver's door since it was waaaay off, so that'll do for a pic update! I actually also refinished the dash too now i think of it. Hard to getta good pic, that'll come when i finish the drivers compartment! Dash was originally grey n buggered.

    Cheers Screenshot_20210704-002832.png received_509683643484509.jpeg received_1153079958539916.jpeg
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  21. captainjunk#2
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    the flat black looks much better than the other woodstock inspired paint job
  22. Just a tad!!
  23. Joe Travers
    Joined: Mar 21, 2021
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    Joe Travers
    from Louisiana

    Don't know what instrument you play but I think the band just nominated you to pack the PA system and all the gear. :eek: Hearses have been popular means of equipment transportation with bands in the U.S. over the last 50+ years. Had an old buddy pack his Hammond B-3 and Leslie cabinet in one many years ago. Cool old Ford!

  24. falconvan
    Joined: Apr 2, 2008
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    from festus, Mo

    Awesome ride!
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  25. Upright bass, about as convenient as drums!
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  26. Also picked up n fitted a 59 Edsel Cluster - the little details!!

    Attached Files:

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  27. Neat Hearse! Some pictures of your Tank hearse were doing the rounds at a meet we had here yesterday morning!
    Keep at it man!
  28. Pictures pre or post hippy paint removal?
  29. Joe Travers
    Joined: Mar 21, 2021
    Posts: 340

    Joe Travers
    from Louisiana

    Tell me about it! I play upright as well. You got the room now :D Keep on keeping on :)

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