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Projects '59 Aussie Built Fairlane Hearse Build

Discussion in 'Traditional Customs' started by Zombiefink, May 27, 2021.

  1. There were before & after pictures, and to tell the truth, when someone said it was an ex-bash car, I had my doubts about what it would end up like. As you probably know, not many cars are resurrected after going on those bash things, as they get a real hiding and usually return as a parts car. I'ts good to see that youv'e bought it "back from the dead"!
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  2. Haha yep it was an absolute mess. But it also meant i didnt have to feel bad about cutting out what was left of the original coffin table frame and ditch what would be the window height table 'n make up my own flush with the rear door. Heaps more room!
    My daily hearse has the table flush with the windows (aussie spec thing) n it's just a pain how much wasted space there is from the table being so high. That aside - it woulda been absolutely mint when they unfortunately got their hands on it!
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  3. So an update - cant remember the last update but anyways.

    Brakes all rebuilt and the motor n box are now fitted - and fired!

    The fordo 2spd has been overhauled and the 360fe has been fired. The good is it fired, the bad is that the carby (Holley 600cfm) is fubar so it needs a rebuild. At this point since times of the essence im gonna put a new one on and have some fun rebuilding the 600cfm when theres no deadline since its currently sitting in my buddys shop.

    Given where it was located theres very few r/h shots of the car and what better time than now to grab one..

    So, The sill and window and fin all look a bit how ya going? Turns out it rolled on its side during one of the variety bashes it went on - Luckily in the sand!

    Should have it moving forward n backward this week and then move onto wiring it all up and sorting out the rear spring shackle drama. Then the exhausts to be made up.

    For the exhausts ive bought twin 18" cherry bomb glass packs so it'll sound the ticket! For the right side windows ive been quoted a few hundred for repair. Since it'll have no passengers of the living variety in the back, smash proof glass is not a prerequisite.

    Heres where it sits currently - got a custom grill idea in mind but will show it off once its done. Slow progress better than no progress!
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  4. Fitted the floating grille for a dummy fit today and got the motor running. The motor is good, ended up needing a new carby and a second starter since the Acdelco from rock auto was a dudd!
    Rear floor which was previously cut for a drop tank has since been replaced with a 60 pontiac boot floor and the fuel tank mounted - sedan fuel tank! Since this was built from a sedan after all!
    Rear door mechanism is all rebuilt too so the door locks as it should.
    Now to wire it all up, replace the rear r/h window, sort the spring shackles so it doesn't sit crooked and fit an exhaust and it's go time! Getting close now!

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  5. Been a bit slack on the build but fitted the visor today which a mission - but got there in the end.
    Sorted out the spring hangers too since they were previously on the piss and the car sat wonky and 6" higher than it should. I (at the time) put 4" blocks in to see how it should sit and it was cool but zero clearance and wasnt safe (Or legal) So i put the Mainline spring hangers in. It now sits a lil higher than id like in the back but its straight, level, safe and legal now, Also has ample clearance too!
    Next up for that is 2" blocks in the back to bring it back to level but thats another job for another day.
    Gonna sort the exhaust and rh window next then some wiring and hopefully thats it for the big jobs!

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  6. aussie57wag
    Joined: Jul 13, 2011
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    from australia

    Very cool. Good save. Those variety bash guys certainly screw up some cool cars.
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  7. Yeah mate, its absolutely flogged. 92 to 04 it was bashed, woulda been absolutely immaculate when they got it cause its not horrible now considering how rust prone tanks are! Wont ever be a pretty car though, definitely a 20 20 one ;)
  8. 61Cruiser
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    Just read through all this and was happy to see an old Bash car get rescued. I like old hearses, people think I’m weird.
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  9. Been flat stick with work and heading to the states next month to pick up a bass (Matt Freeman's upright from Rancid/Devil's Brigade for anyone interested!)
    So the cars taken a touch longer than anticipated.
    Wiring is under way though, we've got tail lights! The wiring diagrams from the states are no good for me though since we use the smaller lights as blinkers instead of the brake light.. Ah well, getting dump coming soon!

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  10. BJR
    Joined: Mar 11, 2005
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    If those seats could talk! Or maybe not. Will it be done for Halloween?
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  11. WOW !!! What an 'undertaking' pardon the pun. This is going to be very interesting to follow !!

    Buckled in !!!
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  12. Woogeroo
    Joined: Dec 29, 2005
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    from USA

    Well, this is different. Congrats on the progress so far.
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  13. Flynn's_57
    Joined: May 10, 2002
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    from Nor*Cal

    The only car that previous paint job ever should have been on would be an air-cooled VW bus!
    (probably alot of the interior stuff also, and like, yuck!)
    Original or not, black looks WAYYYYYY better man. Like, it looks APPROPRIATE now (to me anyways,).
    The dashes in the Edsels are one of the few thing that Edsels got right,
    the '59 Edsel dash looks much cooler than the '59 Ford.
    That grill looks bad-ass! And that interior is SUCH an improvement. It looks really great!

    Have you considered making it available for actual funeral processions? I would think even one procession could really help offset the cost, but, no big deal, you seem to have it handled.
    It'd be really nice to think that a hot rodder could reach their final resting place in a period correct car.

    Very, very cool! Thank you!
  14. Flynn's_57
    Joined: May 10, 2002
    Posts: 948

    from Nor*Cal

    Also, not sure how "custom" you are going, but I've always wanted to see single headlights in a '59...
  15. Its at the awkward end of the build where ive gotta rely on a buddy to finish the wiring before it moves forward - Pros its under a camera and free storage, cons its outside and we're in a La Nina rain season til the end of the year, Slow progress but almost there!
  16. Nearing the road, Almost in time for summer!
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  17. Thanks Mate!! - My best mate recently picked up one of three known factory right hand drive 65 c10 Suburbans the other week! Its an ex troop carrier for the RAF down here, (Royal Air Force) so its a bit cool! Noticed your logo and had to mention it!
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  18. Thanks mate!
    Yeah the Edsel Cluster was a puzzle fit piece which really sets off the dash, Id like a Lincoln Steering wheel but thats an in time thing haha.

    For funerary duties, yes, I will be putting it back in service upon request for fellow hot rodders and car enthusisasts alike. A dignified send off i rekon.
    I wanna first find a set of Combination Rolling pins which, when not in use, flip upside down so theres just a stainless plaque in the floor as opposed to a perpetual rolling pin which is no fun when youre trying to load band gear in and its rolling all over the place!!

    Customwise as to how far it'll go.. Nothing wildly drastic but i have a few ideas yet, generally just lil touches as the car doesn't need to be altered that much to begin with. Thinking some recessed 59 Cad lenses in the fins housed in a 2" stainless pipe. I got the idea from a pontiac build i saw someone doing and thought i can make something very similar which will set it off as opposed to having a giant bullet hanging off the back of the car haha.

    I'll post more updates as they come.. Bench n door card reupholstrey coming up next!
  19. I also managed to score a set of B Pillar Coach lights the other week which i thought i would never find!
    Unlike the coach built specific coach lights of the states for your builder like Eureka etc, In australia through the 40s, 50s and even 60s these lights have been spotted. I'll be putting em on the B pillar and having them active when the lights are on. Heres some pics of em on Aussie coaches and the lights pictured.

    Next up - Bench Upholstrey and Door cards, wiring getting there but the rain putting a delay on it since its at my buddies place where the only storage is outside but under a camera so we're at the mercy of the rain in the apparent wet season.. Slow Progress!





  20. Wow !!!!

    What a great find !!!!


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