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Technical 57 Oldsmobile hubcap flipper blades?

Discussion in 'Traditional Customs' started by lucky, Apr 2, 2023.

  1. Does anyone sell these? I've found 53-5 olds flipper blades, but haven't seen any 57s
  2. BJR
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    Should be the same as Buicks and many Cads.
  3. Screenshot_20230402-192427.png Sorry fellas, confusing terminology. Looking for the hubcap flipper bars/blades..teeth? What the heck do I call them?
  4. RDR
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    These '55 Olds flippers on the '56 Fiesta were all made from stainless steel
    that I made off a pattern from an original. Had a shop laser cut me 30 or so
    and brought them home, folded them over my drill press handle, hammered the end over,
    and welded in a bracket across the other end that hooked them on like the original.
    Looks like you could do the same on the '57... they should be just screwed on like the '55s
    and shaped just a bit different.
    Take one off, fold a paper over it and cut a pattern, find a fab shop that can cut them,and you are darn near there. Watson hubcap1.jpg
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  5. It has a lot more shape to it Screenshot_20230403-075557.png
  6. engine138
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    from Commack NY

  7. Jim Mothershead
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    Jim Mothershead

    In 1957, I maxed out my first car, a 1950 Chevy Bel Aire hardtop with 4 Olds spinners.........drilled a quarter inch hole in the middle of my 1953 Stude hub caps...........WOW ! High tech.
    Got to Anacostia High School early so I could profile in front of the main exit. Pulling into the curb the spinners hit the curb, knocked them off. So un-cool.
    Went back to red rims with chrome lug nuts.

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  8. rudestude
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    Do it the way they did back in the days...A trip to the hardware store go to the door knob, drawer pulls, lamp parts sections days a habitat for humanity store has sometimes vintageparts like that. 16805274051447332385280003926757.jpg 16805278021335801705940266583586.jpg

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