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Projects 56 patina’d Caddy

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by igorsgonemadd, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. williebill
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    I haven't seen any bashing on this thread. Maybe my definition isn't the same as yours.
    For example, I haven't seen anybody say that your cars paint looks like it would appeal to an 11 year old who only watches Gas Monkey.
    Now that might be termed bashing.
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  2. 0nedon
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    20180413_143458[1].jpg 20180413_143701[1].jpg 20180413_143555[1].jpg Hello and hang around, everybody has there own agenda. Here is a few photos of my '57 series 62. It has 1 repaint and is pealing in several places-more than likely a 300 paint job back in the day. Sorry the photos aren't very good, I haven't got it out yet,forcast is for storms and mabey even light snow-again!. I still have it jacked up. I do have a 4 door for parts. When I got mine I had to go through the breaks and with a little care and patience everything still worked. no rust but like yours interior needs redone, estimate 6-7 thousand- that will deff. have to wait. The guys are right parts are high. Any way if I can help let me know.
  3. Atwater Mike
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    Atwater Mike

    1965, my '56 Coupe DeVille was black...and the grille was faded, gold looked 'silverish'...
    My oldest daughter's Godfather, Jimmy, was the paint man at St. Claire Motor Co. (Cad/Olds dealer) and as I used to be the carburetor man there in '62...well, I visited all my old friends there and the Parts mgr. took me upstairs and presented me with a N.O.S. gold grille, '56 Cad C'D'V. Cheap!

    Jimmy said to let him just polish out the black looked 'grey', cloudy. I left it with him at the dealership, called him 2 weeks later...hadn't heard from him.
    He said he had trouble, paint was thin in places, but thought I'd be happy with what he did.
    I walked in, saw a black '56 you could dive into. Paint was so shiny it looked like black chrome.
    Jimmy came up, "Isn't that nice? Yours is out back..." We walked around this beauty, man...Wish I could've got mine painted...Jimmy stopped, turned around and said, "Oh, sorry, Mike...THIS is yours!"
    He'd block sanded it all week, then painted it at night. I had tears in my eyes.
    The price was 'family'. right!
    I took it out to the East side the next day, a Thursday, to Heinrich's Automotive. Abe wrote a quick estimate, 'A' frame it in front, $24. Align front, $12. 3" blocks in back, $16. Ready Friday, by 6:eek:o P.M.
    I went to get it at 5:30 Friday, it was ready...and LOW! Just astounding! I gave Abe $50, he appreciated the tip...
    I adjusted my seat low and back, perfect profile in the store the role...look cool, turn on 19th St., cruise Spivey's drive-in restaurant...a guy I knew was standing on the left side of the street, by the coffee shop..."Man, Mike...That's LOW!!!" Then..."Watch out!" Then... Kk,gggg...Prong! Whump!
    Some asshole had stolen the manhole cover, and I drove right into it, cleaned off my left front wheel, new dropped 'A' frame, spring, and what else?
    Called Abe for a tow truck, and my low, sleek Kitty went off on the hook...took me, the tow truck driver and 2 other guys to lift the torn off stuff outa the manhole!
    Scraped the bottom (rocker) up pretty good, Jimmy fixed it.
    Mine was truly the most head-turning '56 Caddy I've ever seen. Sold it to a guy that made an offer I couldn't refuse...
    I'd paint it, Elmer. Cads deserve the dignity...
  4. jimmy959
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    From what I’ve read, adding a dual circuit master cylinder to the stock set-up you already have (and rebuilding what’s there already) is probably the way to go. I’ve heard that switching to disc brakes in this case doesn’t offer up all that much more stopping power than what’s already there. Money-wise you’d save a bundle and still have a pretty safe, streetable car..

    I think the car looks way cool as is…..
  5. aldixie
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    E3A4FC48-3632-415B-B66A-6A6870930D80.jpeg Nice car.Here is my 56 Survivor Sedan, I sold it 4 years ago and bought it back last week. It too needs the brakes sorting again. I rebuilt them before I sold it and now they are non existent.
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  6. This is one case that I approve a thread hijacking...
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  7. Mahty
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    Nice 56! I had a 2 door 56, and a 54. Rocking a ‘60 Cad now. Love those big boats, and the ride beats anything you have to shoehorn into. But that has its own appeal for some of us. Each of us like what we like. OP, don’t let haters get under your skin when they rear their ugly heads.
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  8. Igor has left the building..
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