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55 Chevy windshield install. Can I do this myself?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Edelbroke, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. CaddyRat
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  2. joco
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  3. jstanotheidiot
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    Never use wd40 if you plan on painting car in future it will cause fish eyes And most glass shops Will NOT guarantee breakage of customer supplied glass. The older glass gets the more brittle it get's
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  4. henryj1951
    Joined: Sep 23, 2012
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    from USA

    the soap is a good one, as jstanotheidiot < says skip the wd40.

    fish eyes can come from a all kinds of things.

    clean the car 1/3
    clean your self (paint suit) 1/3
    and last ly the booth (area) 1/3
    3/3rds is where the dirt /flaws / contaminates come from, while preparing for paint.

  5. Gman0046
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    ogre x2. Do not use WD-40 as its not a lubricant. WD-40's function in life is to displace water. Thats what WD means. Dawn dish soap is a good lubricant.
  6. belair
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    And some stainless on some cars MUST go in the seal BEFORE you mount the glass to the body. Usually it's the top piece(s). It there is a right and a left, dont forget the little piece that covers up the gap in the center.
  7. 325w
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    from texas

    Simple is very good for slipping rubber around glass and good for the install.
  8. chuckekelly
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    If the windshield has been laying flat out it may not even fit! they have a tendencey to shrink and streach out ,according to how was it stored
  9. pride63
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  10. Rattle Trap
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    Rattle Trap

    Parachute cord works real well instead of twine. And mix up some soapy water in a spray bottle for lube. The more lube the better. Get a buddy to help you as an extra hand is a must for a first timer.
  11. auto shop
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    auto shop
    from kentucky

    Cost of appointment,cost of windsheild? Glass can be funny at times.
  12. motoandy
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    from MB, SC

    Make sure you have the right rubber molding. The rubber for the stainless trim has an extra grove in it. I was ready to install the back glass on my 52 and realized that day that my rubber was wrong and had to reorder. Good luck.

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