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Customs 55 Chevy truck vin tag lost

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by cazadores, Dec 13, 2018.

  1. cazadores
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    Building a custom home built 55 2nd series chevy truck. Bought a cab by itself over 12 years ago. It came with the pillar door vin tag that the owner handed to me cause it rusted off. But he assured me the title was clean. I ended up losing the vin tag. Now im finally getting to finish the project and have no way to register the truck. I never got a boll of sale cause i just bought the cab by itself. I am using aftermarket Art Morrison chassis and new aftermarket motor so those vin numbers are not available either . Dont know if there is any other location of a vin on the cab alone. I looked everywhere but no luckon finding a vin # anywhere . I heard theres a way my California C.H.P. can issue a vin #. Dont know if thats true. Any advice or help is greatly appreciated
  2. Wait for Gimpy to show up with an answer. All the others will be guesses and probably not much help.

    Next time get all this stuff done before you spend a ton of money and time on it.
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  3. F-ONE
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    from Alabama

  4. Sheep Dip
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    Sheep Dip
    from Central Ca

    Yep there is... it's called Special Construction
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  5. So why do you actually need a VIN if you have a title? Will the DMV want to compare the title and VIN before issuing a new title? Just wanted to know since I have never been asked to show the VIN on the vehicle just have a properly signed title and pay the fee.
  6. Hot Rods Ta Hell
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    Hot Rods Ta Hell

    You need a VIN that matches the title. Otherwise, you can't prove said vehicle is actually the vehicle for the title. The o/p doesn't have the original frame as a back up. Who's to say that frame/VIN isn't registered to someone else? The CHP has been known on a traffic stop to verify VIN's and if it isn't a match, the vehicle can/will be impounded. I know someone this happened to on a casual traffic stop.
    As mentioned, Gimpy will be along to lay down the scoop.
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  7. Without a proper vin and title all you have is a parts vehicle. And many times you can jump thru hoops and wade thru a ocean of red tape and manage to get a title & vin. But its a hassle.
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  8. kbgreen
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  9. Bandit Billy
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    Bandit Billy

    paging @gimpyshotrods , you have a client waiting for you in the lobby.
  10. 49ratfink
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    from California

    I predict some day California will ban the rebuilding of old cars that are without proper paperwork or built from just a body. then the states that are still a part of the US will soon follow.
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  11. irishsteve
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    If the title is still in the Ca. registration system meaning the fees have been paid with in 5 years there is no inspection.If the fees haven't been paid for 5 years your going to have the CHP inspect your vehicle to get back in the system.Even if its in the system,and you get registered you need a VIN tag should any cop ever ask to see has to be there,or your in trouble.Ca has 500 special construction permits that they give out which stream lines the whole process.They are issued 1st come....1st served starting JAN 1 of any year.If I was you I would go to the DMV ,make sure they are aware of it,and ask if there is a special person in that office who makes the call to get the permit from Sacramento.find out if they will be there at opening time Jan 2nd.Make a appointment for first thing that morning,or be standing in line at the door so your first.Have that person make the call.Dont goof around,and wait til your day off.Those permits go REAL fast.If you wait a year,or go through California"s standard system for special construction.Good luck.....its much easier in Wisconsin...….
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