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54 power steering

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by BORRACHO13, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. alright guys i need some help..
    i have a 1950 chev 2 door sedan styline.
    i am installing a 1954 chevy power steering column.
    i recently bought it from a hamb member.
    my concern is that i cannot find any kind of rebuild kit for this column. i have found some kits for a non-power column but mine is a rare power steering setup. i actually had never seen or heard of such a column until i ran into this one.
    how rare are these columns? where can i find a rebuild kit and reseal kit?
    have looked at napa, the car shop, ecklers, the filling station, etc. i cannot find anything to lead me in the right direction. i have not tried to contact the parts stores by phone only looked up there inventory online but to no success.
    any help and or info on such a column would be appreciated thanks in advance guys...

    oh and if anyone has installed these 53-54 columns in anything else, which pitman arm did you use? the 54 arm has a different angle and is longer i beleive. and which exhaust manifolds were installed on a SBC if it was used with an SBC..
  2. It looks like this ebay seller has a repair/conversion kit for the 54 system.

    Don't know if this will help, but figured I'd toss it out.

    Link to the ad:
    Here's what it said.........
    **** 49 - 54 Chevy Power Steering Conversion Kit ****

    You are bidding on a complete power steering conversion for a 49-54 Chevy (car only). There is no longer any need to change out the whole front suspension to add a rack and pinion; hunt down old expensive worn out stock power steering parts; or piece together a power assist from a ram/control valve set up. This kit replaces the stock steering gear; bolts to the frame in the original location and uses the stock steering linkage. Power steering pump brackets are available for original 6 cylinder engines or small block conversions.

    This kit includes:

    Factory remanufactured Saginaw power steering gear with a lifetime warranty
    New set of power steering gear mounting brackets with mounting hardware
    Rebuilt Saginaw power steering pump
    New chrome double power steering pump pulley
    New set of power steering pump brackets with mounting hardware for original 6 cylinder or SBC conversion
    New pitman arm with steering ball stud
    New set of power steering hoses
    New flare to o-ring hose adapter
    New lower steering column bearing and collar
    New steering column firewall mounting bracket
    New steering shaft universal joint
    New set of shift linkage brackets for column shift
    Complete installation instructions with photos are included. Winning bidder adds $45 for US shipping. International shipping is additional. Here is some recent feedback from a satisfied customer:

    A testimonial is included at the bottom of the ad.
  3. go to the 49-54 section and they can tell you a lot, too.

    As far as I know it's the same, I just put a '54 manual box into a '50 and it was a total bolt in, I can't imagine the power being any different where it bolts up to the drag link. Someone on eBay was rebuilding them and they had links at Chevytalk, I don't remember the details.

    As far as manifolds, I've had truck type and I have some 80s Camaro ones on it now and was not happy with either. The best ones seem to be those used on the Caprice, Roadmaster and other full size cars in the 1990s, or what I intend to try next because I have a set are 1988 Caprice 305 manifolds (but only because I need the O2 sensor deal for my TBI engine). They need to come up from the ports and dump down toward the rear, with no outward angle, to clear everything. The pipe then has to have some angle back to clear the steering.

    There is a cheaper alternative to the stock setup - some Chevy Astrovan boxes are reverse and will work if you build a bracket to mount them to the frame (which can be made so it bolts on with the stock steering box mount holes). With that you can cut a stock column to work or use something else.
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  4. thanks i actually ran into this ad when i was doing research on the power steering column. this kit actually looks pretty good. comes with everything to convert your vehicle. the actual gear box it has is completely different then the stock column setup and thats the portion that i want to rebuild.
    thanks for the input
  5. thanks i will check out the link and do some more research.
    the column actually bolts right into my stock 50 holes in the frame and inside. but the power steering column is alot taller then the manual columns, as far as the actual gear box goes that is. the gear box is probably about an inch taller than the stock manual box. the pitman arm is the one that id shaped different then the original. the orig is straight and the ps 54 arm is curved and has an angle at the end. just wondering if will make a diff when installed?
    when the 54 ps column is in the cat, the top of it actually sits right on the exhaust manifold of my sbc 327. i am going to install spacers between the column and the frame to move it over about half and inch. then it looks like it will clear. at least it looks like it will lol
    thanks for the info guys
    has anyone ever seen or heard of this power steering column before?
  6. the chevytalk link has a lot of great info, thanks again for the link
  7. If you use manifolds that come up from the ports it should fit okay.
  8. i found the rebuild kit at the truckandcarshop in OC. they did not list it on the website or in their catalog, i went in and asked for it and they actually had it in stock. now i just have to find how to build the power steering gearbox and im set lol.
    any suggestions on where to find those instructions?
    i found manual gear box reseal on chevytalk but not power steering...

    as for the manifolds, i have some mid 70's i think on there, they go up but sit right on the gear box. like is stated previously, i installed 1/2inch spacers on frame and worked find for now. will see when engine runs and vibrates how bad it acutally hits.
  9. thanks again guys
  10. If they go up they can't sit on the gear box, unless you have the motor mounted a bunch lower than typical kit motor mounts set the engine. Most of them come down from the ports, but certain 80s and 90s ones and rams-horn type go upward. With Chassis Engineering mounts, drop-down type will hit the pitman arm.

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