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54 Merc suspension question

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by All_Business, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. All_Business
    Joined: Jun 14, 2013
    Posts: 4


    Good morning gentlemen!
    I have a noob question to ask. Can you identify what this suspension belongs to? I'm not sure if it is factory 54 Mercury or if it has been front clipped. To me, the front cross member looks as if it is fabricated. However, the rest of it looks like it could be factory. Let me know what you think.


  2. Ralphies54
    Joined: Dec 18, 2009
    Posts: 718


    Wow,I'm no suspension expert but the crossmember, lower A arms, coil spring, swaybar bushings.shock bushings or the absence of them would make me run to the nearest frontend shop for some advice. Those coils have been heated and now the coil wires are in bind as the suspension moves up and down any small amount. Show us some pictures of some of the other "problems" as I'm sure you got them based on these picts.
    Build 'em right and enjoy them for a long time.
  3. 57Custom300
    Joined: Aug 21, 2009
    Posts: 1,285

    from Arizona

    It does look rough! It looks factory to me except for the front crossmember like you mentioned. I know 55 & 56 Ford were very prone to the front crossmember rusting out & yours looks like that's what happened. Replacements are hard & expensive to find so most guys just make one.
  4. kenymac
    Joined: May 8, 2008
    Posts: 40


    As has been said the front coils have been heated up to drop the front end down, Not a good way to go. Looks as if some one repaired a rusted out front crossmember, Which is a real common problem with 54-56 Ford and Mercury cars as they rust out from the inside out. There is an outfit that makes replacements for it. Also I would take out the heated up coils and install Ford Areostar springs as they bolt in and drop the frontend down with a good ride.
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  5. RDAH
    Joined: Mar 23, 2007
    Posts: 465

    from NL, WI

    Looks a lot like mine, but yours has some patch work done on that front cross member.
    Get those f..... up springs out of there & put some Areostar springs in, you'll like them.
  6. That's all 54 Factory stuff. The front crossmember has had some repair done to it. I wouldn't worry about it unless it's appearance bothers you.
    The Wizzard
  7. hoop98
    Joined: Jan 23, 2013
    Posts: 1,363

    from Texas

    These guys used to make the front crossmember;

    Goodell Fabrications is a company categorized under Welding Repair.


    s 69 hwy Coweta, Oklahoma, United States
    Show Map
    Phone Number
    +1 (918) 486-6498

    Definitely try the CC850 springs, yikes!
  8. JeffB2
    Joined: Dec 18, 2006
    Posts: 8,172

    from Phoenix,AZ

    Click on "Your Notifications" it should be flashing and join up, all the help with the Aerostar coil and shock swap and part numbers are there for the asking.The crossmember repair looks OK and is common in 50's Fords & Mercs.Looks like you need sway bar bushings and links,Energy Suspension has replacements for better handling at about the same or less that the Ford specialty suppliers.
  9. All_Business
    Joined: Jun 14, 2013
    Posts: 4


    Thanks a lot guys. That helps tremendously. I'll get on that group and start putting together a list of parts.

    The Whole car is this rough, but the drivetrain is all fox body mustang and I got the car with a title on a trade for something I couldn't sell anyway. So, Its well worth it.

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