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Technical 53 F100 rewire

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by RICK L WHETSTONE, Jun 2, 2021.

  1. I need help to rewire my 53 F100. Does anyone have a schematic for hooking up 21 circuit EZ wire kit. I am running Chevy small block and everything in the cab is stock.
  2. 325w
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    Didn’t EZ give you an instruction sheet.
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  3. Ralphies54
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    Aren't the wire's printed with their destination, most rewire kits have labeled wires?

  4. No instruction book = no dice for me. Kwik Wire even added in a schematic with my harness. EZ Wire also is not as good as the one I mentioned or what Rebel Wire offers. And 21 circuits is a lot of circuits. Mine is a 14 circuit, think the wire count was around 52.
  5. 24riverview
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    It should have come with one although it's pretty generic and maybe that's why the OP is looking for a schematic. I'm just getting started on the install of a EZ kit in a customers 50 Chevy pickup and can scan the instructions if you didn't get any.
  6. My harness could be configured a bunch of ways, it was nice to see exactly where everything went. Plus the book can be saved with notes I made in it.
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  7. okiedokie
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    from Ok

    I used that EZ Wiring in my 53F100. I found the instructions to be ok. My instruction book was absent a couple of pages as I recall but I found them on their website I think. The Ron Francis kit that I used in another car years ago was much easier and had great instructions. But it cost a lot more.
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  8. abe lugo
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    abe lugo

    Here you go.

    check out @REBEL43 post in wiring if you get stuck.

    note that you can use your stock TS and other components. Just need to figure out the connections.
    I used my stock 57 ford TS switch to the that old EZ kit also the hi/lo switch and others. A lot of the old switches are better quality than what you can buy now and repairable.
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  9. The kit came with booklet. I guess I am too ignorant on electrical stuff I cannot make heads or tails of it. For example I have two wires coming out of the fuse box that are connected together. One says left front turn signal and the other turn signal ind. They are connected by some kind of clip. Does this connect to the wire coming put of my stock column that is for turn signals
  10. 24riverview
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    That wire does not come out of the fuse box, sounds like maybe you haven't cut the cable ties holding the wiring all together yet. Cut the cable ties and you'll find about half the wires are just loose and not connected. When you pull that turn signal wire out you'll find it has a terminal on one end to plug into a GM turn signal switch connecter then after the splice you saw goes to the front turn light and the dash indicator. You'll need to change/adapt the end with the terminal to attach to your turn signal switch (assuming original?).
    I think the schematic you asked about in your original post would be easier to understand than their booklet for a novice. Keep asking questions or send me a "conversation", be glad to help anyway I can.

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