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Customs 53 customline has lost OD

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by RuleHard, Sep 18, 2022.

  1. I have plans to redo all the wiring. Didn't plan on buying a harness though but rather just making my own harness. The kick down switch is working perfectly. Open and clear and has normal resistance readings. I'm going to pull the solenoid and check that this week before I go any further.
  2. BJR
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    Just curious can you pull just the OD unit and leave the transmission in the car?
  3. It does appear that's possible from the outside looking in.
  4. Mac VP
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    Mac VP

    No, this is not possible to do……without losing the front synchro ring + the synchro slider + the synchro keys and at least one of the springs. You could then pull the gearset out but then you’ll never get the synchro assembly back in position….the aforementioned bits will have tumbled down into the murky depths of the gearbox.
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  5. I have a friend whose od stopped working. He thought it was the solenoid.
    He ordered a used replacement. Seller made a video, clamped mount ear to negative battery terminal and used a jumper cable to activate solenoid, so buyer would trust that it worked.

    When received, he installed it. Didn't work. I suggested cleaning mounting surfaces with sandpaper to improve ground. It worked!
    Tested the old solenoid the same way. It was fine. Everything is now working great.
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  6. That's good to know. I have the service manual otw so hopefully that's outlined in there.
  7. overspray
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    ALLIANCE MEMBER about $50 shipped
  8. overspray
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  9. Overall the wiring is in really bad shape. I'm not the type of person to peice stuff together and I need to convert it to 12v anyways so I planned on just rebuilding the entire thing. I'm fairly confident it isn't electrical considering something is engaging and making a horrible noise. Leads me to believe it's something mechanical.
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  10. Zax
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    1. 1952-59 Ford Social Group

    My '53 has been converted to 12V using a Rebel harness. It's a real clean job and all the factory gauges work. If you need pics of anything let me know.

    You could realistically do the job in a weekend if you have all the supplies ready to go.
  11. overspray
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    Make sure the lever on the side of the overdrive unit, where the cable attatches, is completely engaged or disengaged. If it is NOT fully engaged (to the rear) or disengaged (to the front) it will make some internal noise. Disconnect the cable and move the lever on the transmission by hand to see if it moves all the way-front to back. It is not uncommon for the cable to be out of adjustment from the cable housing sliding in the clamp or moving from driving through mud or snow. It's like a manual choke cable. If it's adjusted to push in so the handle under the dash is flush to the bracket, it may need to be pushed in just a small amount further to engage. I always adjust mine so the handle is slightly away from the under dash bracket so I know I can fully engage the OD.
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  12. I was just poking around with that last night night but I developed a fuel leak I had to fix so I didn't get time to take it apart. Tonight I'll be digging in, that's a good place to start. Thank you.
  13. Thanks but I'll just be building it myself. I enjoy wiring and have a little bit of commercial wiring harness building experience so it's something I can have fun with.
  14. Checked the engagement cable and arm tonight. Full engaged to the stop and moves freely back and forth. I pulled the solenoid and tested it as well. Fires good and strong. I did find it odd that it pulled straight out as I watched in a video that it's supposed to twist to disengage. Based on the flats in the shaft this would make sense. I wonder if there is something wrong with the that mechanism. At this point I suppose I'll be pulling it out sometime this week.
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  15. The outcome is catastrophic failure of the planetary gear. Basically split and unwrapped inside and messed up the main shaft as well as the tail shaft. Pretty much a full rebuild at this point.
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