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Customs 52 Ford hinges

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by MickD, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. MickD
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    Ok boys... Here's one for the Mainline/Cusso blokes.

    I'm trying to fit and align the left front door on a 52 Customline (In Oz we called them Customlines, you guys called them Mainline & Customlies etc..) I'm sorta restoring, but the door feels "sprung" and won't close completely - which it is, because there's a tear in the pillar where the top hinge has slammed into it sometime in the distant past and the "don't let the door open too far" bracket thingy was snapped. It looks like somebody has reversed at a fair rate of knots with the door open & it's caught on a fence post or something and ripped it past fully open. I don't know if the door is the original or not. Most likely not, because there's very little damage or evidence of the event where the hinges mount inside the door. Trouble is, when I brought this thing home years ago, the doors were just roped "sort of shut" when I dragged it outta the paddock, so I don't really know whether the doors closed or not.

    Anyway, If you look at the attached picture, you'll see that the two Left side hinges don't go back as far as the right side hinges do. In the pic, they would be in the closed position, and you can see that the left hinges aren't as "closed" as the right hinges. That's why the door feels sprung and won't close all the way. Now these things are bloody thick steel, about 10mm (3/8th) thick, so I'd be surprised if they were bent out of shape. But it appears they are.

    Fair enough, i think. I'll heat them up & bash them back till they match the right hand shapes. But first, to be doubly sure, I tried mounting the right hinges on the left to make sure there's no other issues I've missed. Bugger me... the hinge bolt holes are a about 6mm (3/16th) too far into the door & I can't get enough adjustment to get the door to close because it's fouling against the midpillar. I'm beginning to think that maybe some bodyworks in the past has maybe heated the hinges up and reshaped them to make them line up, but then that can't be right, because they won't let the door close in the shape they are.
    I've measured the front hinge pillars on both sides of the car (the guards are off at this stage), and they seem to be the same. And there's no evidence of past welding or repairs around them.

    So my question now is...
    Are the left hinges supposed to be the shape as in the photo? Or should all four be the same? Or has somebody mucked up in it's past life and mixed top & bottom hinges up? (Thus the "roped" shut doors) ie: have I got two tops on the left & two bottoms on the right maybe? Buggered if I know ! Does anybody have a pair of front left & right hinges that they can do a comparison on for me before I start heating and bending these little buggers?

    I have a feeling this poor ol' girl might have had a hard life bush bashing in the past as there was a big lump and hole in the floor on the left side just behind the seat on the passengers side. Even the chassis mounting bracket on the body under the hole was flattened & twisted. A star picket me suspects... after all I did rescue it off a redneck family living in the bush [​IMG]

    Any ideas ??

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