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History 50s 60s Super Mods! Post' em!

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Robert J. Palmer, Oct 14, 2022.

  1. Without a doubt Super Modifieds were/are some of the most outrageous racecars ever built!

    Cut down bodies latter hand built bodies, tube chassis, Multi Crab set ups, fuel injection, superchargers

    Noland Swift 10 Pins Super Mod, this car was built in the winter of 1960/61 for the 1961 racing season.
    The Car had a full tube chassis, four torsion bar suspension until that point torsion bars were only seen on open wheel oval track cars, and four bars were Indy Car technology.
    Rear torsion bars would become the standard in D.I.R.T modifieds in the late 1970s early 1980s (now coil overs are the hot ticket) but in the early 1960s a Stock Car with bars was the cutting edge of technology!

    upload_2022-10-14_12-7-45.png upload_2022-10-14_12-8-3.png upload_2022-10-14_12-8-22.png

    "Dynamite" Ollie Silva Super Mods

    Early 1960s Note Hilborn's
    upload_2022-10-14_12-11-30.png upload_2022-10-14_12-11-50.png upload_2022-10-14_12-12-9.png

    The following photos by Ron Wheeler @wheeldog57

    upload_2022-10-14_12-13-14.png upload_2022-10-14_12-13-33.png upload_2022-10-14_12-13-51.png

    The "Twister" Super Mod Driver Hank Arnold
    upload_2022-10-14_12-14-52.png upload_2022-10-14_12-15-13.png


    upload_2022-10-14_12-17-49.png upload_2022-10-14_12-18-11.png upload_2022-10-14_12-18-38.png upload_2022-10-14_12-18-57.png upload_2022-10-14_12-19-42.png

    Williams Grove speedway PA in 1961-Johnny Mackison and Bobby Hersh

    upload_2022-10-14_12-20-59.png upload_2022-10-14_12-21-15.png

    Devils Bowl TX 1959-
  2. tractorguy
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    One of my favorite Hot Rod covers of all time.........and GREAT coverage of oval track stuff......gotta head to the basement and find it !!
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  3. Offset
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    from Canada

    Many have said that the origins of Pavement Supermodifieds started at the Canadian National Exhibition Grounds in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. For years these cars raced at the ovals all over Southern Ontario and many travelled to the Home of The Supermodifieds, Oswego, New York for the big shows. Canadians did very well there.

    This picture shows racer Ted Hogan and long time builder of very successful supermodifieds, Doug Duncan. The 50's an 60's were the hay day of local super modified racing. Hogan's car is said to be the first of the tube chassis cars, it was very successful. Hogan lost his life in an airplane crash, it was a sad day for his dedicated fans.

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  4. Hemi Joel
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    Hemi Joel
    from Minnesota

    I LOVE seeing all those HEMI powered coupes! Too bad the Hemi got written out of the rules for all the circle track stuff...
  5. Flathead Freddie
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    Flathead Freddie

    This is some great history here and thank you for your time . I didn't come into racing till 1979 so my question to you : Is this the same Swift as the Formula Vee and I think it was Atlantic race chassis of my era ?
  6. Noland Swift was a Stock Car racer from western NY state

    • Inducted into the Syracuse Sports Hall of Fame in 1990
    • Won 42 features at Oswego in the early coupe era and 41 more in the Super Modified era (1962 - present)
      That’s 83 overall wins at Oswego, second only to Jim Shampine’s total (87)
    • 7th all time with 120 modern-day supermodified top 5’S at Oswego (226 overall, second only to Joe Gosek’s 236)
    • 1952: New York State NASCAR Stock Car Champion
    • 1956,1957 and 1958: Won the New York State Fair Stock Car Championship (One Mile Dirt oval)
    • Eight time winner of Oswego Speedway Track Championship (1953,54,56,58,61,64,66,71)
    • Oswego 200-Lap International Classic, six-time winner (1960,63,67,68,71,72)
    • 1971 Sandusky Hy-Miler Classic winner
    • Won an estimated 250 feature victories during his career
    • Recognized as one of the innovators in super modified racing
    • Swift and long-time partner Bill Wright designed the first steel-tube space frame modified race car
  7. AHotRod
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  8. Marty Strode
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    Marty Strode

  9. Wisconsin legend Miles "the M 9094172123_5b86a22b24_b.jpg ouse" Melius
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  10. Flathead Freddie
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    Flathead Freddie

    Mr Swift has an exemplary career history and thank you for recognizing and sharing his life with us . This man truly shows what a man can do and setting aside the attrition factor of racing I am sure he enjoyed just about every moment of his life and what's great is he looks right at home behind the wheel no real negative tension . He raced to live I see that as a fact . Once again thank you , you have done a great job on this thread , have a nice day and do keep your foot in it !
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  11. Fred Schulz Oswego Speedway The Steel Place car in the late 50s

    Jim Shampine's first win in 1963 (Oswego Speedway)
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  12. See you can see things escalated very quickly!

    Oswego 1964

  13. Offset
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    from Canada

    Canadian Harvey Lennox in the Tammy 10



    Gentleman Jack Greedy. Built Delaware Speedway near London, Ontario. Outstanding driver and builder.

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  14. gnichols
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    from Tampa, FL

    Watched him, and Jonny Reimer, battle each other at Waukegan when I was in high school.
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  15. More of the Twister Super Mod-

    I love it You can hear two vintage Super Mods idling over the whole field of 410 Cubic Inch Sprint Cars!
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  16. ROADSTER1927
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