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Projects 50 chevy truck-slow progress

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Fullblast, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. reaper71
    Joined: Nov 14, 2010
    Posts: 141


    These A.D truck's are like a sickness!! I can't seem to get enough of them LOL.
    can't wait to get started on mine soon.. Truck looks awesome

  2. New progress... I sent my rear fenders and front inner fenders to be blasted, got them back on friday, I have been sand blasting some small parts, then POR-15 on them- front fender braces and rear fender braces, painted the inner fenders and mocked them up. When I get home , will start metal prep'ing rear fenders and body work them, I think I will POR-15 the back side.
    Joined: Jun 26, 2007
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    from CA

    this should be goodtimes with the hemi. i'm addicted to these trucks.
  4. Well a bit of an update, I have installed the lower splash apron, got the fenders back from blasting, I tryed to get all the dents out, and weld up the extra holes(rusted out spots), and laied some filler and hit them with primer/sealer. This weekend I started the cab cornor on the drivers side, removed it and the inner, I have a new patch for the outer but, ordered a new inners today. Also ordered the panel that is over the windshield on the inside- is all rusted thru, still have the part in front of the door to replace, just have to wait for a friend to come over and guide me through, as the door post is a bit tweaked. now pics....

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  5. bodyman
    Joined: Aug 16, 2005
    Posts: 152

    from east tx

    looking good . what truck did you get the trailing arms out of ? you said you wouldnt do it if you had it all over to do . why ?
  6. oldcarfart
    Joined: Apr 12, 2005
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    I use kid's wheel barrow's all the time, prices are great! (grin).
  7. leroys85coupe
    Joined: Jun 2, 2009
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    from usa

    very nice build bud
  8. their from a mid 60's chevy truck, it didnot give me much room for mufflers/exhaust, the kit that I should have bought has the arms tight to the frame, but whats done is done.
  9. bodyman
    Joined: Aug 16, 2005
    Posts: 152

    from east tx

    thanks for the info fullblast .
  10. Well after a very busy couple of months I have progress, Green progress that is[​IMG]
  11. I looks better in person, crapy cell pic. the color is ralley green , got the paint from Eastwood, paints real nice.
  12. Salty
    Joined: Jul 24, 2006
    Posts: 2,259

    from Florida

    Looks good.....seeing as your now doing rust repair in the corners you may wanna look in my build thread and see if you can't learn from some of my failures....I did a ton of panel replacement chasing rust in mine.....
  13. pics stopped working, try again.

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  14. Well I am still working too many hours, but have managed to get the bed completed and started mounting on the truck, unfortunatly, the exhaust is hitting the bottom of the bed where it goes over the axel, so I removed it for now and will have to rework it later. But now the pic's. I will hopefully be painting the rear fenders this weekend. Finally I will have room to move in the garage.

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  15. AZbent
    Joined: Nov 26, 2011
    Posts: 272


    Just found this thread, it gives me inspiration for mine. I just received the rear corner parts in the mail today. Looking good and keep up the good work.
  16. writerDennis
    Joined: Aug 10, 2012
    Posts: 10


    It's looking great so far. I wish I still had my '51 Chevy pickup or was farther along on my '55 pickup.
  17. Well more progress, installed the rear fenders and redid my exhaust, the turbo mufflers were too big, bought some flowmasters( glasspack style but nicer) and used some HD touring mufflers, with the baffels removed, for the tips. The pipes that went over the frame hit the bottom of the bed, so I reran them under the axel and around the gas tank and under the rear frame rails. There is some packing still in the HD mufflers, but just around the outside, so should help mellow it, I hope. I think might get a bolt on roll pan or put a bumper on later. Next is tail lights and figure where to run my filler to.

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  18. Could have been faster but I had to get a different compressor, mine loced up, SHOOT only had it for almost 20 years, paid $25 bucks! My frind Doc G found a used one for $150, but is bigger, had to wire it up, works great. also a pic of the painted and installed fender.

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    Last edited: Oct 7, 2012
  19. I have been busy, work, son getting married in Mexico, etc.... I have had some time to some stuff. I welded the extra holes in the firewall and dash up, and started trying to make a trans cover, after a few fails with sheet metal, I decided that fiberglass would let me make the correct shape. Started out with carboard and Balsa wood covered in aluminum tape till the shape appeared- just have to wait for a bit warmer temps to start glassing. So moved on to making patterns for the floor out of poster board, then transfering to 18 gauge metal and cutting it out and fitting to the floor. If I can get over to my friends house we can put some bead roll it for strength.

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  20. chevy54man
    Joined: Feb 7, 2013
    Posts: 1,683

    from NC

    Love your truck, it's looking great!
  21. Found a fiberglass fender a couple of years ago for the truck, but I not sure if I should use it, get steel ones maybe...

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  22. updates...I have made the trans tunnel from fiberglass, you will notice it has a funny look to it, well the bottom gelcoat is orange, and I am using coremat(?) to strengthen{the whitish strips} Also have done some simple bead rolls on the floor pans.

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  23. The cab is back from sandblaster, more holes to fill, bottom of dash and lower right cowl, ordered patch for that an inner door bottoms, will get some pics when progress is made.
  24. Well I have been picking away at the cab, had to put some etching primer on it cuz it was getting rusty just sitting in the garage. Recieved my patch panels, and will start to fit them, I did not think that the pass cowl lower was that bad, patch away, sling the body filler=FUN!
  25. pics dissappeared- try again...

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  26. Picked up some great front fenders from a Hamb'er in Worthington, sold the turn signals, inner fenders, and headlight buckets, so in the end only spent $35 on them, really nice, only a few minor dents, have to scrape the undercoat off. Been working on the doors, cut the inner lower part off, of the drivers door, getting the hood straight, prob start on the pass door soon. Needed a change of pace, I was thinking about making the wood sides that stick down into the bed, I want to mount an old 5" stop light to the wood that goes across the back as a 3rd brake light, but having trouble getting the mounts to the bed the way I want. So I glued some 1x3's together and now looking for a table saw to rip it down to fit the stake pockets. Also working on how high to make them stick up above the bed sides. Sometimes just need a change to keep the project going and so I won't get burnt out. Pic's later....
  27. Finally got back to work on the truck, sent the hood and two doors to the blaster, and had to wait almost 3 weeks, (he was very busy) but now they are back, and I dropped off on fender to be blasted. I have to finish scraping the undercoating off still. Shot the freash parts with eaching primer and started to install the inner door patches, been raining alot here, so limits my time. after the Back to the fifties here, I will pull the cab back off and finish the body work and hang the doors
  28. Well been working on the doors, welded in the lower inside patches and been doing the body filler bit. Picked up some "Rage" body filler, and I must say I like it alot, don't get the pinholes and sands easily. Was able to prime the inside of the pass door and sanded and reprimed the cab. Tomorrow I will finish the filler on the drives door and hopefully prime them both.
  29. servi53
    Joined: Jun 28, 2006
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    very cool truck and great looking work on it, keep at it, dig that HEMI
  30. Well I put the ddors back on and the pass door now dosent fit right, I done all the adjustments and had to use a 2x4 to move the door forward and I bent the door edge..... MANNNNN!!!!! pounded it mostly straight and finally got it to fit ok. I think will paint the insides and the firewall, then bolt it back on the frame, and make sure the doors are working great before I paint. So now it's sand and prime- repete......

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