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Hot Rods 5-5 1/2 bolt pattern chrome wheels

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Kellys Hot Rod Parts, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. Anyone know where I can buy chrome reverse or oem plated wheels in a 5-51/2 bolt pattern for my 47 Ford project without breaking the bank?? Coker only has the 5-5 and 5-51/2 10 stud hole smoothies and I really want the more traditional look for my car with just the 5 stud holes thanks Kelly
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  2. 5window
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  3. ratrodnut
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    summit has them
  4. If you want off the shelf rims Summit is tough to beat for price and particularly for shipping.

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  5. shockley_67
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    not trying to hijack your thread, i saw the chrome wheels from wheel vintuques in the summit catolog, if the hub cap is left off do they look like chrome reverse? or is that just all wrong?
  6. toolmaker
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    from Holland,Mi

    I've had these 15x7 (5x5 1/2) chrome reverse for many years and was thinking I need to sell them.
    They've never been on the road, always kept inside. The tires are kinda strange C60x15 also with zero miles.

    If your interested I can make you a great deal!

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  8. resqd37Zep
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    from Nor Cal

    Send a PM to EXK. He can make you a set in the backspacing of your choice.
  9. povertyflats
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    from Missouri

    Kelly, the 15's are cheap in comparison to the 16's when you scroll down to the bottom of this page. My guess is you will have to find some good used ones. I suppose having your painted wheels chromed would cost a fortune?
  10. ClayPigeonKiller
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  11. Yes, the Wheel Vintiques are really nice. They're called O.E. Chrome. Not a true reverse, but I don't think anyone makes a true reverse. Wheel Vintiques will assemble em reverse, but, the outers don't have that yesteryear bevel that made a true looking reverse. The detail around the lugnuts and outer hubcap bumps on the hubcap ring make em my choice on several of my cars.

  12. ClayPigeonKiller
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    I could be wrong, as it has happened before, but isn't a smoothie a reverse chrome wheel w/ a smooth cap to cover the lugnuts?

    The wheel I was pertaining to was a steel, chrome 15X5X5.5in smoothie, but I assumed pulling the center cap would yield a chrome reversed rim.

    "Reverse offset wheels have less backspacing and more dish, which may interfere with some brake and wheel opening configurations."

    Thats out of the fine print, which I take to mean the wheel is available as a reversed offset.

    I guess if you take the cap off you would have an OE Chrome wheel? If i'm wrong please educate me.

  13. the guys at Stockton wheels have been helpful in the past, for me...
  14. The smoothie wheels you are referring to are the cheesy 10 bolt universal type that I would never purchase.. As for summit I was an A tech dealer (summits warehouse) at one time and really do not like dealing with them, just personal preference..................Kelly
  15. ClayPigeonKiller
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    Well then, I guess i'm plum out of ideas. But I was correct in assuming smoothies are one in the same w/ reverse chrome?

    I know what you mean about personal experience... I can relate.

    Hope you find what you're looking for,

  16. 32 hudson
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    32 hudson

    I thought smothies are wheels with no nubs for the hub caps ? Am I right or wrong ? I like the oem wheels with the nubs in paint or chrome.
  17. Sorry but the answer is No. If you want a true old school chrome reverse wheel it will cost big money and or alot of labor. The closest new wheel you can buy is an OEM style center in a new saftey beaded hoop. In chrome they sell for about $120 or more ea and the chrome is realy not that good. Rally America will most likely have the best deal or Summit

  18. Gator
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    No, they look nothing like the 'o.e. chrome' wheels Groucho refers to, reversed or not.

    The smoothie type wheels have a raised edge and a lip inside where the hubcap is held, multiple lug patterns, and no openings at the hoop.


    O.E. type have nubs on the outside of the same area, detailing on the lug area and open areas where the center meets the hoop - like an original equipment wheel.


    Makes all the difference in the world to the look IMHO. Summit does indeed stock both though, and as Grouch pointed out the OE's are more (but worth it, I think)
  19. wheelkid
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    Alliance Vendor
    from Fresno, CA

    I make them with the old style rims.


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