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Projects 49 F1 Build-The Shop Truck

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Hot Rod Brando, Jan 22, 2019.

  1. ok so that's funny and really awesome. Truck look great! How much did you have to thin out that latex???
  2. mrharley51
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    Used Valspar Duramax satin...2 bottles of water to one bottle of paint...Auqafina I believe..sprays great but it takes a long tme to cure...stays rubbery for a while until you can get some sunshine on it. I got rearended going to Columbus GoodGuys and had to repaint after 2 years on the road..perfect match...couldn't believe how easy I did paint the truck in Marhayde epoxy primer and highbuild primer over that. here is a link to my build pics here on the hAMB
  3. I don’t know if I want to flat tow the Merc all the way there but it would be badass!

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  4. Well, made some more progress on the truck. Here's some from this weekend...
    Sanded down a rust free fender that had some old cracked bondo on it... Turns out someone did a real number on it... lots of pick dents trying to get out whatever damage happened...
    Fender 1.jpg
    So, worked on it with the hammer/dolly and shrinking disk... stage 1
    Fender 2.jpg
    Shot some primer on it after a couple hours to see how things were looking... More final work on it later...
    Fender 3.jpg
    So on to a lower fender... Decided to hand make a patch instead of buying a new lower... especially after I got it pretty damn straight... I made a template and traced it onto 3/4" MDF, screwed two pieces together and cut them out on the band saw...
    Template 1.jpg
    Drew the template onto the 18 ga sheet metal and added the tabs and bends...
    Drawn on metal.jpg
    Sandwiched it in between the MDF pieces, screwed and clamped it, and stuck it in the vise...
    Clamp 1.jpg
    Then with a wood block, one BFH, one body hammer, and one ball peen, I went to work on it... Slowly bending it over and following any radius... See next post for more... It just limited me to this... First bend.jpg
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  5. Continued from the last post, The curved parts were "fun". Working slowly with all the hammers at my disposal, I got it all curved over... Only one issue, the very top, outside curve, didn't like to be bent. The metal had no place to go. I learned that I should have pie cut that, but I don't think I need that part for my patch anyway...
    Second Bend.jpg
    And here's the final piece... I will trim it to fit obviously. I left the original edges on the piece until I get this trimmed so everything is where it's supposed to be. Once this is in, I will address the top where it goes to the grill/headlights...
    Finished product.jpg
  6. catdad49
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    Nice patch!
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  7. mike matters
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    mike matters

    My 52 merc I just getting ready to start at 20181020_132006.jpg
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