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49-54 chevy truck suspension ?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Hubnut, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. Ive recently inherited a 53 Chevy truck. I saw a post over on one the chevy truck boards where someone was wanting more info on putting 53-54 chevy car front suspension under the trucks, but it pretty much fell on deaf ears. Everyone started preaching MII suspension to him. Anyone here done this or seen it done? Someone commented that it used to be a popular swap.
  2. Petejoe
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    from Zoar, Ohio

    Sorry I can't comment on the car front end swap. But I will echo the other guys sentiments. Definitely use a power rack setup. It will literally handle like a sports car.
    I can't see going through all the work to change a front end and using a 50 yearold front end not designed for the weight of those big trucks. Yes, I have installed two front racks into these.
  3. I thought they just used the hubs to get to 5-lug, not the whole suspension. A guy I work with did that to his 50 so it would match the camaro/firebird rear axle as far as bolt pattern.
  4. Meyer
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    My '49 just has the hubs on it for the 5 lug pattern. I have a dropped axle in mine, rides really well.
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  5. Just get a dropped axle from Sid (55 Mercury). That is what I am fixing to do with my 49.

  6. Heres a couple of pix the guy posted of one of the trucks his buddy did.
  7. Orange54
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    from Missouri


    Hows the caddy?

    My 54 truck had 54 car brakes on the truck spindles as I remember. I switched to disc brakes and power brakes on the straght axle.

    I hope I havn't added to the confusion. I still have the car stuff I'm saving for my 53 truck.

  8. Hey Tim! The Caddy still looks the same but you wouldnt believe the parts stash I have accumulated for her! I CANNOT wait till the stars and planets align and I get her tucked into the garage.

    My uncle had this truck and it was restored by his father-in-law. My uncle had some self-proclaimed hot rod builder butcher up the chassis on it and they ended up scrapping it. Gettin another chassis is no trouble, and I have access to plenty of early 50s Chevy stuff so I was looking into this swap. Everyone over on the truck boards keep preaching how expensive it is to rebuild the stock (car) stuff as opposed to just putting a MII under it but they must be using that new government math. I can buy new forged spindles (with the roller bearing kingpins) and upgrade to disc brakes for roughly 600.00. That and a handfull of bushings that my country store parts house has here ON THE SHELF and Im set. Still waaaayyyy under the 1500.00 price someone was throwing around. If I dont go that route Im gonna get one of Sids dropped axles....
  9. Orange54
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    from Missouri

  10. OldSub
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    Do a search here for NONAME and find his post about putting the early car IFS on a '54 GMC pickup. His description and photos should give you enough information to know how its done.

    You might also visit the forums at You'll find some more detailed information on the other options there.

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