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Technical 49-51 Merc owners w/ posies springs & 4" blocks scrub ?'s

Discussion in 'Traditional Customs' started by JK, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. Finally put the new stock frame under the Merc. It has posies super slides and 4" blocks in the rear. I've seen other Mercs with the same combo, but, I cant figure out how they overcame the obvious scrubline problems. I really dont want to move the springs inboard. In the pics you can see that the springs themselves barely clear the scrubline without the bottom plate (I'll trim the u-bolts after I get everything where I want it & yes, the bottom plate is on backwards). Anybody have any tips or suggestions?

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  2. Only fix is decrease the distance from the axle tube to the u-bolt plate. That means less than 4 inch block as the easy fix. You could also use different springs with less leaves, or maybe lose the two small leafs out of the current pack to gain a little. That spring pack looks to be near 2.5 inches thick. Another option is to go with larger diam wheel, if you have 15's you can gain a little bit with 16's (only 1/2 inch, but it all helps).
  3. Your issue seems to be pretty Common. Your correct in that it's not good at all. That's one of the reasons I don't buy aftermarket Kit's. I think for the most part Guy's running this set up just plain don't care about the what may happen and will deal with it if and when it ever does at that time. Like you, I see this a lot.
    The Wizzard
  4. Northfordman
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    Add a 1/4 or 1/2" spacer between the rim, and t

  5. Have you tried removing and replacing the tires/wheels with 4" blocks? When you cut the U bolts off the car, remember to screw a nut on beforehand and grind the ends neatly to clean the threads after the cut. You may be removing the U bolts just to change tires.
  6. gene-koning
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    Your options are:
    Move the spring perches on the frame and eliminate the blocks.
    Shorter blocks.
    Bigger wheels.
    Live with it and hope you don't get a flat. Gene
  7. Northfordman
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    Add a 1/4 or 1/2" inch spacer between the rim and brake dum. That will give you the space between the tire side wall and the spring. If you have the stock wheel you should have plant or room to the fender.
  8. Atwater Mike
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    Atwater Mike

    That's not the 'issue' he's having. Look again at the picture, his problem is that the 'U' bolts and plates are LOWER (vertically) than the bottom of the wheel rim.
    Scrub line law states: "No part of the vehicle can be lower than the bottom of the highest rim."
    Some police persons read this to cite some unwary rodders by measuring the low height in front, (clears with the low profile of front tires) but then go back and measure the back rim!
    Argument ensues, with rodder assessing that should a front (or rear) blowout occur, how the heck is anything gonna drag??? Cop has the final answer, of course. "Just sign here..."
  9. oldsman41
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    first off i counted 8 spring that seems quite alot to me. i have a 3 inch block on my merc and 6 spring pack sits nice . but i still cut the u bolts and left the plate with the shock hole up. my 2 cents
  10. ebfabman
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    Never made sense to me to lower a vehicle like that but its very common.
  11. I talked to posies and they said to use 2" blocks. they also said the springs will settle about another inch. I can live with that. I will make some flat spring pads and mount the shock stud up a little higher. That should solve my problem.
  12. I just installed 2" blocks in my '50 leaving the shock pad stock. I was fortunate enough to score a solid steel bar 2"x2"x10" for $12 because you can't buy 2" wide blocks. With aerostar coil springs in front the car looks stock, not lowered. If you need more than 2" I'd suggest using air bags as even AAA would have difficulty replacing a flat. The rear springs will settle another inch by filling up the 20 gal gas tank.
  13. ebfabman
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    Yep, This Merc is on air. mercUp.jpg
  14. ebfabman
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    And here... mercDown 3.jpg
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