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Technical 48 Plymouth

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by Uncle G, Jul 1, 2019.

  1. Uncle G
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    Uncle G
    from new jersey

    Broken Hood Locking Device--How to Open?
  2. Tri-power37
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    Broken hood locking device can be a tough one. With the hood closed tight it is hard to trigger the latch mechanism to release if it is failing somehow. First see if you can soak the latch mechanism in some penetrating fluid. Try pulling back and forth on the release while someone else pushes up and down on the hood at the same time. If all else fails you may have to disassemble your way into the latch mechanism to get it open. Sometimes you can jimmy the inner workings of the latch mechanism to get it open.You may have to somehow unbolt the latch mechanism from the car - or if it has the large pin in the hood that the latch closes over somehow unbolt that from the hood. This can be hard to do because you need the hood to be open to do these things. But most of all and most importantly keep calm and don’t spaz out walk away have a coffee come back when your level.
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  3. Ask the guys at
  4. rockable
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    Look in the opening between the hood and the grill. You should be able to take a short piece of flat aluminum and push on the latch to open it. You should be able to see the end of the cable, if it didn't break off. The cable pulls the latch to open it. That should tell you what you need to know to open it.
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