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48 F-1 Brakes Same as 40's Brakes

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 16ozSchlitzMan, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. I'm using a set of Buick aluminum 45 fin drums and a set of Ford 40's car backing plates with a set of 48 F1 hubs and spindles....My question... will the 48 F1 truck shoes and springs fit the backing plates...OR... do I have to use the brake stuff that came with the 40's backing simple terms... are the truck brakes the same as the car brake set up...hope this makes sense...
  2. yekoms
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    F1 Brakes are 11" The bigger trucks had 12"I think that they were the same as Lincolns.
  3. Rob Paul
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    Rob Paul

    Yekoms is right with the size. Those spindles wont work with 28-48 Ford axles.
  4. Ok...let do this..the pictures below is what I have for backing labeled with 40 Ford...these are the ones the guy gave me with the Buick 45 fin drums...he said these would fit the Buick drums...(with some machining to the drums) the others as you can see are the 48 F1 plates...What I need to know what year or car are the ones labeled 40 Ford...I need to buy all of the brake parts for these...

    the 40 Ford plates measure 13" across (dia) the F1 are 12" across (dia)

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  5. Paul.... I'm using the 48 F1 axle...???

    items I'm using for this setup...

    48 F1 axle and spindles
    48 F1 hubs monted to the Buick drums
    40 ?? backing plates that came with the Buick drums...
  6. Kustm52
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    If you are using all 48 F1 parts, why not just use the F-1 brakes? The drums will fit inside the Buick drums if I remember correctly.. may require a little machine work. Would give you the finned look without all the hassle. If you want 12" brakes look for some F-2 assemblies..

  7. lionsgarage
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    from Washington

    FYI, the F100 brakes are self energizing and will stop much better than the double anchor type used on the early brakes.
    If you use them on one end only make it the front or itll swap ends in emergency stop.
  8. Flat Ernie
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    Flat Ernie
    Tech Editor

    Check the tech archives - lots of good info on using Buick drums and F1 conversions.

    As has been said, the F1 brakes will not work with the Buck drums, unless the Buick drums are used only as a cover over the F1 drum.

    The F250 brakes from 53-56 (and some other similar styles) will work with the Buick drums. Lincoln brakes will work with the Buick drums as well. You can buy the Lincolns new now.

    You can also use the early Ford (39-48) car brakes.

    All require some machining to work with the Buick drums.

    See the tech archives.

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