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Hot Rods 41 Ford Small Chevy swap info request.

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Hackman, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. I have done a PILE of searches and haven't come up with what i am looking for. I am used to fab everything jobs, have never really done a screw together Ford, and I want to do this as period as possible. I apologize as I know that this may be irritating to some.
    I have a super clean low mile 41 Ford 2dr sedan that I am going to install a neat little 283 in and I have a few questions that I am sure you guys can help me with. I have done a lot of research on this and want basically to know, in short, if the rules for a 40 swap apply to the 41, for the most part. I have purchased the full adapter kit from Wilcap for the stock side shift trans and I have an old Hurst front engine mount. I will be running an electric fuel pump and have seen the Chev PU exhaust manifold trick to avoid the steering box in the earlier cars. Does this basically apply to the 41 as well? The same for the Hurst mount to the stock cross member locations. Has there been report of side shift linkage interference on the back of the engine? Also what can I expect to break first? The car is basically going to get a proper altitude adjustment, rubber rake and clean dual exhaust to be driven. Any other info/suggestions or things that you guys have run into would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. It should all bolt in just like a 40. I am doing the same thing but using 265 Log manifolds. You may have to raise or relocate your battery tray.
  3. Thanks Chris. The plan was "battery in the trunk" just to clean it up a bit. Your old 41 kind of started this whole thing. I kind of thought that most of this stuff would translate but not having done one, I thought I would ask.

    Thanks again.
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  4. fordflambe
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    Chassis Engineering has some really clean and precise kits for most all early Fords..........Have Chevy in Ford or Ford in Ford.............Beam axle or MII conversion. My Avitar is a 41 Sedan Delivery and when i built it bout' 20 years ago, built with their beam front end kit. it indexes off of some of the original holes in the frame. I recently updated to their MII bolt in kit and it is very nice. You can mix and match some of their stuff with original to save some money........

    I know the SD frame is different from the 41 cars but i believe they have stuff for your 2dr should check em' out.
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  5. Lou39
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    from Cedar, MI

    I did a 265 in my '36 ford 3 window '56-''57 . That engine had the mounts in front of the block . Always had trouble with clutch chatter and am wondering if the side mounts later SBC eliminated that issue. I used the stock Chevie mounts by elongating the lower hole swiveling it to match the Ford xmember and stacked a couple of flathead pads and called it done. Even used a Pontiac 6 cyl 6 volt starter for a while.
  6. treb11
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  7. My '41 truck has homemade engine mounts like the CE units and runs rams horn exhaust manifolds, the drivers side being the one from a late 60's early 70's Chevy truck. The crossmember was flattened where the flathead mount would go for a mechanical fuel pump clearance.
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  8. Thanks for the info guys. I will update the thread on how it all goes asap. I actually bought a 4" drop axle and steering arms from Magnum that work with all stock stuff to get the front end out of the sky. I will also reverse the eyes of both springs + long shackles and see what I get. I always wanted to see what is was "like" and I have just enough old pieces to do it. 41s aren't a 39 or a 40 but I think I can make this one work.
  9. alanp561
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    Made any progress? I'm thinking about an SBC in my 46 Merc.
  10. bob b.
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    bob b.
    from peoria az.

    I used all CE parts on my 41 coupe motor wishbone rear spring kit no welding one weekend and driving

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