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History 40's Era Customs...Typical 16" Tires and Hubcap Thread

Discussion in 'Traditional Customs' started by BloodyKnuckles, Nov 6, 2013.

  1. So, I've been in the planning stages of my own personal mid 40's era custom 1941 Plymouth Business Coupe. I've been researching many aspects of the build but one of my sticking points is tires and hubcaps.

    Ideally, I think I want to run blackwalls and 2 piece caps. I have a set of '41 Cadillac caps that would look really good but Lyons or flippers would be great.

    Now, The main purpose of my thread is to figure out the most common size tire that was used on customs of the time. Was it common for guys to change tire size over stock? If a stock Plymouth ran 6.00-16 would he change to a larger size to seem a bit more "luxurious" like the Cadillacs, Lincolns or Buicks of the time?

    Also, What other options were available for 16" hubcaps?


  2. Sledge
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    from Nor Cal

    I think most guys would have ran 6.00-16 but I've seen some with larger tires. one of the problems in the early post war era was getting a car low. Dropped axles weren't available yet so modifying the springs and shackles was the most common way to get them lower. I don't think too many guys would have wanted taller tires just because it defeats the purpose of getting the car low.
  3. What Sledge said - I also remember reading many ran 6.70-15s, but cant be sure.

    Rikster ?
  4. J.B.
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    from Sweden

    I think 6.00-16" or max 6.50-16" was the most common 16" tire size for a mid size car like the Plymouth.
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  5. scrap metal 48
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    scrap metal 48

    I agree your 41 Plymouth would look great with full hub caps and I would almost want to run 15" with 6.70 WWW's just so you had a better selection of full hub caps(wheel covers).. 1941 Ply coupes make great mild customs.. Wish I had one...
  6. Thanks guys. I'm leaning towards 6.00s.

    What about different hubcap options for customs in the 40's?

  7. What year were each of these first available? Anyone?
  8. Great question ThunderRocket!!

  9. rick finch
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    rick finch

  10. Now those are two fine looking period rides!

  11. Those are superb, Rick!

  12. lucky
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    Kozera's '38 makes my insides squeal in delight
  13. fryguy
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    Kozera's '38 is how I'd like my '37 to turn out


  14. choptruck
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    I'm running 6.00x16 Goodrich's with Lions caps on my 46. I almost went with a 15 but I loved the 16" rims. I really like the way the 16 fills up the wheel well.

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  15. hombres ruin
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    hombres ruin

    Good lord choptruck that ride is amazing!
  16. Choptruck, That really is amazing!


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