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40 Merc 36 ford and Hot rod parts sale. I'm moving, everything's gotta go

Discussion in 'Parts For Sale' started by Chris Casny, Nov 12, 2020.

  1. Chris Casny
    Joined: Mar 13, 2006
    Posts: 4,870

    Chris Casny

    City: Austin

    State: TEXAS!
    Price: 10
    You pay for shipping, paypal as friends and family accepted. Venmo too.

    40 merc parts:
    Sold Glove door $50
    Horn parts $50
    SOLD Grille, left and right, need work
    Rear quarter window garnish $100 pair
    Windshield stainless needs work pair $50
    Sold Gas filler tube $30
    Inner fender passenger side $80
    Rear quarter window mechanism mounting plates pair $60
    Trunk hinges $50
    Grille support V shaped $40
    Sold Hood ornament $40 was re chromed but is not perfect. $40
    Sold Trunk arms/spings $40 pair
    hoodside trim stainless $120 pair
    B pillar garnish $20
    Other parts:
    Sold Stromberg 97 carburetor parts bodies, tops etc $100 all
    47 Desoto gauge panel $120
    Sold Stewart Warner gauge panel $120
    Model A rumble seat trunk hinges $30
    40-48 Ford Steering column and box $100
    Sold 37 Ford steering box $50
    Sold 35 Ford truck headlight buckets $30
    36 Buick bumper guards $20 pair
    1 wide five hubcap $20
    39 Ford taillights plastic lenses nice patina $30
    36 Ford window regulators, 5 window coupe $40 pair
    36 Ford passenger windshield upper frame.
    Late 30's ford bumper over rider/guard $50

    EFD8A1B2-FC19-4A95-8429-3CB9ADAA9462_1_105_c.jpeg 5AEBF5DF-E541-4BBF-8DFF-A32EA7F794A6_1_105_c.jpeg 848A68A3-7FD2-4C29-8E58-C66DE36E1F96_1_105_c.jpeg 5D11FC27-8051-4C4D-9C63-E91A73DA7F4E_1_105_c.jpeg 950D169F-965F-439A-BE54-A6CF1F388428_1_105_c.jpeg 269B4407-9D10-440D-BC0C-840D97E8E40F_1_105_c.jpeg 68F02B08-1574-49D3-B63F-5464EC817126_1_105_c.jpeg 6FB91353-27BD-4314-9249-AA1B41DF068A_1_105_c.jpeg BED923BC-44C6-45EC-88AE-B6D5F0B91C10_1_105_c.jpeg 109C8B4D-9C84-43EB-8947-5487FE470FE6_1_105_c.jpeg 69472781-1E22-4498-BA19-3B42DA32D31E_1_105_c.jpeg E0050447-7990-4F90-B34D-D055C72AC1F0_1_105_c.jpeg 6B762BBB-A19E-4316-A284-096357A0B69F_1_105_c.jpeg 254DE0EC-B902-4970-9E0E-BC9E22662A9C_1_105_c.jpeg CE63CFBE-638D-4AC5-B89C-C3D933E45E9B_1_105_c.jpeg C7B90514-13BD-4214-8AB7-6525948F5B59_1_105_c.jpeg 8A71B23C-A37F-49D6-83B3-36F5C3793DBE_1_105_c.jpeg FE33A236-363A-4FEF-A5B4-2D27369BFF96_1_105_c.jpeg 6507F028-B5FF-4F97-A393-56F804273CA6_1_105_c.jpeg 7D46B6A3-2B37-49C8-B34C-D2E09D6CBB06_1_105_c.jpeg D895376E-64DC-48AB-A7B7-4C7FD9055263_1_105_c.jpeg 42BB3421-0959-48C1-A797-FB94EC01BE1F_1_105_c.jpeg DB0F339F-6910-4870-8D40-472B1AE0C595_1_105_c.jpeg E815F9FA-0580-4D7D-BBAB-43A3040567CC_1_105_c.jpeg AE95BCBA-9657-4757-B6EF-75529C9C0677_1_105_c.jpeg 1F1729A9-6728-40D2-B80D-7C01CC460809_1_105_c.jpeg 716427A6-6A01-4D5C-9623-75B19A71049B_1_105_c.jpeg EB501615-64C6-4FD0-9E9B-F01FE42C506A_1_105_c.jpeg 21198083-8AE0-4B6A-977C-EBB27D514E73_1_105_c.jpeg D077228E-1BE1-4AD5-9636-70A30345B0F6_1_105_c.jpeg
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  2. Chris Casny
    Joined: Mar 13, 2006
    Posts: 4,870

    Chris Casny

  3. Chris Casny
    Joined: Mar 13, 2006
    Posts: 4,870

    Chris Casny

    Some parts still available

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