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Technical '40 Ford steering box disassembly

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by HotRod28AR, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. '40 Ford box out of Frank Maratta's original '30 coupe, I've found a rebuild kit but before I break anything how is the sector shaft supposed to come out? IMG_1041.jpg IMG_1042.jpg IMG_1043.jpg
  2. rusty valley
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    rusty valley

    once you got the tin cover off the back, it comes right out that hole. should just take pushing on the spline end. stiff from old grease and wear, but just push it out
  3. Doublepumper
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    Just a thought about these, once you get it apart you may find that the upper race for the worm gear doesn't have an exposed shoulder to drift it out. If that's the case you can run a small weld bead across the face of it. That will usually loosen it up to the point of just falling out. You may already know this, but John Deere corn head grease is the preferred lube to use by many that mess with these boxes. Works great and doesn't leak around the gaskets and sector shaft seal like an oil will usually do. Good luck!
  4. Bruce Lancaster
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    Bruce Lancaster
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  5. Corn Fed
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    Corn Fed

    Just last week my son & I were taking one apart that the old lube inside had turned to shellac making disassembly near impossible. We dumped some gas into the cavity and let it sit for a while. It loosened it up to let the sector slide out.
  6. Yutan Flash
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    Yutan Flash
    from Gretna, NE

    And I bet it smelled real good, too LOL.
  7. Corn Fed
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    Corn Fed

    You arent kidding it smelled hands still had a tint of the stink 3 days later!
  8. Fat Hack
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    Fat Hack
    from Detroit

    These boxes are easy to rebuild, and a great choice for vintage rods. Aerokroil works great for getting stubborn ones apart. It comes in a spray's like penetrating oil/PB Blaster...but way better. Kind of expensive, but worth it. A little goes a long way. As far as the 40 Ford box goes, they're pretty tough. I cut the long input shaft down on one years ago and installed a more modern coupler so a different steering column could be used inside the car...just shows how versatile these old units can be, Cheap too!
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  9. BJR
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    Bet your wife loved that!:eek:
  10. '37 and newer boxes had bearings vs bushings. Much better. Re build parts are readily available from all the parts suppliers and not that expensive. The key thing is getting the right combo of gaskets on the worm gear cover to make sure the mesh between worm and roller is correct. I'll see if I can find the instructions, scan and add to this.
  11. alchemy
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    Bearings where? Ford steering boxes had bearings on the worm for years, and on the sector around '36. But went to bushings on the sector again after that.

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