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Projects 40 Ford "Ruddy Truck" progress

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by 40Ford!!, Jun 15, 2014.

  1. Her are a few pics of my 40 Ford PU and I was wondering where to post pics of the build. Just not sure? I have maintained much of the original parts and building it with a lot of old school techniques. I'm guessing in the Traditional Customs Forum? Thanks.

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  2. big duece
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    big duece
    from kansas

    If the shoe fits.... I'd say so, keep the pics coming!
  3. silent rick
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    silent rick

    don't ask us, ask ryan or a moderator. their opinions are the only ones that matter.
  4. If it doesn't fit here they will move it,,keep the photos coming. HRP

  5. 3340
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    Yea More Pictures!
  6. Here are a few more. I have been doing the body work on the cab lately and this is a first for me. I know, "what a newbe" but I'm just new to all the building stuff and I have had several friends do the things I can't yet. The chop was not done all that well but luckily a friend was able to save it with some old school techniques and it's turning out real me anyway! Should be painting the frame, front and rear end this weekend so she will be a roller again. The motor going in it is a 53 Merc flatty...a stock build with the exception of an Offy reg. dual, 2 Holly 97's and an Isky cam. I will post some more as I go. Hope you all like the way it's going.

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  7. Binger
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    from wyoming

    Great looking truck!
  8. fastmike
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    from Mesa AZ

    Good looking truck man!
  9. birdman1
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    I like the floor and tunnel. are those Speedway pedals? Thats what i used, very good quality as alwats from Speedway. My 1939 Deluxe coupe I am still building , and the trottle pedal is going to be tight as yours appears to be. Hope I can get my size 11 boot on the throttle!! Keep up the good work, is daunting at times.
  10. Ryan
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    Staff Member

    You got it right...
  11. Hey Birdman, thanks for the comments. Ya my gas pedal is going to be a bit tight but I think we got all the room out of that area as possible. The pedals are not from Speedway. I got them from Koots Hot Rod parts. I paid $211.00 back in 2011 so I'm guessing they may be a bit more now? Very good craftsmanship! Your comment "daunting" is an understatement. I have not had the best experience with a few of the folks I have dealt with but all in all I have learned a ton about building and bodywork. My engine guy is finally making progress so that is a good thing for a change. I will post some more pics after we paint the frame.
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  12. Just finished painting the frame, rear end, front end, bones, drive shaft and some misc. parts. Used POR 15 and it covered real nice. Finally things will go back on and not off!

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  13. 3R CRUZER
    Joined: Oct 7, 2011
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    from Kerman Ca.

    Great job dude! You got any specs on that frame?
  14. 3R Cruzer I don't have any specs but that is a good idea. When I get some time I will take some measurements and post em or shoot you a message.
  15. alittle1
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    Here is a copy of frame spec for a 40 Ford frame. Copy of frame demensions.gif
  16. Ok I can measure what I have based on these measurement locations. I will add the amount of "Z" front and rear as well. I know mine will be different from a 40 stock frame.
  17. Just took a peek at my engine progress. So far so good! Shouldn't be long now. It's all Mercury and yup, it's got the 4" crank.

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  18. fortynut
    Joined: Jul 16, 2008
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    I have to say this: even if it's obvious to many, what you're building is no longer a Forty Ford Pickup. Yes, it started out as one. To me it's more a 'Rudy' style pickup. Semantics being what it is, in order not to confuse others who may not know the difference, when you add what appears to be a '35-'36 Grille, it becomes very much not a Forty PU. Before you think I'm being negative, let me say that I like what you're doing; even if I prefer the Forty Ford Pickup like Henry did it. We all have our vision, we all know what we want, and we all know the difference between apples and oranges. I haven't checked out their site lately but Wescott has a pretty good blueprint-like image of a Forty Ford frame on their website that includes the variations for various year models as to locations of certain parts and sub-assemblies. Jerry Kyle tells me it's not 100% accurate but it beats nothing; especially, if you're trying to figure things out. I'm going to copy the one posted here for my files, if no one objects.
  19. Hey fortynut, you are 100% correct. It is a 40 cab and tail gate, but that's it (well I do have a lot of original 40 parts in it as I wanted to keep the internals period correct, but she is definitely no longer stock). I have been trying to come up with a better description for this project and brother you just nailed it! "Ruddy Truck." I have not heard that one before but I love it. And you are also correct on the grille. 35 Ford Truck. I just thought that looked better without the fenders and hood. So your comments are very much appreciated! This is my first build and I have been through a lot during the build so finishing it will be a big moment for me. I got my inspiration for this from the Honest Charlie 35? Shop truck. I wanted mine more finished so this is where I am at. It will be painted albeit in primer for the first season then I'm considering Cloud Mist Gray. I will change my post title if I can figure out how? I will post more progress pics this weekend.
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  20. VoodooTwin
    Joined: Jul 13, 2011
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    from Noo Yawk

    Don't fret over what it's called. There are thousands of '30 coupes running '32 radiator grilles, Z'd frames, channeled and chopped within an inch of their lives. Yet they are still called '30 coupes. just build what you want, call it what you want, and enjoy it! You're doing a great job, keep going and posting progress photos!
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  21. Just finished working on truck today with my best friend and daughter. She has been with me from the beginning of this project. She is an Industrial Design major at Savannah College of Art and Design and has helped me with ideas and keeping me from giving up. She has learned more than I ever knew about working with resins, fillers, 3D printing, painting and a whole shit load of things I have never heard of. So I happy we got to work together today. Here are some new pics of the chassis with the wheels under it. Brake lines are just about done and she spent all day sanding what we hope is the last bit of filler? Enjoy! More pics tomorrow.

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  22. Retro61
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    Nice! Keep it up!!
  23. Well I think the cab is ready for the first coat of primer. My daughter really impressed me today in her sanding abilities. That cab was as smooth as a baby's bottom when she finished with it. Much further than I would have taken it. Guess we will find just how good it is next weekend. I will post more after the first coat. Watching you child use their hands doing something creative and productive is one of life's great rewards.

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  24. Amazing,a young girl without a phone in her hand! icon_eek.gif icon_lol.gif HRP
  25. Runnin shine
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    Runnin shine

    I'm here to tell you this is where all the cool kids hangout so your golden and keep on truckin.

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  26. Just finished reassembling the chassis. Painted everything in POR 15 primer then had to hit it with POR Self etch primer, and finally the POR Chassis Black. Turned out great in my opinion anyway. Now on the painting the bed and cab.
  27. Forgot to post the pics.

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  28. fortynut
    Joined: Jul 16, 2008
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    Get your daughter to design the dash. Unless it's burled Spanish walnut, or something so exotic you can't pronounce it, the result always look like a plank. Aluminum is easier to work with than you might think. Wood-working tools can be used to work it, though I'm not going to suggest any for legal reasons. A drill press with a hole saw and presto-fixo, holes. (I think I'm safe saying that.) Good results can be had, if you out-think it; even though it's a skill thing that requires the rule of three --- meaning the third one is the one you're looking for, initially. Especially thicker stuff. Stainless is cool, too, even though harder to work with than steel. And, looks splendid if you take the time to engine-turn it. I spent part of my youth in an art school, a lot of it in the lounge where I learned much as I did in class. (I would have to write a book to tell you exactly why.) It's not an easy skill to sell; though I consider it the best investment in my life I ever made. You see things differently, ever after. Your daughter should be proud she has a sculptor for a father. She could be learning things from you that apply to the finer side of life. Har har. Good luck on Ruddy.
  29. She designed this layout on copper plate. A Bonneville layout. I love it.

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