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40 Ford P-up Build Thread

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by TomT, May 21, 2013.

  1. Sadly, no - one more week and I look forward to be back on it but on a limited time basis especially with Carlisle and Hershey coming up. My garage is also a disaster after all of the house projects both inside and out and it will need a purge as well ……
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  2. Sounds great, Paul.
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  3. Paul
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    Sorry man, I posted to wrong thread.
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  4. ...I'm sure Tom understands.:)
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  5. Yes, I finally have updates! The house projects are nearly done and the last couple weeks I have had an hour here, and an hour there on the truck, working on my steering problem. I bought a dropped steering bar setup for a ‘57 Chevy in Hershey that I thought might work ….
    But my biggest problem still was the steering arm’s closeness to the oil pan on a full left turn. I had shortened the steering arm a while back so I ordered a new stock one from CPP. I figured let’s start fresh and see what happens. Once I had that, the ball really started rolling for me.

    The stock arm is 1.5” longer than my shortened unit once installed was now sticking below the oil pan at the tie Rod end. That was a good start but upon moving to a sharp left with a tie rod end installed on the arm, it interfered with the steering link. I then heated the arm at the top on the splined end, and bent the arm 1/2” at the tip towards the firewall. It now cleared the pan area even better ….
    … with a full inch between the top of the steering link and the bottom of the pan with no steering link interference. I am also running away bars front and rear, minimizing body roll for left turns into driveways, speed bumps, auto cross …..
    Now I had to meld the solid rod portion of the steering link to the hollow tierod end. The solid rod was just a bit too big to slip in so I ground down the solid rod until it slipped in. It is in 3.25”+ and I will do 4-5 rosette welds through the hollow rod as well as weld it at the pictured end. All in all, it worked out well.
    So the motor will remain at its present height and I will begin fabricating a tranny mount and get the angle degree of the rear and the tranny dialed in.

    It’s been a long break and we have some things going on the next two weeks but I can now finally move forward.

    One final note - a while back I bought a old military trunk for the back of the truck, prepped it and cleared it for the weather. But at Hershey my buddy Gabby had a nice metal trunk that is the right dimensions for the bed and was going to sell it since he bought one that better suited him at Hershey.

    The height is just below the angled top rail
    of the pickup and the width is good ehough to have a spare on either side. I have since bought some lockable hinges and I deciding on whether to paint it the color of the truck (that may be too “matchy-matchy” for my taste), black (but it will be hot as hell in the summer), or maybe a color that does not match the truck color but is somewhat similar, like my 32 coupe rim color ….. we shall see …

    Regardless, it was a good day and I am very happy to be over the steering link hurdle …..
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  6. Great minds think alike. I have the same style trunk for mine. Great place for battery, tools, etc.
    Glad you’re back. Been mired on non-truck related things myself.
  7. joel
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    I'm glad to see you're back and looking forward to the finish.
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  8. Thank you hotrodA, Joel - I am looking forward to finishing the truck and having my wife enjoy driving it …..
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  9. Our some time in on the project here and there - one somewhat minor problem is the steering link hangs a bit below the scrub line right where the rod end attaches to the steering. Not much but I am not comfortable with that. Did some measuring and a heim end would put me where I need to be. Ordered the parts I needed and we will see what else might need to be tweaked.
    Here is how I have set up the area where the two pieces of the steering link meet ….
    Holes for the rosette welds have been drilled ….
    … and here it is tacked together.
    The overall length of the steering may have to be extended to accommodate the heim end having a shorter threaded end than a tie rod end. I will handle that at the joint above.

    I am pretty much occupied with some travel plans and family time the next week or so. My parts should be in though by then when I am ready to get back on it …..
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  10. Bandit Billy
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    Bandit Billy

    Good to see the update! Keep at it! Love these 40/41 trucks. They are worth all of the effort.
  11. joel
    Joined: Oct 10, 2009
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    I try to cut a chamfer on the holes in the sleeves for the rosette welds so that it's easier to start the weld on the shaft and work your way out. Keep it up; you're nearing the finish line.
  12. Although I have been doing small things from time to time, I finally got in the garage to DO something today. I checked out the steering link, making sure things would clear, and welded it all up …..
    I got my toe in close before welding things up but I may have to shorten the link just a bit. I will do that at the steering arm end and tap some additional threads in for the heim joint. I will also lift the motor a little bit more - two large washers per side - to bring it up just a tad. I will clean things up, paint, and move to fabricating the tranny mount. I also have to enlarge the steering arm tie rod end hole to 5/8” for the heim joint.

    I have about two weeks to play with until I go in for hernia surgery, unfortunately, which will keep me out of the garage for a bit. So, we shall see how much I can get done.

    The gradual wearing out of parts - what can you do?!?!
  13. Looks good. Good luck with the surgery you have scheduled!
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  14. Good luck with the surgery.
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  15. Thanks, boys - I really appreciate it.
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  16. loudbang
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    We will try our best not to make you laugh when you get back. :rolleyes:
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  17. Ouch! Lol! No ! No laughs …. oh boy ….
  18. I worked on the tranny mount today. It loosely resembles the Mod A trans mount you can get from Speedway but made for my modified “X”-less 36 Ford frame. I first cut out a 3x5 mount plate, drilled it with with two single bolt holes - the slots will come later - and bolted it to the trans mount ….
    I then started on the passenger then driver side templates ….
    I then transferred each side to steel - it’s hard to see from the pics but there are angled pieces on each side that sweep into the frame rail pieces - and cut them out ….
    I am presently working on the driver side angled steel and about ready to attach it to the mount plate and to the flat bar that goes under the frame rail. I only had about 2 hours yesterday and 3 today but I should have it all tacked together with pics tomorrow. Then it goes back under and the fun begins with drilling the 3 mount holes on my back, upside down, and through the flat of the frame rail. Remember they are reinforced with bed rail so it’s double thick. I have more money invested in drill bits, let me tell you ……
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  19. Bandit Billy
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    Bandit Billy

    That is a cool looking piece! Make sure you wear safety glasses and a face shield under there. I have had enough of the eye Dr this year to last a lifetime.
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  20. I got the tranny mount tacked together on both sides and drilled it for the mounting bolts ….
    It came out better than I expected - I will reinstall it in the frame, drill the mount holes for n the frame rails, and then get it all tig welded up. I put a slice in the steel to bend the sides up but I cut too deep on the first one but the second one came out pretty good. That’s the reason the side pieces look different.

    I hope I can have this all buttoned up and painted soon so I can work on the exhaust some before the surgery…..
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  21. I finished drilling all my holes and confirmed its installation. Tomorrow it goes over to my buddy Koppy to get tig welded and I may get it back on Sunday as we are in the Williamsburg Christmas Parade together with a few other guys. We call it Williamsburg Rod and Custom just to goie our group a name and it’s a-once-a-year thing ….. I may post a pic or two of my 32 coupe bedecked in lights. I will also be prepared for how many people will call it a rat rod - grrrrrrrrrr …….
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  22. Just a quick update - I should get the tranny mount tomorrow ….
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  23. Picked up the trans mount today and painted it …..
    …. and it went in easy as pie …..
    With that done, I started working out n the exhaust which began with trimming the one side of the tranny some the exhaust would clear. Nothing structural, just the one end that holds the outside bolt of the flywheel cover…
    … and it came out pretty good ….
    There are one or two frame rail spots that need to be trimmed to clear sow or f the add one to the tranny as well but I ran out of time. Before turning out the lights I did begin on the driver side exhaust, just seeing what I had made up that will need some modifications ….. a good day ……
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  24. The 39 guy
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    The 39 guy

    Very stout and fancy looking transmission mount Tom!
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  25. Thanks - you know that V6 puts out gobs of power …. Lol!
  26. I have been working on the driver side exhaust off and on the last couple days. After at what I had mocked up originally so I can now run it within the frame rails instead of under, I whittled away quite a bit and I have the driver side the best I can make it.

    I apologize for the lousy pics. I cut off just below where the exhaust pipe meets the manifold and added a right angle piece and brought it up inside the frame rails before the brake booster …
    Tough to see, I know. I then used the piece that ran under the frame rail, cut one end off, rotated it, welded it, then connected it to exhasust pipe. By doing so I created at least a 1.5 “ space between the pipe and the brake booster with plenty of room for the header wrap and removal when needed …
    That is the upper palm of my hand between the two . The back portion is just 2 46 degree pipe sections to get inside the “X” ….
    Again, the pics are lousy but here are a few more to hopefully clear up things ….
    Tomorrow I will work on the passenger side and see how much I can get done. After that, it just depends how long my recovery is before I can back to the project.
  27. Today was kind of a disappointment but progress was made. Worked on the passenger side exhaust and I either have to modify the present exhaust pipe or I will need a section of pipe. The angle is wrong as the pass exhaust pipe passes under the frame rail to catch the straight pipe to the rear. I may be able to modify the straight pipe to resolve things but that causes the exhaust to be too close to where the tranny lines are supposed ti run.

    Up to now I have been tacking things together pretty well but I guess I am just out of time. Some good news is that I found new exhaust biscuits that mate the exhaust pipe to the manifold - they have been tough to find. Sorry I have no pics but there really is nothing picture worthy. Once I get back on it and have it together I’ll let you know what worked and what did not ….

    I am happy where I am at right now - most of us are over achievers anyway - have a Happy Holidays everyone and a Safe and Healthy New Year!
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  28. The 39 guy
    Joined: Nov 5, 2010
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    The 39 guy

    Best wishes on your surgery Tom ! Hope to see you up and posting soon!
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  29. Thank you!
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  30. 1) Mocking up & trimming exhaust tubing under a car is hard to do.
    2) Tacking, then welding exhaust tubing under a car is hard to do.
    3) Taking decent pictures of exhaust tubing under a car is hard to do.

    See a theme here?o_O

    Best wishes for successful surgery & quick recovery. Then you can get back in the garage and make more progress.:)
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